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Garry's Mod

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Media Player
Created by Sam
Watch videos or listen to music with friends in Sandbox—based on the Cinema gamemode.

How to fix this mod (HTML5)

⚠️ GMod developers are working on a fix, this...
Created by (FPtje) Falco
This is an experimental, yet offical addon version of DarkRP.
You can modify DarkRP with the DarkRPMod, which can be found here:
Rust HUD [ Content Only ]
Created by PassTheMayo
Note: This is not the official addon, this is just content for the client to be able to not have black/purple texture errors.

Some servers don't like FastDL and would rather use the workshop. This is for content only and not the addon itself.

Casino Kit Craps table
Created by Jacob
Soon to be available at

If you install this model you can spawn it with 'gm_spawn models/craps.mdl'
Please do not redistribute the contents....
PPM/2 - Pony Player Models Second Generation
Created by DBotThePone
ARitz Cracker's Slot Machines (Complete Addon)
Created by ARitz Cracker
Simple slot machines for Garry's Mod


Quick setup guide
* Enter "arcslots admin_gui" in the console once you're in-game to ...
ARitz Cracker Bank (Complete Addon)
Created by ARitz Cracker
An ATM for Garry's Mod, used on a lot of DarkRP servers


Click here for more information[[]...
More Materials!
Created by Dr. Spicket
This simple little addon adds many stock materials to be selected on your material STool list.

All materials come from either HL2 or Garry's Mod. CSS materials are also added, but only if CSS is mounted. You do not need CSS for this mod to work.

Outfitter: Multiplayer player models
Created by Meta Construct
Coming straight from the Meta Construct Labs

Now you can wear workshop playermodels also in multiplayer! (Yes, others will see what you wear too!)

You can also test it on the servers of Meta Construct[].

Zeros RetroMiner - Contentpack
Created by Zerochain
This addon is the content for a gmodstore addon:
Steventechno's Electronics Pack!
Created by Steventechno
I'm not accepting requests! I work on these projects whenever I get the feel and desire to, Having less free time these days does cause quite the dampener on my ability to keep updating these addons! Updates will come when I'm ready to work on them! Do
Steventechno's Furniture Pack Extended!
Created by Steventechno
I'm not accepting requests! This pack currently has plenty of content to go around! I currently have no plans to add more to this pack at the moment, but it's not exactly dead.

--Community Places--

Food and Household items
Created by CHILI
This pack contains well over 200 props, mainly food but also cleaning products and other types of groceries.

McDonald's Food
Kinder Surprise + Box
Chips bags
Cillit Bang
Wine bottles
Much, much, more...

GSigns Content
Created by metamaN
This is the content required for GSigns addon published on Gmodstore:

This is NOT a complete addon, only the required textures for the addon on GmodStore to work.
I will not respond to any comments whatsoever...
Zeros PizzaMaker - Contentpack
Created by Zerochain
Zeros FruitSlicer - Contentpack
Created by Zerochain
This addon is the content for a gmodstore addon:
ZerosMethLab - Contentpack
Created by Zerochain
This addon is the content for a gmodstore addon:
Roleplay Props
Created by Radray
A compilation of props suitable for decorating houses and setting up roleplays.

I take no credit for any of the models or materials included in this addon.

Server Convars:
rpprops_hide 0/1 (Default: 0, setting this to 1 will disable automatically ad...
vFire Flamethrower
Created by Viox
In case vFire alone isn't enough for your aspiring inner arsonist, it comes packed with a complete flamethrower SWEP designed to unleash true firey havoc.

Requires vFire:

Want to creat...
Fire Extinguisher
Created by Ryueaberyun
Extinguish fire! A classic fire extinguisher, just like in Half-Life 2: Beta. And it pushes physics objects too!

It uses custom ammo, which can be replenished by jumping into water or picking up another fire extinguisher....
Magic Wand Rewrite
Created by calafex

Some spells contain flashing and bright lights.

Meet the replacement of old Harry Potter Wand! Now with even more spells, awe...
Zeros Snowball Swep [vFire Support]
Created by Zerochain
The Snowball swep can shoot a snowball on left click and collect a snowball on right click if the materials has the surfaceprop snow.

The Snowball Crate gives the player the snowball swep on use or gives the player a snowball if he allready has the snow...
Talk Icon
Created by Johnny
NOTE: This addon will force mp_show_voice_icons to 0. Changes will be applied in your server CFG.
Short description: this is a replacement for the default voice chat icon plus a new text chat icon, with minor improvements.

Ropes and Leashes (Collars too)
Created by Scentus
Scentus' Ropes & Leashes! Ever wanted another player as your own personal pet? Ever missed the early days of gmod where you could rope players together? Ever wanted to eternally bind your lifeforce to another player? Ever wanted to tie up another player an...
Zeros Vendingmachines
Created by Zerochain
Lockpeek - Content
Created by Tenri
Models, textures and sounds for
Custom Taunt
Created by dewobedil


● 60 FPS! Custom taunt or dances
● Commands for use specific dance/emote
● 13 full mmd/anime dances with music
● 4
Conquest Script Content
Created by Nykez
Playable Piano
Created by MacDGuy
I've moved on from Garry's Mod and I am now making a full game based on GMod Tower called Tower Unite.

This piano exists also in Tower Unite!


