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Oct 16, 2019 @ 7:51am
Dec 23, 2020 @ 9:23am
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This mod brings a couple of light items that stay on forever. Perfect to use as ambience lighting, at traders etc. For performance shadows should be off and one light in an area. Dayz cannot take more than 4-5 lights in one place so use bigger radius for the lights instead.

- Custom Config in profile folder: FBF_Config/FBFConfig.json - Used to control shadows, distance/radius of lights etc

Regular items with persistency: these shouldn't be spawned with VPP builder tools. Treat them as regular items. If you leave them in init, they will multiply

- FBF_Fireplace -> Forever burning campfire which players cannot dismantle, extinguish or remove attachments from. Burns continuously. Spawn this as admin as a regular fireplace and add attachements

- FBF_FireplaceIgnited -> Ignited campfire - same as above but when spawned it is on the ground with tripod, stone and it starts burning rightaway

- FBF_Pot -> pot with larger inventory (60) and increased water capacity (6000)

- FBF_FryingPan -> nothing special yet. just made so it can be attached and not be removed from campfires

Map items: these should be spawned with VPP where possible or offline mode. These are not persistent between restarts unless you keep them spawned

- FBF_Torch, FBF_LongTorch

- FBF_Static_Campfire -> cannot access pot, but it gives heat. useful for events maybe

- FBF_Spotlight -> construction light

- Area lights -> these lights are just one dot of light to lighten up an area. The custom ones can have the colours changed in config.
FBF_AreaLight_White, FBF_AreaLight_Warm, FBF_CustomAreaLight_1, FBF_CustomAreaLight_2, FBF_CustomAreaLight_3, FBF_CustomAreaLight_4, FBF_CustomAreaLight_5

You may run this on monetized servers as long no item or retexture of an item from this pack is monetized.

Repack is allowed.
This work is licensed under ADPL-SA
This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
This mod can be repacked under your server mod(only server specific mods). This pbo must be run on both client and server.

Any issues join discord and get the DayZ Mods role. Post in the right area and I'll get back to you. I WILL NOT ACCEPT STEAM OR DISCORD INVITES!
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