Arma 3
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Liberation RX - Stratis
Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Singleplayer, Multiplayer, Coop, Persistent
Scenario Type: Air, Infantry, Vehicles, Water
Scenario Map: Stratis, Tanoa
DLC: Apex
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Oct 27, 2019 @ 2:27am
Sep 21 @ 12:18am
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Liberation RX - Stratis

- Liberation RX -
The Best Liberation Ever !
Revived - eXtended

Personal Progression
Personal Economy
Personal Vehicles

/!\ Ai note:
No matter what you think of arma AIs, you want to play with them now!

with PAR revive, these new AIs can revive you and you can revive these AIs !

works also in MP (other players can revive your AIs, vice-versa)

R3F Logistic (can tow vehicles and load item)
LARs (Larrow) Arsenal (Customisable Arsenal)
pSiKO AI Revive Addon (AI revive SP/MP)
MagPack Magazine Repack
TK Protect + AutoBAN
Dynamic Sides Missions
Extra Action keys: Hearplug, Always Run, etc..

Robust Unstuck AI/Player
Robust Air Taxi Service

AI follow you when Redeploy/HALO jump
Extended Air Support (Taxi, Air drop, etc...)
A virtual Garage + Repaint Menu
Vehicles Cargo & Inventory saved on server

Keep/recover your AI in game, even if your client restart (crash/ reboot) in MP
Wildlife Manager
A dog to help you wink
Additional Support Squad (AC/AA/Mix)

And much, much more !!

RP oriented with ranking system based on player action automatic permission granting (build/tank/air) unlocking arsenal/units according to rank send or receive Ammo from players

Dynamic Sides Missions
Special Missions
lots of performance fix / update

Admin Menu (unban/ammo/score/teleport/skiptime/God/spawn obj)

MULTI 6 - English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinesesimp

This mission is designed to avoid the need for a commander, even at first boot, proper rights management, and player permissions are automatically granted.

Most of the important options can be configured via the "Settings" menu (in lobby) They can change the mission experioence radically.

Zeus mode can be used when your are both admin of the server and logged as Commander.

Have Fun !
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pSiKO  [author] Feb 16 @ 1:57am 
@pvt TOAST:

thank you very much toast, I'm glad you like it !

in latest version I've added personal player box to store anything you want.

capturing pows is important for the blue stars, thta allow you to start persistent side mission (fob hunt, convoy,etc) that lower opfor's aggressivity

Please feel free to submit your ideas of enhancement, I'll try to add it

I really appreciate your feedback.
pvt TOAST Feb 15 @ 3:06pm 
Finally finished it. Took 4 days. Not gonna spoil the ending (loved it. Super appropriate at the end-exactly what I would have done). The only complaint I had was the inability to save looted ammo and actual magazine capacities. The resets feel like cheating. But I do love the fact that you have to buy ammo with arsenal disabled. The only other thing is the random spawns (whered the hell did that tank come from?). Everything else chalks up to arma's engine (headshots at 500m with iron sights etc). AI was awesome too, better check those damn corners. Finally so po'ed at AAF I started executing pows instead of taking them back to base. AI revive was super on spot also.

Well done pSiKO. Let me know if ther is anything I can do to help.
pSiKO  [author] Feb 15 @ 6:28am 
@pvt TOAST: yes, the github version is more stable / uptodate

I'll try to update steam version when is stable enought

the static AI (centurieon, etc) cannot be controlled by player, they are auto crewed (even on srv restart) and auto engage the enemies vehicles (as soon as they 'detect' it)
pvt TOAST Feb 15 @ 4:01am 
@psiko, youre github version does seem to be more stable than the steam subscription. I think it has to do with the auto-update / download function of steam. I did run into one issue though, if you have a vehicle (bought or captured), and it is not parked into virtual garage when you log off, upon restarting the server, the vehicle is accessible and recycleable etc, but it simply doesnt drive. I have finally reached a point where I can purchase the Spartan and Centurion Missile systems. The problem being is that I cannot control them through a uav terminal, nor do they "auto engage" air targets. I was shuffling through the scripts and I have no idea where the behavior is modified/controlled. I was not able to pinpoint why vehicles are undrivable either.

Also for everyone here, this is the pSiKO's github:
Just download it and put the pbo in your steamapps/common/arma3/MPMissions folder.
pSiKO  [author] Feb 4 @ 12:59am 
hi Toast:

1: you can use your server.cfg to set all your parrams you want

2: only weapons are saved (in vehicle or box) only the personal player box can store equipment / ammo

3: there is a preset you can like, I call it 'hard mode', try these settings:

Difficulty = 1.25;
Aggressivity = 1.25;
MaximumFobs = 3;
Weather = 2;
Whitelist = 1;
FancyInfo = 1;
DayDuration = 2;
NightDuration = 10;
ForcedLoadout = 1;
HideOpfor = 1;
MaxSquadSize = 5;
EnableArsenal = 0;
BluforDefenders = 0;
pvt TOAST Feb 3 @ 9:14pm 
So how do I get the game to save everything like vanilla?
1) I have to manually set the parameters each time I start the server. If I mismatch one parameter, the game gives the message and doesn't load. (found the code in the .sqf)
2)If I use the built in save, captured vehicles and their contents are wiped on server boot. Magazines are also reset to full capacity.
3)the only thing I use zeus for is to spawn an empty ammo cache for storage. I scavenge and loot a lot because I find arsenal to be a crutch (love the fact that respawning costs you ammo :steamhappy:)

see my discussion post for full details, you will find it enoyable.
pSiKO  [author] Jan 27 @ 12:38am 
@pvt TOAST: good to ear that!
for radio tower, you have to blow the tower with explosive
(because you like c4 and charges!!)
pvt TOAST Jan 26 @ 11:01pm 
thanks pSiKO. I just played for 4 hours. Everything worked excellently! A few missions spawned but they were far enough away that you had to seriously choose and plan to do them. Also, For some reason I cannot capture the radio tower immediately north of the "Spartan". Capture bar and map perimeter shows blue but the title and map icon remains green...unless I am supposed to deactivate all of the mines yes? I do have a bad habit of collecting mines....they do come in handy frequently ya know.
pSiKO  [author] Jan 26 @ 1:00am 
@pvt TOAST: I see, I've changed the code to prevent sidemissions for spawning too close of a fob/blufor marker

I plan to update steam mission this week
pvt TOAST Jan 25 @ 8:52pm 
Is there a way to disable the little side missions that pop up randomly? When I get my FOB deployed, these side misions keep spawning right on top of me as I am enroute to an objective point. It results in mass casualties and depletion of resources, necessitating a restart because youre naked. I take the time to thoroughly plan and recon my route, but while enroute-boom a crashed helicopter (or vehicle) spawns with a QRF side -mission. This really breaks immersion.