Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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Decorative Cargo wagon
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Wagon
Asset: Track Asset
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Sep 29, 2019 @ 10:51am
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Decorative Cargo wagon

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Transport Fever decorative pac
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Мод добавляющий в игру пак декоративных грузовых вагонов.

В мод были включены грузовые вагоны СССР-России.


грузовые вагоны располагать на прямых путях железнодорожного полотна.
Благодаря регулятору расстояния вы можете передвигать вагоны локомотивы и делать декоративные составы без промежутков. Параметр передвижения задан (0, 0.1, 0.2,.....0.9,1).


A mod that adds a pack of decorative cargo wagons to the game.

The USSR-Russia cargo wagons were included in the mod.


cargo wagons should be placed on the straight tracks of the railway track.
Thanks to the distance control you can move the cars locomotives and make decorative trains without intervals. The travel parameter is set (0, 0.1, 0.2,....0.9.1).

Авторы моделей:
Authors of models:

✪ dema.17-
✪ AleX_BY-
✪ Sock tasty-
✪ old-
✪ Vitaro-
✪ TGR Studio-
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original mods:

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Hieronymus Feb 1 @ 8:57am 
sorry for the late answer
Hieronymus Feb 1 @ 8:57am 
File: asset/open127533pid_iron.mdl
cannot open res/models/group/vehicle/waggon/pkv/open12515pid_bogie.grp No such file or directory
KRAVCHENKO  [author] Oct 21, 2019 @ 7:10am 
I've just checked all the wagons, I'm not seeing any mistakes. If you have a game colored, what is written in the mistake?
KRAVCHENKO  [author] Oct 21, 2019 @ 7:08am 
Wait, the game goes wrong?
Hieronymus Oct 21, 2019 @ 6:36am 
Ah ok didnt realized it was narrowgauge sorry. But can you fix the crash about thie PID coal waggons? Did it crash in your game too?
KRAVCHENKO  [author] Oct 20, 2019 @ 3:13pm 
Hieronymus, Dumplicars, I'll add them, about the narrow railroad, it'll be a separate pack
Hieronymus Oct 20, 2019 @ 2:58pm 
Because somehow the PID coal waggon is crashing and says something is missing.
Can you please add these: ? I know it is a lot of work but it would be nice!
Joseph Pichardo Oct 11, 2019 @ 2:47pm 
Ah ok, thank you!
KRAVCHENKO  [author] Oct 11, 2019 @ 10:51am 
Brigido Walmsley N62, I do it only from Russian developers, because Western modellers just ignore me to get permission. And then they whine and throw complaints.
Joseph Pichardo Oct 10, 2019 @ 5:08pm 
Are you going to do this with all vehicle packs, or just Russian ones?