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Unnatural Selection 2 - Strengthen or Weaken Selected AI Factions
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Oct 18, 2019 @ 12:24pm
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Unnatural Selection 2 - Strengthen or Weaken Selected AI Factions

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List of mods I use in my campaigns - rebalanced & more challenging
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NOW SUPPORTS MCT2, which allows to change buffs at any time during a campaign. NOTE: The new MCT does not pop up at the start of a campaign, you have to open the settings yourself, see the screenshot.

With this mod you can apply a buff or debuff to almost every faction in the game. This will increase or decrease their chances to do well in that campaign against the other AI. If you for example saw the Dwarfs win against the Greenskins for three campaigns in a row and are tired of seeing beards everywhere, give the Dwarfs a debuff and the Greenskins a buff, and you'll very likely see a lot more green.

There are six levels, -3 to 3. Weakening a faction will slightly reduce their tax income and increase their unit upkeep relative to the other AI. Buffing a faction will increase tax income and slightly reduce upkeep, and it will also give all units belonging to that AI a boost to their stats. This increases the autoresolve chances of that faction and makes them win more battles against other AI.

If a buffed faction fights against the player, the stat boosts are removed before the battle. So they are only applied against other AI.

The configuration screen always shows all factions, so it will appear as if you can apply a buff or debuff to your own faction. This will however not have any actual effect. Also, it will list all factions even if they are not on the map in your current campaign (for example Couronne if you are playing Vortex). Buffing or debuffing a faction that is not on the map will simply have no effect.

COMPATIBLE WITH EVERYTHING. Meaning there can't be mod conflicts in a technical sense. Whether its effects work well together with other mods in terms of a balanced or fun campaign is a different question, of course.

REQUIRES the Mod Configuration Tool 2. Unlike in previous versions, this mod can no longer work without MCT2. It also does not work with the deprecated original MCT.


This mod is mostly about giving selected AI factions an advantage against the other AI, thereby tweaking campaign balance. It is meant as a REPLACEMENT for the original "Unnatural Selection", which I consider redundant since the last patch. I do NOT recommend using both together!

I recommend using buffs and debuffs very sparingly - leave most factions at 0!

Generally it's MUCH more effective to use buffs than debuffs. So if you really want to weaken a faction, don't just give them a debuff (that only hurts their economy), but also give their likely enemies a buff (that directly raises their units' stats so they win more battles).

The buffs are quite effective, but there is still room for variation, so a faction may occasionally thrive even when weakened, or get killed early despite having been buffed.

Factions that often act together or confederate early should probably be (de)buffed together. For example, if you weaken Naggarond, they may just die early or get confederated by CoP or Har Ganeth, which will then not be affected by the debuff.

Giving several factions buffs that are neighbors and likely to fight each other is kinda pointless as the buffs will neutralize each other.

TWW is zero-sum, everything one faction gains, another one loses. For example, if the Vampire Counts are doing better, this almost always means that the Empire will be weak. If Clan Skryre and Norsca are buffed, they'll probably crush Bretonnia.

Some factions are hopeless causes and are almost always destroyed even with the strongest buff, for example Clan Angrund.

Some factions/races will likely remain small even when buffed (Wood Elves, Vampirates) because their personality does not favor conquest and expansion. Buffing them will likely only prevent them being wiped out.

Buffed factions get unit stat increases, but debuffed factions do NOT get unit stat decreases. Because for some reason autoresolve uses the base stats as minimum, decreasing them has no effect.


If you move towards a buffed AI army and attack, the buffs will be removed, but the game does the calculation for the autoresolve bar before that, so it will be inaccurate. Your actual autoresolve odds will be better than what is displayed. (If you have enough movement left, you can abort the attack and then attack again to see the accurate prediction.)
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Abo lo6fa Sep 30 @ 3:57pm 
I give this mod a try with SFO , I played as Karl franz and I am at 70 turn and I only have 4 settlements ( actually I lose one of them all the time to vampire and norsca and beastmen and greenskins..etc .. there are coming from everywhere ) and I hate my life .
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Hi if I use the new MC, nothing happens when I click on the buttom in the menu
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anyone used this mod in coop play?
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Thanks to this mod I can finally have a campaign where Ulthuan actually gets conquered.
Edin Sep 5 @ 4:31am 
Dunno if I've opsted this here before, or not, but the only thing I find missing from this mod is a "save profile" functionality for people that often swap between campaigns of playing on different sides of the order/decay/destruction divide.
Jadawin  [author] Aug 30 @ 1:16am 
Right, without you giving some factions buffs or debuffs, it does nothing.

I had default settings in the past but recent patches changed the balance. I don't really play the game anymore so I don't know what would be good defaults, so it's best to just leave it to the player.
Orph3us Aug 28 @ 6:05pm 
So, when I install this mod and start a game, without touching the MCT2 settings... It will do nothing, everything is at 0. Like, there are no default settings, correct?

If so, what are good default settings? Or is it individual for each playthrough, depending on player race/lord etc.?
SoulKee Aug 27 @ 1:43am 
Does the buff/debuff apply to the playerable forces?