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UK Platform Canopy
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Oct 7 @ 6:44am
Oct 11 @ 8:12am
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UK Platform Canopy

Final version (probably) with 6 different styles of canopy all with valances and length up to 100 meters.

I created this mod a while ago because there just aren't any uk style canopies.
It does the job but it is a bit cumbersome when you want to delete it.
- Someone out there could do a better job I think ;)
However no one has, so I'm posting it anyway.

This mod gives you six platform canopies with valence as are typically found on Uk railway stations.

They are supplied as an asset, so to use them place a station without a platform roof then select this mod and place your canopy by hand.

The mod can be found in the MadHatter category.

The mod has two menu options

Canopy Type
Apex - canopy with a pointy roof and full valance
Flat - canopy with a flat roof
Mixed - canopy with a flat edge and pointy centre
Apex-1850 - the 1850 apex canopy from the very first version of this mod
Flat-1920 - the 1920 canopy with valance added
Flat-1990 - the 1990 canopy with valance added

Canopy length
20 meters
40 meters
60 meters
80 meters
100 meters

The canopies are made up from multiple models.
If you want to delete one you will have to delete the roof, the supports and the valance.
I would suggest always delete the valance first - the game seems to have trouble grabbing on to them once the roof is gone. - there's no obvious reason for this.
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Mad Hatter  [author] Oct 10 @ 2:53am 
Hi Norfolk Chris - yes I know. No it isn't an error. The Apex roof is using the 1850 canopy direct from the game. The valance is a separate model 'nicely' positioned. It was proving tricky to get a triangle that would neatly fill the end and not look totally rubbish so I decided it would be better to leave them off for the moment. I will have another crack at it though.
Norfolk_Chris Oct 10 @ 1:26am 
The apex roof variant has no end valances. Is this an error or is it deliberate? It would look much better with end valences.
ferryfarmhouse Oct 8 @ 9:33am 
Nice job Mad Hatter ive been waiting so long for something like this to come up truly appreciated
davidmoore668 Oct 8 @ 8:35am 
It is nice to you back making mods Mad Hatter. :-)
Ene Oct 8 @ 3:07am 
Aha. That's why it doesn't ring a bell, cheers.
Mad Hatter  [author] Oct 8 @ 2:47am 
Hi Ene,
The station isn't one you will find - its handcrafted.
The platforms were placed using the ultimate station mod with station building turned off.
I then used my station Master mod to put the 'standard' 1850 station in over the entrance slope.
And obviously the canopies are this mod.
Mad Hatter  [author] Oct 8 @ 2:43am 
Hi Griviues -
Oops - yes you're right - other subscribers must have another mod of mine as it worked for them.
I've fixed it now. - Let me know if you still have problems.
Ene Oct 7 @ 9:10pm 
Damn nice, what's the station in the pic?
Griviues Oct 7 @ 8:17pm 
Update: I don't see any other item in the assets with the roof icon than the "Test: Test Assets" and when I click on it I get a crash and a Lua error that reads:

File: station/train/mdhtr_double_roof_end.mdl

cannot open mdhtr_double_roof_end.mdl: No such file directory.
Griviues Oct 7 @ 8:01pm 
Crashed when clicking on "Test Assets" with the roof icon.