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Team Fortress 2

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The Dusty Bandit
Created by Scoutisaspyable
Now you can walk through Badlands with a clean Face!

-3 Jiggles
-(Maybe i´ll make it paintable in the future)

And Allclass!

Also Thanks to [MLP]Ellis Gaming for hexing:)...
The Spine Crusher
For all clases
Sharpshooter's Mate
Created by CNN's 1st Companion
A sharpshooter's best friend is always a secondary!

I bet that this was unexpected afterall! I have seen a helluva lot request of a new SMG for the Sniper, so here you go :D

I apolygize because of the shitty preview images I make :P It's just that I ...
The Ward
Created by Sparkwire
part of my war crimes medic set

Bro Plate
Created by Svdl
An extremely flared steel helmet with an attached brow-plate....
The Slick Cut
Created by Sparkwire
part of my war crimes medic set...
The Braided Pride
Created by Ducksink
A stylized viking-like beard for engineer/soldier/heavy.
(jiggleboned and flexed)

Hinga dinga durgin!
-updated with all flexes and reduced jigglebones courtesy of trey

updated with LODs and imported with importer!...
The Gold Digger
Created by Rozzy
Der be gold in dem der hills!

Prospector style beard with gold tooth for the Engineer.

Comes with facial flexes and is Paintable.

Download mod version: (Flexes may not work)...
Created by Zoey
Wasn't going to upload this for a while, due to there being no replacebones command available with the importer yet. But eh, got tired of waiting on it.


2x Additional LODs
2x 512x256 Diffuse
1x 512x256 Normal
Team Colours
Heavy Defender
Created by Svdl
A metal body armor for the Medic, somewhat based on trench armors seen during the first world war.

Misc item, though could be used as a syringe gun replacement to get some passive defense thing going....