Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest

Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest

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Angelo and Deemon 100% achievement guide and walkthrough
By Csontzuzo
The guide include a video walkthrough which is about completing the game as fast as possible without extra actions. The guide also explains all achievements with screenshoots where it is necessary and all possible photography object for True Blogger achievement.
General information
Completion time

The game can be completed in ~3hours without any walkthrough. There are missable achievements but with this guide, you can get all of it in a single playthrough.

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This video is a complete walkthrough of the game which you can use if you get stuck somewhere. The walkthrough is a 2nd playthrough so no achievement popups and it is as fast as fast is possible without wandering and trying unneccessary item uses or combinations. If you use it please don't forget to leave a like for it on YouTube and don't forget to subscribe:-) Thanks:-)

True Blogger
For this achievement, you need to take photos with your phone.

This achievement is listed as first in this guide as it affects many locations. Some pictures required for this unlock other achievements too. You can make more photos than required for the achievement.

BLUE=take photo on the grim reaper as soon as you reach this area, once you progress on the story and he is at the location where he is on the picture you can't make it anymore
RED=take photo of the tram, available for the whole time until you leave with the train
DARKGREEN=take photo of the robot, available until you leave with the train
LIGHTGREEN=take photo of the train, available until you leave with the train

Hell station
RED=take photo of the dog
YELLOW=take photo of the old man
BLUE=take photo of the bike

Big Brother is Watching You

GREEN=take photo of the tower/big eye, which unlocking the "big brother is watching you" achievement.

After using the button in the green circle the seat will arrive (blue circle), take a photo of it.

RED=take photo of the tank
BLUE=take photo of the sad man (or Mr.P after you talked with him)
YELLOW=if you move to the right a bit you see a mysterious island in the distance, take a photo about it
RED=take a photo about the hell hound, it is possible only once you fixed the TV but it is part of the storyline so this one not missable

Island 1
RED=take photo of the wind vane
BLUE=take photo of the pump filter
YELLOW=take photo of the door

Back of the Future

GREEN=take photo of the DeLorean (car, seriously, watch some classics) which also award the "Back to the Future" achievement.

Hell Underground
BLUE=use your phone and take a photo on the "doc will be mad" interactable info which is on the car
YELLOW=use phone on the Freak, and once again after you gave him the bucket.
RED=Use phone on the tentacle before you using it and after you used it and the tentacle partially came out

RED=to the left there are some cars, use your phone to take a photo of them
YELLOW=use your phone to take a photo of the driver
BLUE=make a photo about the security guard
GREEN=make a photo about the bar

Bar inferior
RED=use phone on the weird guy portrait
YELLOW=use phone on the ballon
GREEN=use phone on the security guard
BLUE=use phone on the bartender
WHITE=use phone on the poker table
UNMARKED=you can actually make a photo about the evil clown too

Ice Hill
RED=use phone on oriental man
GREEN=use phone on the reinkaRnator

Selfie King

BLUE=use phone on the arm which also unlocks the "Selfie King" achievement.

Office of the devil
RED=use your phone on Devilia BEFORE you talking with her, she will vanish at the end of the conversation when you talk with her
GREEN=use your phone on the skeletal dog
BLUE=use your phone on the other skeleton
WHITE=use your phone on the CEO after you talked with Devilia, this was the point when the achievement popped for me by doing the previous actions.

Inside the house on the island
RED=use your phone on the chair BEFORE using the chair itself
GREEN=use your phone on the parrot
BLUE=use your phone on the TV screens/hacker after used the chair

Island 2
RED=use your phone on the tree
BLUE=use your phone on the pole, once it is available
Storyline unmissable achievements
New Life for a Blogger
Reach the afterlife world.

Highway to Hell
Reach Hell.

Private Visit
Make your way to speak with a Devil.

Enter the Matrix
Teleport to another world.
Watch and Learn
You need to charge the phone for the grim reaper. First, you will realize no charger slot on the phone so ask the grim reaper how to charge it. As then answer isn't clear for you, you need to go to your PC and use and click on the "search" area. That will load up a TheTube video. Achievement earned once you watched the video. As other achievements earned by more players then this so it is possible that this "videowatching" could be skipped but I believe it is part of the storyline and can't be skipped.
To Like, Or Not To Like?
*MISSABLE* You need to charge the phone for the grim reaper. First, you will realize no charger slot on the phone so ask the grim reaper how to charge it. As then answer isn't clear for you, you need to go to your PC and use and click on the "search" area. That will load up a TheTube video. Like or dislike that video for this achievement.
Customer Service
Once at the purgatorium use the metal plate to open a new screen. There use your phone on the phone number:
Pet Lover
Reveal the story of the station’s dog.

Once arrived at Hell inspect the dog, then talk with the biker and ask about the dog. This will unlock the achievement.
Military Contract
Reveal the truth about weapons origin.

Ask the sad man about tank/weapons. Sad man (or Mr. P. after you talked with him) is in the hell, second area. You might need to click on the tank first.
Golden Youth
Fail golden youth test.

At the bar the security guard not going to let you in, only if you pass a test. Fail it for the first time, any combination of answers other than the following makes you fail the test (as the following the correct answers):

1. Your ruined life
3. Cook at home
1. To try to be kind...

Portrait of Madness
Find and reveal one famous and terrifying person.

Inside the bar check the "weird guy" portrait on the wall, then ask with the bartender and ask about the portrait.
Give new life to your phone.

On the hill with the oriental man use the reinkarnator. Once the new screen opens use your phone on it and your phone will be upgraded + achievement unlocks.
Personal Hell
Explore ALL of the Hell’s locations.

You will visit all except one as part of the storyline. At the end, when you get your ticket don't use the stamp on it and give it to the old guy, then enter through the gate. If it wasn't stamped you will end up in your personal hell. No save required before it as you can return by using your PC. (even though no new achievement after that, unless you missed some photos at the purgatorium)