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Rise to Power

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I am happy to announce that Rise To Power will be ported to Crusader Kings III ! This time around there will be two versions of the mod: 1) Rise To Power (Same as this one with a full overhaul) and 2) Rise To Power Light (This one will keep in mind compatibility for people that like to mix other mods with it). I do not have an ETA for it since I need to wait for the modding tools to come out and I honestly would like to try the game myself before I start f**king with it.
This, however, means that I will no longer update the CKII version of the mod :(. If anybody would like to take over this project, please send me a PM on Discord and we can surely work something out.
I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for being such amazing fans (yes even the people that constantly kept bashing it <3) and I look forward to have you guys back in the next chapter of Rise To Power!

Experience the journey of going from a landless nobody, to an Emperor. Decide which government to adopt and which God/s to worship. Purchase land or wait until rulers take notice of you. Fight for your liege or join a mercenary band. Join a crusade in search of forgiveness or join an invasion for wealth and glory.

(Well not really...but it saves me from dealing with s**t such as "You broke my save dude!")


- Start from the bottom as a landless bastard, a landless lowborn, a landless noble, or the typical start
- Become a noble
- Feudal baron fully playable
- Iqta baron fully playable
- Monastic Feudal baron fully playable
- Republic government fully playable
- Republic baron fully playable
- Mercenary government fully playable
- Mercenary baron fully playable
- Holy order government fully playable
- Holy order baron fully playable
- Theocracy government fully playable
- Theocracy baron fully playable
- Privateer government fully playable
- Confederacy government fully playable
- Find a job in order to increase your income and prestige
- Build a holding of your choice with your collected funds
- Purchase a county with your collected funds
- Gain a fief from independent rulers based on your prestige
- Gain a county from your liege based on your prestige
- Challenge local tribal rulers in a duel and gain control of their tribe
- Settle your tribe on nomad lands
- Join your liege's wars as a levy
- Join a mercenary company in their conflicts
- Join invasions in order to receive wealth, prestige, or land
- Escape prison by giving up all of your wealth and titles in order to rebuild your legacy
- Escape your castle before the attackers have the chance to capture you
- Switch to a new dynasty if your new heir is not of your dynasty
- ...and MUCH more!


Any mod in the "T-Rexy Chosen" collection.


Q: Wait aren't you a CK2+ Dev?
A: Yes and no.

Q: Can I incorporate this mod into my mod or make a submod?
A: Absolutely! As long as it is my work that you are using and you just shoot a link anywhere in the description to the original mod's page...even if you accept donations for your mod!
Others' assets? I don't know since I make my absolute best in order to promote their products and make them gain extra revenue without the potential of losing any of it.

Q: What languages do you speak?
A: English and Italiano.

Q: When are you going to update your Stellaris mods?
A: *Runs away*

- Fridericus Rextard for his compilation of sounds and all of the authors that made that compilation possible
- Supersulo and Wizzer for the BlueDuke mod (The blue charframes are theirs)

Some sounds were taken from the Mount and Blade video game or from websites created and owned by Taleworlds, the copyright of which is held by Taleworlds Studios. All trademarks and registered trademarks present in the assets are proprietary to Taleworlds Studios, the inclusion of which implies no affiliation with the Rise to Power mod. The use of such images/ingame material is permitted as long as they are not sold and also not stated to be your own work.

Some images were taken from the Battle Brothers video game or from websites created and owned by Overhype Studios, the copyright of which is held by Overhype Studios. All trademarks and registered trademarks present in the assets are proprietary to Overhype Studios, the inclusion of which implies no affiliation with the Rise to Power mod. The use of such images/ingame material is permitted as long as they are not sold and also not stated to be your own work.

If you like Crusader Kings 2 you should really check out the Mount and Blade series and the amazing Battle Brothers game! They are both EXCELLENT games and some of their assets where used in order to make Rise to Power possible! I DID NOT create said assets and they are property of either Taleworlds or Overhype Studios. No profit is being made by me using their assets and should the asset creators want me to take down any work created by them I will do so without hesitation. If you love Rise to Power and want to support its development, I will ask you instead to support the following companies/content creators.

Battle Brothers:
Mount and Blade:
Maal - Graphic Artist:
Nendur - Portrait Artist:

This is a project which will most likely take a long time to fully flesh out. I am ONE person and I cannot test every little thing by myself; therefore, bugs are to be expected. Please report any bugs you find :)

Actual video of me collecting bug reports from the community



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Gbrille 18 hours ago 
5. The mod is easily breakable by itself, a few mods or during gameplay by simply unlucky RNG.

6. No matter what you do, when you search for a wife they will be always in their early 20s and you cannot marry nobles as soon as you acquire nobility it is still somehow locked unless you find a way around until count.

7. As expected, you will need to either own all of ck2 content through purchase to use this mod or subscribe while this still work. Either way it will cost your real life money but not the mod itself.

Conclusion: Try it but if you like to use any other mods it might easily break and no more updates are likely to come out much like sadly much of ck2 mods. Perhaps use this for your initial campaign before switching it off once count to activate every other mods that aren't just musics which always work?
Gbrille 18 hours ago 
I love this mod and did several campaigns with it over the past few years but here is a few problems that i found so far going against it since and now:

1. The broken traits, if you like to use any other trait mod over the one included you are going to wonder why it is not showing up and why is so many of them broken. This is the biggest and longest unfixed issue.

2. Ambitions are locked FOREVER, no longer will you be given the choice to pick them, the mod does it randomly for you wherever you want or not.

3. Tall price to purchase holding, it will take you a entire generation or more to acquire enough wealth for such a thing as it cannot be simply cheesed with something such as fighting in the arena a lot to acquire enough prestige.

4. Mod seem to have been abandoned 2 years ago in favor for a ck3 version not yet released. If you prefer ck2 like me any more updates are very unlikely and even less so a DIRELY NEEDED lite version which seem only planned for ck3.
alfred Aug 9 @ 4:28am 
I have the same problem as Misesian! I'm just stuck in one province and can't move anywhere.
antoninosalvatore.p Aug 7 @ 12:05am 
i only have your mod activated
antoninosalvatore.p Aug 6 @ 11:55pm 
I have mercenary with 500 troops and i am not getting any offer am i doing something wrong?
Julia Cæsaris Jul 17 @ 9:43am 
@Paul steamworkshop dot download
Milos Jul 16 @ 5:57pm 
what version do i need to use to play this mod optimally
Paul Jul 2 @ 5:32pm 
Is there an alternate manual download for those whose ck2 subscribtion doesnt work on steam steam
Misesian Jul 2 @ 7:35am 
Why can't I move anywhere? Every time I right click a county, the only option I see is "Usurp Title"
john 3:16 Jun 23 @ 11:55am 
you have to pirate pretty much tooplay this mod