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Execute (useless) Lords & Heroes
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Oct 12, 2019 @ 6:28am
Oct 5 @ 1:54am
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Execute (useless) Lords & Heroes

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Updated for "The Total WAAAGH! Update" patch / "The Warden & The Paunch" DLC!

This mod adds ui elements that allow the player to "execute" (useless) lords and heroes - even if they are immortal!

The longer you play a campaign the more bloated the character pool usually gets. With this mod you are able to get rid of unwanted characters.
For example:
  • Characters you recruited in a emergency and don't need anymore
  • Characters you got from confederation
  • Lords or Heroes with traits you don't want
  • Characters with unfavorably allocated skill points
  • Characters that did not perform well on the battlefield and thus should be sentenced to death
  • ...

New method:
Ironically the script method to heal wounded characters can be used to delete them if used at the right time.

Old method:
This mod disables the immortality effect of skills, traits and technologies in the database and instead handles immortality on a script level. This allows the mod to remove the immortality whenever the player wishes to delete a character.

For all vanilla legendary lords and heroes aswell as ones added by popular mods (e.g. Mixu, Cataph, Lost2Insanity, Whysofurious, Xoudad, etc) the execute ui is disabled. If you notice the execute ui is enabled for a modded character, leave a comment and I'll add that character to the blacklist.

In case you want to delete legendary lords or heroes I added a Mod Configuration Tool: Reborn option to disable the blacklist.

Culture based tooltip text
I changed the wording based on the faction culture, so that the good guys use retire/dimiss/discharge etc. You can have a look at and suggest tooltip text via the following document:
"Execute" (useless) Lords & Heroes[]
The way the tooltip text is accessed via loc entries should also make translation submods easier to create (since no changes to the script itself are needed).

I can't revive characters you accidentally deleted! So make sure you select the right ones.

Known issues
  • Immortal characters can't be disbanded, just replaced.
  • Immortal characters can't be renamed once they earn immortality
No known issues.

Is this mod save-game compatible?
Save to remove: Yes
Save to add mid-campaign: Yes

Is it compatible with ... ?
Should be compatible with most mods out there.

Is this mod multiplayer compatible?

Interested in other mods I made?
My steam workshop

If you would like to support my work or just want to see what I'm up to, consider checking out my patreon.

Please let me know if you run into problems or think there is an aspect of the mod I should improve on!
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thurak Nov 25 @ 12:32pm 
I just realized that you fixed the renaming immortal character problem. Don't know when you did that (haven't played in a while) but for me this fix is new. It is very much appreciated. Thank you very much!
Cool Doge Oct 28 @ 4:43am 
Can delete those bloodline vampires? I confederated and got them.
WinterWolf Oct 27 @ 1:12am 
Nice mod, Is it A.I enabled?
new0day Oct 5 @ 4:16pm 
I have too much time on my hands. The conflicting mod was Lore Series: Ungrim Slayer Quests. Enabling just the two mods does not create an issue, but on my modlist having the lore series mod enabled causes the execute boxes to disappear on the first campaign map reload. Disabling all the other large script mods didn't seem to change, anything. It's such a random conflict, I just disabled the mod by accident and lo and behold no errors. I had to use a diff checker to find out what I actually disabled.

I'll check in if it disappears further in game, so far 20 turns in, and the UI is still there and other UI mods seem to be working
new0day Oct 5 @ 6:00am 
After some testing, what seems to haven with Skyre specifically is that it disappears after the first battle. If I just keep ending turn, it stays there, but if I fight a battle it's not there afterwards. It also disappears if I save the game at turn 1 and then load it. The same seems to happen with all races. Loading a game removes the UI.

I don't edit the load order, and the modlist I built mod by mod, and honestly if I had to rebuild it, I wouldn't play the game
sm0kin  [author] Oct 5 @ 12:08am 
I'd recommend to never change the load order in KMM. Always sort by file name before you launch the game.

I think either one of your mods causes script breaks (seemingly only some of the time) or due to the sheer number of mods used the game's script engine can't keep up causing some functions to not being proberly executed.

There unfortunately isn't much I can do about that other than making sure my mods aren't causing script breaks and run as efficient as possible.

The only tip I can give you is to trim your mod list until the issues stop happening (or to start an entirely new mod list and slowly building it up over time so you have time to test wether it runs flawlessly or not).
I know big mod lists are tempting but they are prone to cause issues.
new0day Oct 4 @ 3:56pm 
A month later and full reinstall, I am still getting the error (I haven't been playing). It's not any rescale mod since I disabled the only one I run with it. Anyway, here are my mods, though I don't blame you if you ignore this since there are 200 of them.

What is strange, is that I have no other errors, no crashes, but it seems that some UI mod elements disappear in the background and this started happening recently and not in connection with the Grom patch.
the confederation when defeated mod also stopped working, where I don't get any prompt when the faction is defeated
Jazzsilve Sep 25 @ 6:12pm 
Those Hero, even though useless, they come at the greaves time... don't "Execute" them... "Discharge" them...
Aska Sep 15 @ 7:24pm 
thanks sm0kin! Looks like you were right. I had to manually delete and reinstall. Works perfectly now.
Great fucking mod btw, it seems like such as no brainer concept for the game, it's actually surprising it ain't already implemented.
new0day Sep 15 @ 12:53pm 
I am using this, maybe that's the issue
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