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Transport Fever

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Soylent Green You are what you eat ;)
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Oct 18 @ 7:09pm
Nov 11 @ 9:51am
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Soylent Green You are what you eat ;)

This mod is just a bit of fun running up to haloween. - Its based on the film Soylent Green.

The film in summary the world has a population crisis and a food shortage. You can once you reach a certain age voluntarily choose to be put to sleep. However a company - The soylent corporation is secretly using the bodies to make soylent green which is then sold in the form of bread or crackers.

This mod ..... Has two new industries.

An End of Life Centre - as far as the game mechanics is concerned it produces dead bodies.

A Soylent Green plant - it accepts dead bodies and makes food.

This mod also has a fleet of vehicles
Trucks - Soylent wagon,Blitz,Opel, Man - these are all configured to ship dead bodies and food.
Trains - Soylent goods waggon,HBI,Verbandswagen

There is also a Soylent Green logo pack

Note: Industry mods are prone to hang saved games but fine with new games - Please make sure you have a backup or two.
Also I have tested this with the industry DLC and they seem to work okay together but I haven't tested with EVERY industry mod.
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Oct 26 @ 3:48am
How do you load the bodies into the train?\
< >
Mad Hatter  [author] Nov 11 @ 9:54am 
Hi tsilaicosneknurd
Should work on non-windows systems now. Let me know if it doesn't.
tsilaicosneknurd Nov 10 @ 1:36pm 
doesn't work (on non-windows systems)
file res/models/model/industry/cargo/mdhtr_person_big.mdl
is referred in many files errornous as MDHTR_PERSON_big.mdl
same for mdhtr_person_small.mdl
same for FOOD_big.mdl
same for FOOD_small.mdl
mattamartin Oct 26 @ 10:29am 
This mod is like the soviet union if you have enough of one product bodies make soome food and say its crackers
spikebike13 Oct 26 @ 3:49am 
Thank you so much! I love this mod. Great work!
Mad Hatter  [author] Oct 23 @ 4:00am 
Hi spikebike13 - yes you're right there were only trucks available - I've added some wagons for you - there are now soylent goods waggons configured for transporting bodies.
spikebike13 Oct 22 @ 5:30am 
Can't seem to figure out how to load the bodies onto the train???
Mad Hatter  [author] Oct 20 @ 5:45pm 
Hi oberhausener - You wont find an English word for "öffentliches Sterbecentrum" the facillity doesn't exist in the uk.

However I'm not at all happy that anyone would draw parallels between this mod and Nazi death camps so the crematorium and smoking chimneys have gone. In its place - 'The SOL end of life centre'

oberhausener Oct 20 @ 7:31am 
Soylent Green is a great film. I saw it more than 30 years ago and I awaysI like to watch it.
It is a nice idea to build this industrie for TpF.
??? But was it realy a crematorium in the film???
A crematorium AND using dead people in a industrial way is a to big association to Nazis+KZ !
I think it is nicer to use a "öffentliches Sterbecentrum" - whats the english word for the building who go Sol in to die?
Abe Froeman Oct 20 @ 5:31am 
haha this is great- I need to toss it in the game to see how it goes
Antonio M Oct 19 @ 11:38pm 
Oh my God! It's a great idea! :steamhappy: I remember watching the movie many years ago. In Spain, it was premiered in 1974 with the title; "Cuando el destino nos alcance" , When fate reaches us. A great Harry Harrison novel and a very interesting movie. Congratulations on this idea is a very fun mod. Thank you for your work and share it. Thanks Mad Hatter.