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Conan Exiles

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[FoG] Conan Exiles PVE - PVP Arena
Force of Gaming
Conan Exiles PVE with PVP Arena
The Exiled Lands
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Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.0.5
Created by CoOkIeMoNsTeR
Pippi - User & Server Management System
ID: 880454836
Version : 3.0.5
Update Notes

Looking for []...
LitMan Weight
Created by LitMan

I released all my Source files on Gitlab if anyone wants to keep updated those Mods or release own ones.

If you need a previous version it also could be fo...
Conan Sexiles 3.2.0
Created by Gomolygó
version number: 3.2.0
workshop mod ID: 1206493209
Detailed informations and user guide[]

The mod features intimate animations for players, thralls and restricting ...
Fashionist v3.2.0 (1.0 and DLC compatible)
Created by Testerle
Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Mod-ID: 1159180273

Please submit bug reports in this discussion and provide as much informatio...
IMMERSE RP: Placables Decor
Created by TeCh
IMMERSE RP: Placeables Decor is intended for RP servers or Single Play players to add a little life and immersion to their game.

All Items are Admin Spawn Only. This mod does NOT require IMMERSE RP : Bui
Savage Steel
Created by Jia
This mod has a wide variety of realistic placeable or RP items. Some of the features that we have are inventories in sacks, crates, barrels and many other items. We also have extra storage space in our Strongbox chests. We now have "Pick Up" on the Savage ...
Emberlight 2.1.7
Created by Emberlight
Mod ID: 1369802940

Join us on Discord! Ask questions to your heart's content or just be goofy:

We have a Patreon! You can find it here:

Glass Constructions and more...
Created by I-emerge
Update Ver. 1.4.20
October 16th - 20:15 CET

Conan Exiles Mod Trailer - Glass Constructions and more... (Now with Machicolations!)
Conan Exiles - Epic Castle with Machicolations! (Speed Build)
GCam down to 60
Created by I-emerge
Version 1.3.100 - 19.10.2019

Glass Constructions and more ...
Goes down to 60.

This is not the Full Mod, only a Feat change.
With this Mod you dont need a Level Mod.
All Level 60+ Feats will now available from level 60.

  • Reduces the Mod-Feat-P
Created by sidewalksurferXX
This mod adds 40 new dyes and counting!

I am very open to suggetions and requests for new colors.

Are you waiting for the server you play on to update DMB and need a previous version? Please visit the discord.

NOTE: A...
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Created by Multigun


Mod update is now out. See change notes for details.

If you need access to the old version temporarily, please down[]...
Created by nO Pa!N
With this mod you're able to pick up all the things you've placed - simple as that! :-)
Mod-Version: 3.1.16
Mod-ID: 864199675

*** Added pickup support for thralls! ***
*** Added pickup support for pets! ***

- Works on singleplayer and dedicated ...