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Guide for new players: How to actually be a good player!
By Diesel
This guide; mainly for F2P players and new players, will help you understand how to be a good TF2 player. And not like the snipers in the guide's thumbnail.

This is a serious guide and the reason I made it is because new players, mainly F2P, do not know what to do and think being a good TF2 player is all about killing. Guess what, killing only makes you 1/3 of the things to be an actual GOOD player. This will obviously make you more liked in a server as well as being respected (whenever I see a F2P who is an extremely good team mate I give them a lot of respect, I am pretty sure I am not the only one).

P.S for you who takes this whole F2P hate issue too seriously, this is not a guide to make F2P players feel bad instead advice them and make them better so they will not be so hated.
TF2 the gibus: Why do P2P or players hate me when I wear this?
The gibus, unfortunatly, has a horrible reputation. Before the F2P update it was a crap hat that no one would wear unless it was Halloween. However due to the F2P update, Free players cannot find random hats so they wear this hat and normally wear it with the pyro vision goggles and a merc badge.

You don't have to wear this hat. I think the stock hat looks better than this one as it gives you a bad reputation. It often hints you are inexperienced, although you may not be and may make medics think twice before healing you.

I personally think this hat is horrid, it isn't a nice looking hat and it just looks torn up and gives you that stereo typical: I am a noob, look.

However it is your choice if you want to wear it, wear it.

Wearing this hat does not make you any better or worse than anyone with an unusual, no hat can make you better at the game. However hats are seen as experience as it takes time to get them, with time comes experience!

If anyone mocks you for wearing this hat and they have no reason to, and you are an actual decent player, ignore them.

However, if someone is giving you advice (nicely) listen to them, don't ignore them, they are helping you.
Why do some people dislike F2P players?
Well, oddly enough, TF2 was not always free, and the game was actually buyable in stores around in 2007. Then the F2P update came out and anyone could get the game with out paying anything. They did this due to the TF2 communty was dieing, people were slowly leaving the game, updates less frequent ect...

The F2P update helped save TF2, however it can also be considered that the F2P update is now killing TF2. Few people hate F2P just because they got the game for free, however this is not the main reason why some people dislike F2P.

The F2P update brought many new players, mainly from COD and BF3. This then brought the negative parts of their community to TF2, the amount of hackers, children, "mingebags" has risen significantly.

Not only that but the teamwork in this game has fallen through the floor, many players don't care about other team mates, and go on mindless killing sprees, instead of extinguishing team mates or other factors.
So how can I become a better new player?
Being a better player does not mean you can kill a lot of people. Being able to kill people makes you 1/3 of an actual good player. Want to know the others? Teamwork and Communication.

Team work is the most powerful thing in the world
, look at war in real life. Do you think people who arn't communicating running around being desperate to kill someone is going to win against a team who coordinates, communicates and works together? Games such as battle field 3 improvise this, and no Call of Duty's "run around and kill people" is not how war is carried out in real life.

What I am saying is, do not run of going on a killing spree, not healing team mates as medic, not extinguishing people as pyro, not spy checking, not shooting important targets as sniper, and then wonder why everyone does not like you.
The most important things!
Team Work rewards you more than killing players you will get more points extinguishing, assisting, destroying sappers, spy checking that going out killing! Medics in competitive TF2 are always on the top of the score board!

The sniper...

If you have two snipers and no medics on your team, don't go a 3rd sniper, go medic! Everyone loves medics! (except for pockets and combat medics).

If you are sniper, kill the enemy's medics and engineers first who are actually very important targets instead of trying to bodyshoot an afk scout.

If you have jarate, throw it on spies, teammates on fire, or enemy heavies.

Did you know: Killing an fully charged medic gives you 3 points! Go. For. The. Medics!

The SMG is sometimes used by snipers who rush into battle and shoot people with it, I repeat this is not Call Of Duty, the SMG in TF2 is extremely weak, it is only used to dispatch of enemies you cannot snipe such as close range enemies.

Body shooting is a good idea if you cannot make the shot, in competitive TF2, your team would rather you killed players than actually be fancy and head shot them missing a shot. However do not abuse this. Body shooting makes the sniper extremely weak as head shooting people is what makes him deadly, by body shooting you are making yourself extremely weak.

The Pyro
Oh the poor pyro, seen as one of the most noobiest class of TF2 due to it's tactics, despite the fact that pyro can be an extremely skilled class, simular to a soldier, a very average enemy but depending on the skill of the player depends on it's strength. A skilled soldier player is something to be feared of, they are extremely deadly, similar to pyros however due to lack of experience most players resort to, eugghhhh, W+M1ing. Don't get me wrong W+M1 is fine if your enemies are all trapped in an area. But don't use it all the time you are going to get pounded the ♥♥♥♥ out of by every heavy and sniper in existence.

Know your counter classes! You are ♥♥♥♥ at long range, you need to flank the enemy, snipers are good at long range, hit them with flares, fire makes enemies flinch.

Avoid heavies at all costs, heavies are your biggest counter class, you may be good at close range but the heavy is much better. Running up to a heavy front on is suicide. Ambush him!.

Extinguish your damn ♥♥♥♥ing teammates, DON'T IGNORE THEM! You get rewarded more for this than killing.

W+M1 is a terrible tactic unless spy checking or ambushing, it will get you killed by every class if used to often.

Spy check, you are the counter class of spy, make sure to protect your medic and engineers.
The spy
The spy is the most hardest class to master, do not play him until you have learnt the basic concepts of TF2. Similar to the sniper, a lot of people play spy to often normally 3 in a match, this means the enemies will be much harder on spy checking, meaning it is much harder for you. Always hide from your enemies, stab them when they least expect it, don't be like some idiot spy I saw who ran up to heavy with his revolver out, By the way he died "suprise".
Always flank enemies never go front on

Only use your revolver if enemies have seen you or you attack from long distances, the revolver is a pretty powerful weapon at long range, some times better then a sapper for destroying sentries.

