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Ore, Ingots and Jewelry
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Oct 23, 2013 @ 12:33pm
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Ore, Ingots and Jewelry

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Weights and values of ores and ingots are a bit strange. A gold ingot should weigh 2.2 lbs or about 1 kg (assuming Skyrim weights are in lbs, which is more than acceptable as 'lb' stands for 'libra pondo', derived from the 'Roman libra'; 'lbs' is the plural form). Weights of other ores and ingots should depend on the density of the material whereas gold is the highest in density. Values of ores and ingots should reflect scarsity and/or demanding. At all times 2 ores are required to produce 1 ingot. The weight of 1 ore is 75% of the weight of half an ingot.


Copper: weight 0.95 value 45 (NEW!)
Corundum: weight 0.5, value 40
Dwarven Metal: weight 0.95, value 30
Ebony: weight 0.5, value 150
Gold: weight 2.2, value 215
Iron: weight 0.9, value 7
Malachite: weight 0.5, value 100
Moonstone: weight 0.5, value 75
Orichalcum: weight 2.0, value 45
Quicksilver: weight 1.5, value 60
Silver: weight 0.9, value 50
Steel: weight 0.9, value 20


Corundum: weight 0.375, value 15
Ebony: weight 0.375, value 56
Gold: weight 1.65, value 80
Iron: weight 0.675, value 3
Jade (mineral): weight 0.375 value 500 (NEW!)
Malachite: weight 0.375, value 38
Moonstone: weight 0.375, value 28
Orichalcum: weight 1.5, value 17
Quicksilver: weight 1.125, value 23
Silver: weight 0.9, value 19

Crafting jewelry is not very realistic. If a jeweller uses one gold or silver ingot to produce only one circlet, necklace or ring, this jeweller would go bankrupt in no time! Out of 1 ingot you can create 10 circlets, 20 necklaces or 40 rings. If a jewel contains a gem, you will need the appropriate amount of gems. Recipes for standard non-enchanted circlets are added, recipes for standard non-enchanted necklaces and rings are changed:

20 Copper/moonstone circlets: 2 copper ingot, 1 refined moonstone (value 15/65)
10 Copper/ruby circlets: 1 copper ingot, 10 flawless ruby (value 310/360)
10 Copper/sapphire circlets: 1 copper ingot, 10 flawless sapphire (value 610/660)
10 Gold/emerald circlets: 1 gold ingot, 10 flawless emerald (value 930/980)
10 Gold/ruby circlets: 1 gold ingot, 10 flawless ruby (value 330/380)
20 Silver/moonstone circlets: 2 silver ingot, 1 refined moonstone (value 15/65)
10 Silver/sapphire circlets: 1 silver ingot, 10 flawless sapphire (value 610/660)
10 Jade/emerald circlets: 1 jade mineral, 10 flawless emerald (value 925/975)
10 Jade/sapphire circlets: 1 jade mineral, 10 flawless sapphire (value 625/675)

20 Gold necklaces: 1 gold ingot (value 20/70)
20 Gold/diamond necklaces: 1 gold ingot, 20 flawless diamond (value 1220/1270)
20 Gold/amethyst necklaces: 1 gold ingot, 20 flawless amethyst (value 200/250)
20 Gold/ruby necklaces: 1 gold ingot, 20 flawless ruby (value 320/370)
20 Silver necklaces: 1 silver ingot (value 10/60)
20 Silver/amethyst necklaces: 1 silver ingot, 20 flawless amethyst (value 190/240)
20 Silver/emerald necklaces: 1 silver ingot, 20 flawless emerald (value 910/960)
20 Silver/sapphire necklaces: 1 silver ingot, 20 flawless sapphire (value 610/660)

40 Gold rings: 1 gold ingot (value 15/65)
40 Gold/diamond rings: 1 gold ingot, 40 flawless diamond (value 1215/1265)
40 Gold/emerald rings: 1 gold ingot, 40 flawless emerald (value 915/965)
40 Gold/sapphire rings: 1 gold ingot, 40 flawless sapphire (value 615/665)
40 Silver rings: 1 silver ingot (value 10/60)
40 Silver/amethyst rings: 1 silver ingot, 40 flawless amethyst (value 190/240)
40 Silver/garnet rings: 1 silver ingot, 40 flawless garnet (value 160/210)
40 Silver/ruby rings: 1 silver ingot, 40 flawless ruby (value 310/360)

First value is for unenchanted items, second value is for enchanted items. Values and weights for all circlets, necklaces and rings, both enchanted and unenchanted, have been changed to reflect above mentioned values and weights. Special amulets (unique necklaces) only have their weight changed.
The weight of circlets: copper/gem 0.1, copper/moonstone 0.12, gold/gem 0.225, silver/moonstone 0.145 and silver/gem 0.125.

