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Special Operations Unit Gear
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Oct 30, 2019 @ 11:05am
Aug 17 @ 5:09pm
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Special Operations Unit Gear

"Spearhead of the Force"

This mod is the culmination of an idea I have had going back to 2017. This pack contains retextures of the RHS G3 and other RHS uniforms. It adds different special operations camouflages from units all around the globe. From well-known camouflages like Multicam and Kryptek to the more obscure Egyptian Thunderbolt and Croatian ORSH, this mod contains patterns from every single NATO nation that should have you covered.

This mod will receive updates. I expect there to be bursts of many updates in a short span of time followed by long periods of inactivity. Requests are unlikely to be considered, though they will not be outruled completely.

Right now only uniforms and helmets are planned. Vests are not going to be added anytime soon. We recommend using USP for your needs in that regard.

You may DePBO this and edit this mod to your heart's content. Only want uniforms for a certain country? Only want G3s from real countries and no fictional ones? If you have the knowledge of how to DePBO and Debinarize this mod, please feel free to do so to your heart's desire. Republish it to the workshop, keep it private, I don't care. Just give me credit / don't remove me as the author.

Credit to Sabre for creating the original G3 textures in RHS; pieces of those uniforms were used in this mod, such as the belts, the chest fabric, kneepads, etc

For ease of communication, feel free to join our discord over at; it isn't all that active, but it is far easier to communicate with me on here than in Steam comments

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Jul 27 @ 7:09pm
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Wolf Pack 20 hours ago 
@kelly i wanna use y o u r Special Operations Unit Gear on lib server so can i repack this Special Operations Unit Gear?
kelly  [author] Nov 25 @ 5:39am 
the misaliagnment of insignias is not an issue with my retextures, it's an issue with the RHS G3 itself and it's not something I can fix since it isn't my issue; i also dont use RHS anymore so the chance of me working on this again in the near-future is slim, sorry

Will.KMJ Nov 25 @ 5:32am 
Hey dude, I use this basically all the time, it's a stellar mod. My only gripe is that the alignment for the insignia are like an inch off to one side - enough to be noticeable. Any chance of a fix? In addition, is there a chance of getting black G3s with Multican union jacks on? Would be useful for SAS CT loadouts. Cheers!
klat Apr 3 @ 2:34am 
thank you
kelly  [author] Apr 3 @ 2:33am 
Assorted Military Gear is a different mod under my profile.
kelly  [author] Apr 3 @ 2:31am 
Assorted Military Gear already contains Multicam with Ukrainian flags, though without variants.

. I no longer have Arma 3 installed and updates to this mod will be few and far between. Sorry, I work a lot and don't have the dozens of hours each week to spend in Arma anymore. Updates will still happen, just not as much as before.
klat Apr 2 @ 2:20pm 
please do ukrainian flags :)
Dippy Mar 23 @ 1:38pm 
Hey, love the mod, is there any chance we could get the MARPAT variants with the US flag or patchless? Thanks
Jamaal Feb 10 @ 1:42am 
Oooh thank u man !
kelly  [author] Feb 10 @ 1:11am