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Space Engineers

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(DX11) Battlestar Galactica Door
Created by Eikester
Battlestar Galactica Door

Large Grid 1x1x1

DX9 & 11
Survival Ready


Known Issues:

No Sound atm
Access Panel doesn't...
(DX11) Kolt - Command Console Pack
Created by Eikester
Fully working remake of Kolts Command Console Pack

This is a Replacement for the original Ko
(DX11) Larger Airtight Hangar Door(s)
Created by Eikester
Same as Vanilla Hangar Door with...

...a 2x1 Base and extending 4 Blocks (1x6x1 total size)
...a 3x1 Base and extending 6 Blocks (1x9x1 total size)

Ingame Names:

"Airtight Hangar Door M (10m)"
"Airtight Hangar Door L (15m)"

Construction Mode...
(DX11) Passage Airlock
Created by Eikester
This is an Airtight Door with always 1 side closed so there is no way to lose Oxygen.
Combination of a modified stock Door and the Passage Block

Construction Models
Survival ready
(DX11)Big Gate
Created by Darth Biomech
Description: 1x2x3 large gate, designed for cargo bays and main entrances to stations or capital ships.

Check my thread[]

Please, stop asking for different doors. I will NOT do same block twice, ...
Automatic LCDs 2
Created by MMaster
Now with cockpit panels support! Everything you will ever need to know about your ship and station displayed in real time on LCD panels in any vanilla games. modded games and servers!

v:2.0173 [latest game version 1.193 compatible, new Inventory ...
Automatic Ore Pickup NoHUD
Created by Gabriella
Removes status on the right corner (you still can switch it by Ctrl+T)

Added only one line to code

All credits to the mod creator Phoenix.
Original mod page...
Created by AViegarien
Adds 3 Junctions for Passage blocks, A varient of all Passages with Interior Lights, 4 Passages with LCD displays, a Passage Door, Passage Air Vent, and Passage Stairs. All passages can be built on small grids. Blocks that have an open floor/celing have en...
sloped lcd panels
Created by bstim
Uranium On Planets Again
Created by StarDruid
Simple and straight forward, returns Uranium ore spawns to planets (and moons), like how they where in previous space engineers versions. For those that of us that don't like being forced into a no Uranium planets challenge. Changes nothing else but return...
Tiered Ship Tools
Created by nukeguard
Upgrade those tools on those workhorses of yours and see what real power you've been missing!

Thanks to a team up we are proud to announce the tiered ship tools modpack.
(Big thanks to K4tniss and rexxar for the awesome script for this mod)
Created by Leto
- large ship
- 6 persons
- max 120 MW : 120 KM (per person)

Single Pad Transport
- small and large ship
- 1 person
- max 60 MW : 60KM (per person)

- large ship
An Jammer will prevent all enemy transpo...
Matter/AntiMatter Modular Thrusters
Created by posthy
The models are not my work, all I did was just some xml editiing. All credits to the original creators.

In a hidden imperial base scientists had been working day and night to reverse engineer some alien technology, and finally they're ready to release t...
VCZ Airtight Connector
Created by Vicizlat
What is VCZ Airtight Connector? Connect small and large ships and stations and freely walk within pressurized rooms without putting on the helmet.
No merge blocks = No name changing of the ...
S - Airtight Door - DX11
Created by Sektan
S - Airtight Door

DX11 - DX9

New Airtight Door - 5x3, 1x1, 3x3, 3x2..............................

My workshop

If you like my mods, join to my group for easy checking of n...
Kolt - Command Console Pack
Created by kolt16
Command Console Pack

Fixed DX11 version, with working animations. (A milion thanks to Eikester)

Now survival ready!

Note that this is sort of beta still. there are no normal maps, so...