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TwitchToolkit - More !mypawn Commands
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Sep 29, 2019 @ 11:56am
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TwitchToolkit - More !mypawn Commands

Adds new commands for your viewers. No more "Can you show my health tab please?", "What weapon do I have?" and so on. Can be added to an existing save. Place below TwitchToolkit. Requires HugsLib.

Lists all weapons and apparel equipped by a pawn as well as it's comfortable temperature and overall armor values.

Lists a pawn's health summary (pawn capacity status) and queued surgeries.

!mypawnhealth [capacity]
Shows the exact value of a capacity and what it is affected by.

Lists all damaged or replaced body parts


@[viewer] [Colonist]'s gear: Armor -Sharp - 22.0%, Blunt - 5.3%, Heat - 13.9% | Equipment - | Apparel - Synthread button-down shirt (normal 92%), Flak pants (normal 98%)


@[viewer] [Colonist]'s health: 31.4% (Downed) | Consciousness: Very poor | Moving: None | Manipulation: None | Talking: None | Eating: None | Sight: Enhanced | Hearing: Weakened | Breathing: Poor | BloodFiltration: OK | BloodPumping: OK | Metabolism: OK | Queued Surgeries - Install peg leg (left leg), Install archotech arm (right shoulder)

!mypawnhealth sight

@[viewer] [Colonist]'s Sight: Enhanced (146%) - Affected by: Archotech eye, Archotech eye, Left eye: 9 / 10

!mypawnhealth blood pump (searches for all keywords provided)

@[viewer] [Colonist]'s Blood pumping: OK (100%)


@[viewer] [Colonist]'s body: Whole body - Blood loss (minor), Anesthetic | Neck - Scratch | Head - Scratch x6, Cut x5, Stab x3 | Skull - Crack | Jaw - Crack | Nose - Crack | Left eye - Archotech eye, Crack | Left ear - Scratch | Right ear - Scratch | Right eye - Archotech eye | Torso - Gunshot (revolver) x3, Stab | Sternum - Gunshot (revolver) | Right leg - Gunshot (revolver) | Right tibia - Gunshot (revolver) | Queued surgery - Install peg leg (left leg)

!mypawngear does currently not support SimpleSidearms or other mods allowing your pawn to equip more than one weapon
Requires HugsLib and TwitchToolkit
Place below TwitchToolkit

You can use the mod settings to disable some parts of the messages or the TwitchToolkit command settings to disable them.
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Fette Sandratte  [author] Nov 2, 2019 @ 5:08am 
@Ronkit extending the Toolkit mod to other platforms is out of my hands but I will make sure to update this extension mod should the Toolkit mod be expanded to Mixer or other streaming platforms in the future :)
Ronkit Nov 1, 2019 @ 11:02pm 
I want to try this mod (and the other mod) on Mixer. That would be great later in the future. If you come around that idea. lol
NECEROS Oct 27, 2019 @ 5:29pm 
OH MAN. This is wonderful. Thank you!!