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Vanilla Iron and Steel
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Vanilla Iron and Steel

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Introduces iron ore while staying true to the vanilla Rimworld core values. Instead of steel around your map, you will spawn with mineable iron ore! Forge the iron down in a bloomery or smithy along with some coal or charcoal, and turn it into the much better material: steel!

This does increase the production time to get steel a little bit, but it's not as much as other mods have done previously. It won't be a huge burden on your production chain, and is mostly just an aesthetic change to the world.

Add it to a save. It should work fine, because the changes to mineable steel are cosmetic. If you uninstall the mod it will also work fine, and revert back perfectly. Be sure you remove the recipes from your smithies before you do.

Removed the steel requirement from the Research bench.

How to start
  • Bloomery: In the start, you forge steel in the bloomery, made out of rocks. Works outside, but is slow.
  • Fueled or Electric Smithy: Later, smelt lots of iron into steel at a fueled or electric smithy
  • Electric Smelter: When you get into full swing, the smelter can forge quite a lot of iron into steel very quickly.

How this works

Minable steel won't change except in name, and the fact that it will now drop iron ore (not steel.) This means all mods that change compacted steel deposits are compatible with Vanilla Iron and Steel.

Steel also won't change, except in graphic. It's the same steel you've always been using, and so mods that adjust it will work perfectly.

Turn coal (or charcoal) and iron into steel in a smithy. I keep a vanilla balance, meaning it won't take forever to make the steel. It will take a little extra time and a tiny bit of coal or charcoal to get steel, but the aesthetic improvements are worth it in my opinion.

You require a coal mod for Vanilla Iron and Steel to function correctly. There's many to choose from.

You must use at least one of these, or you will get errors! I prefer the ones near the top of the list:

Use any of the coal mods listed above (or any mod which introduces a def named "Coal"). It should automagickally detect the mods you're using. If you find another coal or charcoal mod not listed here let me know.

Compatible with Combat Extended by default.

Won't work with:
  • Simple Chains: Steel
  • Rimworld Metallurgy

Works fine with
  • RIMkea (Load VIAS AFTER (below) RIMkea)
  • RimOverhaul

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randolph.alpha 15 hours ago 
@neceros Thx. Cool mod btw. Early game production of charcoal and steel is a nice addition to the game.
NECEROS  [author] 16 hours ago 

The time required to get steel, basically. I wanted one that fit more with vanilla, and didn't seem like a huge drain on time and resources.
AmbiguousMonk 16 hours ago 
What parts of this mod make it unique compared to Simple Chains: Steel? The seem incredibly similar and I'm having a hard time identifying the real differences
NECEROS  [author] 19 hours ago 

I'll fix that.
Mirith 20 hours ago 
@randolph.alpha I'd recommend Tribal Essentials for that. Or dismantling fallen chunks - those still give steel.
randolph.alpha Oct 16 @ 7:38am 
Tribe's don't start with smithing researched; nor do they have steel at the start. But you need steel for a research workbench. Its a catch 22. Perhaps the tech should be free to avoid this problem.
Mirith Oct 13 @ 3:25am 
Oh, that's great! Thank you!
NECEROS  [author] Oct 13 @ 2:34am 
@Mirith that's no problem. The update will come out tomorrow
Mirith Oct 13 @ 1:07am 
That'd be nice, though it's not quite what I was thinking about - like you said, your changes are quick and esthetic, while RimOverhaul makes you wait almost a whole day for those big furnaces to be finished (and eats up way more coal) making your life needlessly more complicated - which is exactly what I like in my Rimworld.
So I was wondering - is it possible to simply to make the iron ore from this mod work with the recipe already in RO furnace?
Thetaprime Oct 12 @ 8:13pm 
Anyhow here is my output log in case you can spot something I didn't: