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Oct 14, 2019 @ 8:53am
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Different game modes for the bounty hunt

How to use this in game. When you want to join a bounty hunt or have a token and want to put a token on another player you must push the buttoe that is set in the key configuration. The default key is
This will also give you access to the map where the hunted players latest position is shown.

A updated and fixed version of the original Bounty Mod.
In this version it is possible to use the bounty game mode in different setups:
* Automatic gamemode where Bounties are automatically assigned to the players that have chosen to participate in the setup.
* Admin can pick a player to assign a bounty to
* If a player has the item called
this player can place a Bounty on another player on the map.
* Players can configure the key they want to use for activating the bounty overview.

The admin can choose to have the
spawn on the map or to sell it in the trader...this depends on the admin creativity.

Standard install with:
* Copying the mod to the server
* Copy the key
* Add the name of the mod to the load parameters.

To assign go into the Profiles/Bounty/Bountysettings.json and add you SteamID under admin:

"m_admins": [ "76561198147649050", "76561198255564650" ],

The Bountysettings file should be created the first time you run the mod on the server....

Hope you like what has been made for you....

if you feel like it you are welcome to support me on:
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SwineFluD3V Oct 11 @ 5:15pm 
Every time I try to add my own locations (Brena on Livonia for example), it doesn't actually work. I've edited both the settings and the settings.json.BAK and only had Brena as a location.. Upon restart it regenerates the .BAK file with all of the locations again. Can you make it to where we can make our own locations?
Capt Caveman, no you dont understand. You are capable of creating custom crafting recipes on your server, do some research and figure out how.
UncleDaniel Oct 11 @ 2:28am 
Are there any particular mods this doesn't work with?
Capt Caveman Oct 4 @ 6:33am 
you dont understand me i think, is it possible to make the 'bountytoken' an item that the players can craft, rather than it being given to the player which will then activate the bounty hunt, showing the position every few seconds or so.
[Lusk]-hlynge  [author] Oct 4 @ 5:44am 
Hi Capt Caveman
If you want such crafting, I suggestt that you create a crafting recipe in your server mod....
Capt Caveman Oct 2 @ 7:03pm 
Is it possible to make an item, that a player crafts, to become the 'BountyToken' and to become active, for example a player makes a 'brick of cannabis', which in turn means that the 'bounty' is now on the player and to show the position every 30 seconds or so?
Unfortunately I havent been able to use this mod since 1.09 update. Everytime I try to load it, my server crashes with tha CCTObject.c DEFAULT variable error, or it just freezes after loading the Server.core.xml. Sucks cuz I loved this mod. Guess we are all waiting on BI to fix their shit.
Fanta Oct 1 @ 4:54am 
when i try to load into a server it says, " You were kicked of the game. (Verifying PBO failed:@bounty_fix\addons\bounty_fix.pbo) I have re verified it like 10 times, re subscribed a bunch and restart my PC and i still get this. You wouldnt know why or how to fix?
PhoenixOfMars Sep 30 @ 9:33pm 
just updated, and its still broken, even more now, it wont let me load up the game with this mod, says "cannot compile game script module"
GRUMM Sep 30 @ 4:03pm 
@(Lusk)-Hlynge all of the comments are saying that your mod is broken and from what i can tell it has not been updated in a long time. Im sure you are a busy person but if you got this mod up to date and running smoothly the WHOLE dayz community would really enjoy this! Please fix it! I would love to have this on my server ProjectENoch. Content is very important to us.