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Superb Survivors!
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Superb Survivors!

---> Wiki Help To The Mod <---[]

Like my work? Want to say thanks or support my my gamedev/modding work?
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Caution!: Still WIP. You will likely experience bugs / issues. Pease report them on the appropriate workshop thread. Use at your own risk.

This is the Original Survivors NPC mod for Build 41 by the creator of the original Survivors mod series!

This mod adds basic NPC Survivors to the game.
Right click on NPCs for interaction options
See the Superb Survivors tab for settings in the Main Options Menu

Random NPCs will attempt to find a weapon then food and shelter and will barricade and hold up in a base.
Your can invite them to join your group and if successful you can give them orders with right click or group UI by pressing U key
These NPCs can do various tasks around your base such as chopping,gathering, foraging, guarding,farming,doctor etc.
NPCs can be hostile, and there are raider events were groups of survivors attempt to take over your base.

A Quest system has recently been added, currently there is only a few quests in game but more to come.

WARNING: It is not recommended that you have any other S* Survivors mods enabled at the same time as this one.


Q: Why so many different NPC/Survivors mods. which one is best? which one(s) should I enable?
A: I began the "Survivors" NPC mod series back in build 39 with the "Survivors!" Mod. With each major base game version update a separate mod was created to fix/support the base game changes. Build 40 was "Super Survivors!" Mod. Then with build 41 the Animations build we made "Superb Survivors" . Eventually I became inactive in the PZ realm. During this time when this mod was not being updated due to my absence, other community members took it upon themselves to try and create fixes/improvements. Copies of the Mod were made and improvement/fixes/features made/added. Some addon mods were also made where the intention is to have both mods enabled.

Currently I believe this Original workshop now has copied in most of the many fixes/improvements/features that mod copies have implemented, and therefore I suggest you use only this original mod, because using multiple mods that were copied from each other can have unpredictable outcomes/bugs/issues. Any mod meant to "addon" to this mod SHOULD be fine as well. If another Survivors mod has a feature you like but you don't see in this original workshop here, please leave a note in the appropriate discussion forum, and we'll try to get that feature added.
If you feel you deserve to be mentioned in the credits here for any code/contributions you have made to this survivors mod serious over the years please PM Me and we will get that corrected.

Q: Does MP work?
A: No

Q: Will MP ever work with this?
A: Not likely

Q: Why Can't I see my Cursor?
A: You need to Turn on the "Always Show Cursor Setting"

Q:Why do the Survivors walk so slow/stuttery?
A: Set FPS cap to 60, do not use "No Cap"

Q: Do I need to start a new save?
A: No you should not need to. However note if your save is like currently 6 months in and you have raiders set to spawn at least every month, then raiders will spawn as soon as you start game

Q: Some survivors seemed to have dissapeared. Anything I can do?
A: If any survivors de spawned for illigitimate reasons, they will respawn when you exit / re enter game. Or if they survivor is part of your group, just press U key and they should respawn.

Q: Will there be any AI Improvements?
A: I'd sure like to be able to spend time on improving the AI. But so far most of my time has been spent just with fixing and compatibility and such. And there is still plenty more of that to do so not sure... If I find the time to I'd like to.

Q: What mods are supported?
A: unsure at this time, more testing and updated list of mods to come soon


Ryuu and Superior Survivors team:
-Survivors Group UI Overhaul
-Various fixes/improvments/optimizations/features

Japanese Translation by TEATIME05
Brazilian Portuguese Translation by williamfoxrpg
Chinese Translations by Cleave
Spanish Translation by ElKucho
Russian Translation by FinchEz
French Translation by link8dragon
Italian Translation by Woldren

Quest Dialogue for Hilltop Rescue Quest by "X3p"

**If you feel you deserve to be mentioned in the credits here for any code/contributions you have made to this survivors mod serious over the years please PM Me and we will get that corrected.**

Feelin Bored?
Check out / try my WIP Physics game? I've Updated it recently.

Workshop ID: 1905148104
Mod ID: SuperbSurvivors
Map Folder: Hilltop Survivor Camp
Map Folder: Military Blockade
Map Folder: Prison Escape
Map Folder: Woobury

Need a modpack?

Workshop ID: 1905148104
Mod ID: SuperbSurvivors
Map Folder: Hilltop Survivor Camp
Map Folder: Military Blockade
Map Folder: Prison Escape
Map Folder: Woobury
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pro0fthemall 4 hours ago 
Is there any alternate mods or ways to disable the raider events? Their annoying and I don't wanna die and have low loot at the most of it.:chainsaw:
Valentina 18 hours ago 
Is there any way to stop NPCs spawning on top of me all the time? Like it happens twice a day to me that an NPC spawns right behind me or just pops out of my car while I'm driving. One time a hostile NPC with an M16 even spawned right on top of me, which he didn't even drop when I killed him.
Tian兲 Mar 22 @ 7:34am 
hey man, I didn't see unable,but u can change the hot keys,u can just change it to a button u don't use a lot
INFERNAL NEON Mar 22 @ 4:06am 
This happens when they try to surrender it seems.
INFERNAL NEON Mar 22 @ 3:21am 
Any time i aim at an npc / raider they sort of fly to the sky and slowly come down (as if they were using a rope but animation is different)

Any idea why this could be happening ? Mod doesn't say anything is conflicting.
Ricksdetrix Mar 22 @ 3:05am 
Everything is great but when I hit 5 it spawns a survivor, is there a way to disable this? scared the shit out of me the first time I did it lmao
Naelys Mar 21 @ 10:26pm 
My survivros are invisible, i can only see their names, how to fix it?
cyberllama360 Mar 21 @ 6:13pm 
theres a dupe glitch if you give a two handed weapon as a gift you will still have it and have given it
PROSA600 Mar 21 @ 10:31am 
Does anyone know if they plan to update this mod? looks quite abandoned and with many bug reports
Bugout Mar 21 @ 9:30am 
Is there a way to disable raiders and adjust the frequency of survivors you encounter?