Avoid pyros and scouts at all costs you cannot escape them! They have weapons which can reveal you, and they move at the same speed or faster than you.


Stocks are seen as the best weapons in the game: they have no down sides, they are reliable and strong, they get the job done, they cost nothing to get.

However there are some weapons that can be seen as better versions or better than the stock, for example the wrangler is seen as a much better alternative to the pistol. However without a sentry the engineer can only rely on his shotgun.


The gunslinger, terrible at defending but brilliant at attacking.
Communication is essestial for team work, it is the glue to keeping teamwork alive, it doesn't matter what form whether it is on the MIC or on the voice commands it is very important you use them and not abuse them.

Voice commands

Voice commands are allocated to every class, either pressing z,x or c a list will pop up on your screen and you press the number to say that command.

These can involve:
  • Thanks!
  • Complements
  • Taunts
  • Calling for medic
  • Calling out a spy
  • Calling out a sentry
  • Asking for buildings to be placed

Voice commands are popularly used by friendly players (players that don't attack) however they are extremely useful.

Called out for medic alerts all the medics on your team, the notification will show in the chat box and all the medics on your team can see where you are, depending on your health will depend on what colour the marker appears, if you are on fire it will show your position but the notification will be on fire, like you.

The thank you voice command is by far the most important command in the game, it earns you respect and players that healed you or extinguished you will feel happier and are more likely to do it again.

Calling out for a spy will alert players that you have found a spy, however there is no notification or marker, listen for this, do not abuse or people are more likely to ignore you, like "the boy who cried wolf" instead the wolf is a spy trying to stab your teammates in the spine.

I believe the rest is obvious.

The MIC (Microphone)

The microphone, not commonly used in pubs to alert players but is normally used to speak to others more easily, however, kids can gvet a hold of microphones and most are not prepared to use it and end up being idiots on it, unfortunatly.

The microphone is the best way to communicate, it is fast and versatile, and everyone can hear it.
TF2 service announcement
These videos are based on problems such as W+M1ing and such, I take 0%credit for these awesome videos, all credit goes to: anangrysockpuppet
His Youtube account:

The videos:


Pocket Medics

Scout combat

Pop it, don't drop it


Grenade Launcher vs. Stickybomb launcher

Fake Players


Demoknights and Combat medics

Stealth and Subtlety

Cooprative Engineering

Sentry knockback


Exits and Enterances

Attention and initiative

The revolver

Melee and Crits

Body blocking


Metal and dispensers

Over extending and commiting

Hanging back

Ranged combat

Air blasting

Minigun spin up

Building placement

Class balance
To conclude
Hopefully if you have read this guide you may have learnt a few things, always go for team work, not the kills, how to use the class effectively but the most important of all, have fun on TF2!
  • Added Communication section
  • Corrected spelling mistakes and typos
  • Added video section
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Diesel  [author] Jul 2, 2014 @ 8:05am 
@Zahr, That is absolutely false, if they are a terrible medic whyo pockets then I would agree with you. However most medics don't just heal one person and actually the whole team, this is likely to leave everyone on their team much harder to kill if you don't have a medic.

Killing the medic makes it very hard to find a healing source and will either have to find a dispenser or a health kit which are much slower and more scarce than medics are. If a team's medic is dead and yours is still alive it is likely your team can just crush them so no. A medic is not a poor target for a sniper. However a medic isn't your highest priority, the enemy sniper and close threats are.
what am i doing Jul 1, 2014 @ 6:16pm 
Medic is actually a poor target for snipers if there are other options; if you kill the medic you still have the guy he was overhealing ready to kick some of your team's ass. On the other hand if you kill the guy the medic was overhealing the medic is then defenseless and will either die to your team or retreat and meanwhile be useless.

You should prioritize on killing slow, high health classes; heavy in particular is easy for even an unskilled sniper to take out in a single shot (saving teammates a lot of time and damage), demos and soldiers are excellent targets as well.

Play to the sniper's strength.
リスナ Mar 21, 2014 @ 6:43pm 
I've been playing this game for a mere four months and I am no expert at all, but there's times I get a rhythm going and it's great. The moments of gratitude from others for this lowly F2P gets me all unsmith inside ^_^
Sir Randy P. ButterNubs The 3rd Feb 19, 2014 @ 3:30pm 
thanks man! even for a noob its hard but the thing is that none of the noobs will see this becuase they dont know about the community and guides that will help them and thats a huge prob but anyway thanks!
FuzzieMann Feb 18, 2014 @ 3:03am 
Bravo! nice guide for the newbies and N00bs!
Neon Archon Jan 21, 2014 @ 8:21am 
Thank you a lot, i really suck at this game (and doesn´t help very much if the enemy is filled with veterans and the other are mostly rookies) but i really like it, and i`m sure i`ll do better woth this guide.

P.S: Sorry if i have some issues with my english, it`s not my native language
squid Jan 19, 2014 @ 7:33pm 
Some weapons are not alternatives :3.... The third degree has no bad effects but just good effects... as does some other weapons im too lazy to put da name down.
[AGGC] Airforce Magical Spoy! Dec 7, 2013 @ 4:00pm 
Well I have brown gibus lol. xD
BIG ZUMBA Dec 6, 2013 @ 8:25pm 
Everyone everyone everyone must read this.
Apollo Nov 17, 2013 @ 6:19pm 
Thanks dude! Until you metioned the Gibus I wore it proudly atop my head XD but yeah that things is gonna be a scrap metal some day :D