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Russian Alpha AK
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Oct 7, 2019 @ 9:51am
Oct 10, 2019 @ 12:29am
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Russian Alpha AK

这是一把由Zenitco的各种套件改装的AK105及AK74M突击步枪,改装灵感也是来自于Youtube的一期Alpha AK视频: Russian Alpha AK 。B站: Russian Alpha AK []。不过并不是完全复刻,也加了一些我自己的喜好,比如视频中的上机匣是TWS盖,我换成了Zenitco家的B33上机匣,后握把换成了Zenitco的RK3,Magpul CTR枪托上加装了Riser。其它部件几近相似。之所以名字叫Alpha AK,是因为当时俄罗斯FSB Alpha特种部队的一张Zenitco AK照片在网上爆火,这把经过Zenitco改装的,又加了很多西方元素的AK,迅速引起了很多人的关注。这些改装套件也是俄罗斯特种部队常用的装备。尤其是在叙利亚战场上的俄特手中经常可以见到。

这次,Alpha AK来到了ARMA3,由于考虑到这是最后一次更新,所以在制作上花了我很长时间,这是第一次发布,也将是最后一次更新。


一把装有Zenitco PT-3枪托变种的AK105。
Hybrid 46 消音器三种迷彩同上,支持红锤消焰器。
定制化的AN/PEQ-15 + SureFire M952V手电。
5.45*39 30发及60发弹匣。种类包括:7N6、7N10、7N22、7N24


感谢 “什么什么” 提供的护木配件模型。
感谢“Nicole Lee”小姐姐的宝贵建议。

强烈建议挂载红锤俄军模组,支持红锤5.45口径的消焰、消音器和AK 5.45各型弹匣变换。



This is an AK105 and AK74M assault rifle adapted from various Zenitco kits, also inspired by Youtube episode Alpha AK video: Russian Alpha AK . However, it is not a complete copy, and some of my own preferences have been added. For example, the upper casing in video is a TWS cover. I replaced it with Zenitco's B33 upper casing and Zenitco's RK3 grip. Riser mounted on a Magpul CTR Stock.The other parts are similar. It was named Alpha AK because a photo of Zenitco AK from Russia's FSB Alpha special forces unit went viral online. The Zenitco modified AK, with a lot of western elements added, quickly attracted a lot of attention. The kits are also commonly used by Russian special forces. It is often seen especially in Russian SOF hands on the battlefield in Syria.

This time, Alpha AK has come to ARMA3, which took me a long time to produce considering this is the last update, this is the first release and will be the last update.


AK105 and AK74M.
Camouflage is divided into Black, Forest camouflage, Ddesert camouflage, Wniter camouflage.
Two variants of AK with AFG and RVG front grips.
An AK105 with a variant of the Zenitco PT-3 stock.
Hybrid 46 muffler three kinds of camouflage, red hammer flame suppressor support.
Customized AN/PEQ-15 + SureFire M952V flashlight.
Two Handguard Rail Cover , black and sand.
5.45*39 30 and 60rnd Magazine。Include 7N6、7N10、7N22、7N24.

Thanks to

Thanks for the rail cover model provided by "What What".
Thanks Nicole Lee for his valuable advice.

It is strongly recommended that RedHammer "RHSAFRF" mods be mounted to support redhammer 5.45 caliber flame suppression, silencer and AK 5.45 magazine changes.

Thanks to VastGameMaster for making JSRS compatible:

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predator Feb 17 @ 8:28pm 
SweetJason  [author] Jan 24 @ 9:28pm 
@GAF Toby S. Russian armed forces 2035
SweetJason  [author] Jan 24 @ 9:26pm 
@Notorious sure, you can! Have fun!
Toby Jan 24 @ 7:40pm 
What's that badass sniper rifle in the fifth picture?
Notorious Jan 24 @ 7:09pm 
I know this may feel rude but if you don't mind, can i add this to my community pack?
All your efforts will be written in contributions and also link is so.
I'll wait your reply. thanks for reading :)
SweetJason  [author] Jan 20 @ 10:27pm 
@鲁迅 你是对的
鲁迅 Jan 20 @ 6:48pm 
zenitco b33机盖跟b31b30是可以装的,别前排留言误导了
[RK] LUKAS Jan 18 @ 2:19pm 
Hi. You did a really cool job. As a Russian who is interested in the topic of special forces, I was delighted with the coolness of your work. But there is one small drawback. Fix the Distance between the shoulder and the butt, because this little thing spoils the view when you notice. And there is a small wish to increase the damage. And so, thank you for this mod. I play with great pleasure
SSLeoncino752 Jan 16 @ 3:48am 
@TheRealReptilienski 请问具体都有什么问题呢
联想 Dec 30, 2019 @ 2:13am