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Network Rivers: Green Valley Pack
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Network Rivers: Green Valley Pack

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Network Rivers
Assets created for this series have been put together in the 'Network Rivers Collected' collection.

Green Valley
Please read the whole description below and check out the images above before you comment with any problems. Thanks!

Welcome to Network Rivers, a set of networks designed to direct water through your maps and to look like realistic rivers.

I have always found creating rivers with the landscaping tools very difficult and the final results never look like real rivers. This is why I came up with the Network Rivers idea and why I've spent a long time messing around trying to make them usable and effective. The river networks can be tricky to use effectively but with trial-and-error can work well and look fantastic.

This pack has a 'Green Valley' theme with green and muddy banks, recreating the rivers found in regions with grassy valleys. The rivers are found in the Water Structures menu.

What's in this Pack?
This pack contains ten rivers varying in width from 12 metres to 48 metres.

In addition, the rivers generate automatic grass, bushes and trees along the river banks. This vegetation is listed in the 'Required Items' and I highly recommend subscribing to them if you want the rivers to look as good as intended.

Vegetation used:
1. Wild Hedges Pack by MrMaison
2. Fluffy Grass Pack by MrMaison
3. Leafy Tend from Leafy Tree Set by pdelmo
4. Linden Tree from Linden Tree Pack by MrMaison

Detailer Rivers
Each river has a version without grass, bushes and trees for detailers who want to add their own vegetation. These rivers are named 'Plain'.

Recommended Mods & Tutorials
1. Extra Landscaping Tools
2. Move It
3. Fine Road Anarchy 2
4. Extra Landscaping Tools Mod Tutorial and Overview
5. Network Rivers Mod Tutorial
6. Advanced Network Rivers with PugGaming and Macwelshman

How to lay down the rivers
(There are images above relating to each section below.)

1. Prepare the ground: Once you've identified the course of your river check that the source will be higher than the estuary by at least 50 metres. Then use the 'Slope Terrain' tool to make an even slope from top to bottom following the route of the river, including all the curves and bends.

2. Lay the river: Next it's time to plop the river along the ground you've sloped. I recommend using the 'Freeform' network tool to create realistic curves as the river descends. The smallest widths should be used at the highest point and widened in increments to the widest at the estuary. It's sometimes easiest to lay the course with one width and use the 'Update' tool to make the widths different after. Generally, the wider the river the greater the curves as the water slows.

3. Smooth the slope: Use the Move It 'Align Slope' tool to ensure that all the river nodes are gradually descending.

4. Correct the terrain: Use the 'Soften Terrain' landscaping tool to smooth out any sections that may have appeared after aligning the slope. I advise using this tool to make sure surrounding ground is not below the river height otherwise water may 'leak' out.

5. Add the water: The best way to create a controllable water source is with a lake with the river source connected to it. Use the 'Water Tool' to create a water source set at the capacity of 0.01 and lower the water level to a point where the level follows the smallest river shape. You can 'tweak' the flow by raising and lowering the first node of the river with Move It.

6. Control the flow: Once you get the flow of the smallest river at the top correct you will notice that the flow may be less as the river widens. The best way to control this is by adding tributaries where the flow needs a 'boost'. Use the same technique as above to create the tributaries. You can then adjust each tributary flow to get it just right.

7. Make things real: You could now leave the river but I recommend 'updating' sections of the river to make bends wider than the straights. This creates a more realistic shape as the width varies in nature. Take the width of the bend and use the next size down before and after. Just experiment.

8. Final tweaks: If you still have problems with the flow it sometimes helps to repeat the Move It 'Align Slope' tool between each tributary. Sometimes moving a node or segment slightly can help.

Please note that getting the flow right is more of an art than a science.

This pack contains:
(A standard and plain version is included for each width).
1. NR Green Valley 12m
2. NR Green Valley 16m
3. NR Green Valley 20m
4. NR Green Valley 24m
5. NR Green Valley 28m
6. NR Green Valley 32m
7. NR Green Valley 36m
8. NR Green Valley 40m
9. NR Green Valley 44m
10. NR Green Valley 48m

River texture: 1024 x 1024
LOD: 256 x 256

I have aimed to keep the file sizes as small as possible. All the rivers share textures allowing the Loading Screen Mod to share them in game and therefore reducing the load on your computer.

All files in this pack use the same naming structure to speed up 'Find It' searches. All elements start with NR followed by the asset name.

I would like to thank kjmci, Elektrix, garfield007, VerumPositor and PugGaming for testing these rivers and giving such valuable feedback.

Please try this pack out and let me know, in the comments below, if you have any problems or suggestions. I have endeavoured to make these rivers as useable and effective as possible but there may be errors and problems that need to be addressed.


If you really, really like my assets please consider making a donation. I'm unable to work because of ill health and do this because I love the positive feedback I get from so many people.

Make a donation on
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jdsyke Apr 14 @ 11:13am 
assets fail to load
Xawet Jan 24 @ 11:13pm 
Assets that failed to load all of your NR Green Valley :steamsalty:
Cabron Oct 25, 2020 @ 2:37am 
Would it be possible to have these just with a water texture inside, so we dont need the 'real' water? Like fake rivers. So especially the narrow ones could be used easily even in not adequate terrain.
Waranarchy Sep 21, 2020 @ 2:01pm 
Please update !!!
TurtleShroom Sep 3, 2020 @ 11:42am 
Can ships go over this thing? Can you MAKE ships go over this thing?
humbleghost Aug 8, 2020 @ 7:57am 
assets failed to load
IT.M Jun 27, 2020 @ 12:59pm 
For those not seeing it, try Find It mod to see if you can find it in the networks. They should be in your landscaping networks though
Thick Toast May 6, 2020 @ 8:38pm 
It always fails to be loaded in the game, but not in asset editor.
What may be the problem of failure?
aaldrik.b Mar 4, 2020 @ 8:47am 
Does anyone know why I don't see this pack coming up in my game? I only see the Rocks. I have installed and activated all recuired mods, 1. Extra Landscaping Tools
2. Move It
3. Fine Road Anarchy and 4: extra landscaping tools. Yet, I don't see them coming up and I cannot find them.

Anyone know what I am doing wrong here? :)
frank stallone Dec 7, 2019 @ 11:16pm 
These are awesome! Would you consider make a version in 8m width for small creeks?