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Yet another spyglass mod. Also binoculars and scopes.

Mod ID for the lazy: 1890796153

Development currently on hold, because ARK is too big and I want space for other things. Mod source is available here:

Adds several new tools for better observation of the environment and dinosaurs. Most of these are upgrades to previous versions (e.g. the variable spyglass is an upgrade to the spyglass), requiring the previous version as part of its crafting recipe.

Quick-Fire Feature List:
- A spyglass with adjustable zoom
- 4 versions of binoculars, the last of which will allow you to see dino stats, has night-vision, and has a dino detector (as in the TEK Helmet)
- 2 attachable upgrades for the binoculars, which can either upgrade the night-vision or replace it with the Snow Owl's Predator Vision
- An advanced scope which allows you to see dino stats with a weapon (also has adjustable zoom)
- An advanced holoscope, for short-range weapons
- An ocular implant, so you can have all this stuff projected directly onto your retinas
- 2 different Stat UIs to choose from

Full Item List:

Variable-Zoom Syglass

An upgrade to the spyglass which allows you to zoom in/out via the scroll wheel.

Unlocked at level 20 for 6 Engram Points.

Binoculars v1

The version 1 binoculars are just the standard Tek Binoculars, as featured in several other mods, with the weird audio listener function disabled. Features a built-in compass, rangefinder, target coordinates and variable-zoom.

Unlocked at level 50 for 20 EP.

Binoculars v2

The version 2 binocular upgrade adds the dino stat display, showing you all the stats and level-ups of any creature you target. There are two display formats available, which you can select by pressing SHIFT+P when holding any of the binoculars.

Unlocked at level 75 for 20 EP.

Binoculars v3

This version adds night-vision, toggleable by pressing the "fire" button when looking through the binoculars.

Unlocked at level 88 for 20 EP.

Night Vision Filter Attachment

An attachment for either the v3 or v4 binoculars. Changes the night-vision to the more advanced version, removing the glare from bright light sources.

Unlocked at level 90 for 20 EP.

Binoculars v4

The final upgrade, this adds a creature detector like in the TEK Helmet. It is toggleable by pressing the "alt-fire" button when looking through the binoculars.

Unlocked at level 92 for 20 EP.

Predator Mode Attachment

An attachment for the v3 and v4 binoculars that swaps the night vision for predator vision.

Unlocked at level 95 for 20 EP.

Advanced Scope Attachment

A scope that features variable-zoom and a dino stat display. Supports the simple pistol, longneck, assault rifle, and sniper rifle.

Unlocked at level 80 for 20 EP.

Advanced Holo-Scope Attachment

A holoscope which features the dino stat display. It does not have a variable zoom, however it does show a crosshair and stat display even when you're not looking through the sights. Supports the fabricated pistol, pump-action shotgun, and assault rifle.

Unlocked at level 80 for 20 EP.

Ocular Implant

A high-tech implant, allowing you to use the dino stat display without any equipment. Also includes the creature detector and night vision, with further upgrades available via the binoculars attachments (see above).
Be warned: installing the implant hurts! Turns out you can't just jam things in your eyeballs without consequences.

Unlocked at level 100 for 50 EP

Planned Features:

- Advanced Scope v2, which will add night-vision and a creature detector.
- A display of the absolute speeds of the target, taking into account its speed modifier
- Maybe a display of the absolute damage too, though this would only be for the target's primary attack

Known Issues:

- ARK has an issue where mod items aren't reliably added to crafting stations. If this happens, try putting the mod at the top of the load order; this has fixed it for some people.
- Sometimes, if you hit your aim button too quickly after equipping something, it doesn't detect that you're aiming. This is fixed by just releasing and re-pressing aim.
- No way to change zoom level or use the ocular implant with a controller.
- If you open the emote and/or whistle wheel (or most other interfaces that don't disable game input or automatically unequip your weapon) while you have the binoculars equipped, you won't be able to close it. If this happens, just unequip the binoculars and you'll be able to close it. This may be unfixable.
- If you have the ocular implant installed, the stat UI can appear over the top of other menus
- There are several other items that use the stat UI, but only the binoculars allow you to open the config menu to change it
- If you change your stat UI selection while the ocular implant's is enabled, it will not be immediately updated. To update it, just turn it off and on again.
- The ocular implant doesn't appear to be getting saved/loaded correctly.

With thanks to...

orionsun, for the open-source Super Spyglass, on which this is based.

The mod SelVision. This mod started as an attempt to re-create SelVision after it was removed from the Workshop.

You, for liking and/or favouriting this, like the good little subscriber that you are. You did do that, right?

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Professor Cupcake  [author] Jun 9 @ 11:25am 
Thanks, I just hope I can finish it one day.
Kaijin Jun 8 @ 8:17pm 
Hey, thank you for the really fast reply. Tried it with the ranged weapon melee and it works great :steamhappy:

Thank you for the great mod!
Professor Cupcake  [author] Jun 8 @ 1:19am 
What I call "alt-fire" is CTRL, iirc. Whichever button it is to melee with ranged weapons.

Apologies about the confusion there; in the devkit, "alt-fire" refers to this bind, whereas I see now that the aim bind is also referred to as "alt-fire" in-game.
Kaijin Jun 7 @ 5:26pm 
I'm loving the mod, but I have a question regarding Binoculars v4.

It says to use the 'Alt-Fire' button while looking through the binoculars to activate the creature detector, but I have to press and hold alt fire to even look through the binoculars in the first place. So I am not sure how I could activate it?

Tried on a mounted dino since that auto-zooms in, but it only made me use my mount's secondary attack.
Thoryon Apr 29 @ 11:59am 
Awesome mod and a must have for everyone playing with Floating Names disabled.
Thanks a lot
Professor Cupcake  [author] Apr 9 @ 2:37am 
Since I'm away for a while (and someone asked), I've decided to just open up the source for this:
julekBombon Mar 13 @ 3:24am 
Hi. Problem is with crafting, crafting stations dont show any spyglass, cant get mod to work anymore :) Mod have future but must by update. So good luck :)
Professor Cupcake  [author] Feb 22 @ 2:52pm 
Unfortunately, due to the ridiculous size of ARK and its devkit, I'm not going to be able to work on this (or anything else ARK-related) for a while. The current version is mostly-stable (other than the ocular implant), so it'll have to do for now.

Maybe in a few months, if I get an extra terabyte or two of storage (or if Wildcard finally start compressing their fukken game), I'll come back to ARK modding.
ImpishNymph Jan 18 @ 7:28pm 
@Profession Cupcake

Also, when viewing a player, it shows the players details like name, tribe name, level would also be helpful.
ImpishNymph Jan 17 @ 4:03pm 
@Professor Cupcake

Right now the only thing that I can think of right now is owning tribe, personal owner for dinos and structure details like tribe name, personal owner (if one), decay timer, whether it can be demolished etc. We use your mod on our PVP server and its AMAZING, just wish we had those other options too so when we are scouting a base we don't have to carry two different types of "spy" gear.