A completely pl...
HL2: MMod Hit Feedback
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
Hit Feedback from HL2: MMod recreated in Garry's Mod.

  • Separate hit sounds for various kinds of NPCs
  • Sound effect on confirmed kill
  • Clientside toggle (cl_mmod_hit_fe
3D Stream Radio
Created by Grocel
The 3D Stream Radio is an spawnable scripted entity that allows you to play streams from the internet and local files in 3D world sound. You spawn it with the toolgun, which allows you to change the its settings aswell.

Slappers (Optimized)
Created by AeroMatixツ
This is an optimized version of Sam's Slappers, so credit goes to him for making it.

Removed all unnecessary stuff, does little to no damage to players and d...
SG MLP Content Pack 1 Furniture
Created by Siggy Diggy
Further various MLP themed items. That are in cartoon style. Good for your MLP playhouse and RP.

These props were originally created for the Equestrian Horizon community, however other server communities ...
SG MLP Content Pack 2 Kitchen
Created by Siggy Diggy
Nice pack to use for RP server with ponies in focus. Can also work for any server has cartoony aesthetic in mind. This addon provides Kitchen Counter Set, Tableware, Cookingware, Appliances and Decorations.

These props were originally created for the Eq...
SG MLP Content Pack 3 Nature
Created by Siggy Diggy
MLP based forestry. Perfect for decorations of outdoors. Content goes well on server with RP. And art style of being Cartoon or Pony related.

These props were originally created for the Equestrian Horizon community, however other server communities are ...
SG MLP Content Pack 4 Royal
Created by Siggy Diggy
Want to dress up as Royal Guard or Police officer MLP style. Now you can. Bonemergble with PPM
(Still pretty new with making props with bones. Some bugs may be suspacted)

Easiest way make use of the armor with scripting it in with ppm. Is for normal us...
SG MLP Content Pack 5 Commercial
Created by Siggy Diggy
Commercial Stuff Decorate your stores!

These props were originally created for the Equestrian Horizon community, however other server communities are welcome to use them too.

Other Addons
Climb SWEP 2
Created by Jon a scone
My own reiteration of the original climb swep (I wrote it from scratch).
Using this SWEP you can parkour!

It comes with some cool stuff like:
Falling Effects
Wall Jumping
Prop Riding - You can grab onto props and move with them!
Ability to swit...
Created by Fishke
Don't forget to download the required textures from the collection above, then restarting the game.

Looking for the official Day version? Click here[/url...
RP_UnionCity Textures
Created by Fishke
Essential textures required for RP_UnionCity and the official day version....
TFA CS:GO - Materials - Part 2
Created by TFA
As of January 1, 2017, this mod is no longer supported. Do not expect further patches!
Materials Part 2...
TFA CS:GO - Materials - Part 1
Created by TFA
As of January 1, 2017, this mod is no longer supported. Do not expect further patches!
Materials Part 1...
[simfphys] LUA Vehicles - Base
Created by Luna
simfphys is a vehicle entity script that is primarily aimed for four-wheeled-ground-vehicles. These vehicles can be edited ingame, thats cool i guess, but don't put all sliders on max and expect good handling lmao.

Do not save or duplicat...
[simfphys] armed vehicles
Created by Luna
Adds a system for easily weapon implementation to any simfphys vehicle. Included vehicles can be found in your simfphys tab under "Armed Vehicles"


Before complaining about bugs and i
[simfphys] Left 4 Dead 2 Vehicles
Created by Walter
Title and pictures say it all, a full pack of all vehicles from L4D2 (and 1) ported to Simfphys

Get this if you want the APC to float on water
while floating on water reverse gea...
[Simfphys] Halo (Beta)
Created by Death
"Analyzing! We have six minutes before the fusion drives detonate. We need to evac NOW!" -Cortana to John 117

This vehicle pack is in Beta, content is subject to change and more vehicles will be added in later updates.
If you have an sort of bug or iss...
Created by Punk Buster
The best LUA coded HL2 weapons in the workshop.

Looking to replace the default HL2 models? Check out this addon here!

If you're lookin
[TFA][AT] CoD Black Ops SWEPs Pack
Created by Mac Tonight
Hey guys! Got something real special for you today.

This is a full pack of CoD Black Ops Multiplayer Weapons. Contains just about every weapon from MP all on C_Hands and they also have Attachments, Spritnt Animations, and much more.

I have a buncha p...
Zeros LuminaFX - Contentpack
Created by Zerochain
Zeros OilRush - Contentpack
Created by Zerochain
This addon is the content for a gmodstore addon:
[TFA] No More Room in Hell Melee SWEPs
Created by TFA
As of January 1, 2017, this mod is no longer supported. Do not expect further patches!
I don't ask for donations for work I don't create. If you appreciate what I do, like my submission, follow my workshop, and share the submission with yo
[TFA] Throwable Supplies
Created by Fleshy Mammal
Discount battlefield like throwing supply system

How to use
Throw it and press e to pick it up

Throwable .357 ammo
Throwable pistol ammo
Throwable smg ammo
Throwable ar2 ammo
Throwable grenade ammo
Throwable ar2 ...
Created by Raven
mCompass adds a clean and minimalistic compass to the players HUD.

- Ability to modify compass width, height, x and y position on the screen, color, etc.
- 3 different styles taking inspiration from Fortnite, Squad, and PUBG
- A waypoint/sp...
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