The weight of necklaces: gold 0.16 and silver 0.11 (with or without gems)

The weight of rings: gold 0.105 and silver 0.08 (with or without gems)

Copper ingots and jade minerals are new in this plugin and are available for buying from a few general good stores and are imported from Hammerfell and High Rock. Copper (3 ingots) and jade (2 minerals) can be bought from Revyn Sadri (Windhelm), Solaf (Falkreath), Sayma (Solitude), Lisbeth/Imedhnain (Markarth), Bersi/Drifa (Riften), Lucan Valerius (Riverwood), Belethor (Whiterun).

The value of circlets, necklaces and rings is based on the value of the ingot or mineral used and the value of the labour to create a piece of jewelry (5 gold per piece). If a piece of jewelry is enchanted, its value is increased with 50 gold for enchanting.

Using a forge 215 septims can be crafted using one gold ingot.
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Pokeking Mar 2, 2016 @ 5:03pm 
Alright then, self employed miners no longer are going to poor, they can get rich in no time!
Altbert  [author] Mar 2, 2016 @ 1:12pm 
I think this mod is quite balanced, disregarding the transmute spell. Balancing this mod would have me remove the transmute spell. Changing iron into gold was something alchemists in medieval times were trying to figure out, but they never got it working!
Pokeking Mar 1, 2016 @ 11:55pm 
Could you make a version of this that has the value be halfway between this mod's and vanilla's or something like it as to help balance it with the transmute spell?
Roscaria Jul 20, 2015 @ 10:43pm 
@Brovershield. The game is unbalanced anyway. When you get the transmute spell to change iron ore to gold in vanilla Skyrim.
IvyLeagueZombie Jun 27, 2014 @ 11:13pm 
Maybe you should find a way to limit gold in the world then.. cuz if you take a trip to Kolskegger mine and mine all the gold, suddenly you have 20 gold ingots which would be like 4,000 septims and that seems a little steep. Maybe gold veins should yield one ore per gather instead of 3? Just throwing out some ideas, because otherwise this seems unbalanced for the game
Altbert  [author] Dec 2, 2013 @ 2:25pm 
OK, thanks! This would make Electrum and Platinum lore friendly, in my opinion, but opinions might differ! Next problem is that I have never done any texturing, but that could be a challenge. However, no guarantees on a time limit.
dacamp66 Dec 1, 2013 @ 10:32pm 
ELECTRUM:Electrum is mentioned in an expedition sent by Pharaoh Sahure of the Fifth dynasty of Egypt (see Sahure). It is also discussed by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia.
Electrum is possibly referred to three times in the Bible (i.e. if the Septuagint's translation of the uncertain term חַשְׁמַל is accurate). In all three instances it is used to describe a type of glow seen in visions by the prophet Ezekiel (Ezekiel Ch.1 Vs.4 and 27;Ch. 8 Vs. 2). The word also appears in Sumerian texts; for instance, in the lost book, when Enki tells his master scribe (Edubsar) to write down all that he says, the text mentions a stylus of electrum with a crystal at the tip that glowed.[citation needed]
Electrum is believed to have been used in coins circa 600 BC in Lydia under the reign of Alyattes II. source: wikipedia
dacamp66 Dec 1, 2013 @ 10:23pm 
found a date reference for platinum on wikipedia. QUOTE: The metal was used by pre-Columbian Americans near modern-day Esmeraldas, Ecuador to produce artifacts of a white gold-platinum alloy. The first European reference to platinum appears in 1557 in the writings of the Italian humanist Julius Caesar Scaliger as a description of an unknown noble metal found between Darién and Mexico, "which no fire nor any Spanish artifice has yet been able to liquefy."[35]
Altbert  [author] Nov 28, 2013 @ 9:03am 
@treekin: That would be possible, but would not be lore-friendly (I think!). See my remarks regarding the troy ounce below. This would make the smaller bar weigh 0.055 lbs, but making a smaller bar (40 times smaller than the default bar) would create a silly looking bar in my opinion (and, to my regret, I can't make textures!).

@Victoryguard: Electrum, Platinum? I have no recollection of these elements/alloys in TES Lore, but if these were used in Europe between say 500 BC and 1000 AD, it could be lore friendly.
Treekin Nov 26, 2013 @ 11:58am 
Would it be possible to create a smaller ingot size seperate from the vanilla gold/silver ingot. The smaller ingot size would allow us to make only one necklace/ring etc and only require one gem. The vanilla ingot could be broken down at the smelter into the smaller ingots for use with your mod.