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Budd Dome Car Pack
Scenario: USA
Vehicle: Wagon
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Oct 1 @ 8:36pm
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Budd Dome Car Pack

Folks, they're finally here, the non-revenue cars the game's simplistic economy can't possibly hope to support: Budd Dome cars!

These cars typically were configured in a wide variety of ways - from lounge cars to bar cars to bar-lounge-observation cars. Passengers seated in other cars could use the facilities offered by the dome cars, and enjoy the beautiful views from the dome itself. Because the Transport Fever engine doesn't simulate, y'know, passenger fare bonuses, like Railroad Tycoon II (1998) these cars are configured in-game as standard passenger cars with seating equivalent to the number of seats in the car.

The Budd Company produced these and similar cars out of stainless steel for a huge number of American railroads, and many of them are on the rails to this day, in private ownership or as part of Via Rail's Canadian and Ocean. These cars mostly follow the model of the D&RGW California Zephyr (Dome and Dome-Observation) and the ATSF Super Chief (Big Dome) but for convenience's sake, all are lettered for the ATSF since to my knowledge there aren't any D&RGW F-units yet.

There are three cars in this pack:

Dome Car
Available: 1945-1980
Capacity: 68 passengers
Top Speed: 124 mph
Weight: 81 tons

Dome-Observation car
Available: 1945-1980
Capacity: 54 passengers
Top Speed: 124 mph
Weight: 79 tons

Big Dome
Available: 1954-1980
Capacity: 97 passengers
Top Speed: 124 mph
Weight: 93 tons

For way more information than you want, watch the video linked above!

Commissioned by steam user and now hero to the TpF community NoAchievement4U. I'm trying to avoid commissions now because they take a long time - if you really want to try to commission me, it'd be at a rate which is commiserate to my patreon income (the people want videos!)

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Ryy Oct 18 @ 11:33pm 
I know this is meant as American, but seeing this set reminds me of my trip on The Canadian. Kinda wish there were a VIA Rail version :P
NSHorseheadSD70 Oct 18 @ 5:32am 
I like how there's clearly a steam locomotive pulling these and attached to Amfleets. Just like I intend to do with them.
SpecialistZer0 Oct 7 @ 9:27pm 
@Donoteat & NoAchievement4U Wow, these look the business! Going to start a new map right now and give them a try. Thank you.
NoAchievement4U Oct 7 @ 8:16pm 
The skins are coming folks. Please be patient. I am on vacation atm tho. I plan to release many skins to go with the existing P85 coach lineup I made.

There will be no more modifications for this pack. However we do have a Pullman Observation car with rounded end coming soon.

If you have specific road requests and would like to submit a commission, Please contact me!
Turtle_burger01 Oct 6 @ 8:48pm 
what cars do these best match with when put together on a train. they dont look like their roofs will line up perfectly with p85 coaches
Turtle_burger01 Oct 6 @ 8:38pm 
could there be an unlettered version so that it can use the in game logos
A2 Oct 5 @ 8:34am 
can you make a variant with the short dome facing the other way
Babeuf Oct 4 @ 7:18pm 
VIA livery would indeed be sweet but regardless, these look great!
Merchant_of_Mercia Oct 4 @ 11:01am 
Nice, how do I go about commissioning you to make some assets?

I started a bit of asset creation for Workers and Resources Soviet Republic shortly before I started full time work so don't have enough time or skill to finish them. I very much admire your work both creating assets and videos and would be honoured for you to finish them and create a few more for a price.
SimXB_Adam Oct 4 @ 10:05am 
Wow, damn... those are some fine coaches