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Kubelwagen Type 82
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Kubelwagen Type 82

The Kübelwagen Type 82
(This does not reflect real world vehicle specs)

Can reach a top speed of 108km/h (67 mph).

Blast to drive - Excellent suspension - Great turning radius
Brakes will eventually stop you - 4 Blessed Gears to burn - All Wheel Drive

Extra Cargo Slot for Jerry Can. - Spare tire located on front.

Extra Cargo Slots built in to carry two weapon/tools.

Spark plug / Radiator / Battery - located in rear of vehicle engine bay.

Gas fuel up point is on front passenger side fender area.

Water fuel up located behind Jerry can near Radiator location.

Special Thanks -
@CrushingSkirmish for helping me by fixing up my model for game use. Be sure to check out his Mods here:

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please check us out @ Https:/WorldWarGaming.Net - OR just Search for our server using WorldWarGaming to find us.

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SixxGunZ  [author] Oct 15 @ 6:00pm 
@MaximusQuantum - there is a link to my discord - i am in voice chat.
MaximusQuantum Oct 15 @ 5:58pm 
Vehicle not spawning on my server, can I get some help? Please!
VladislavFaddeevich Oct 15 @ 2:02am 
Can I pack this mod into my mod?
Shaun Oct 14 @ 1:57pm 
That's a fair point, one I didn't think about. I'm still happy with it. :)
SeeksNothing Oct 13 @ 11:28am 
Love the vehicle, but would be great to have improved 3PP hit boxes for interactions:
- fuel (nearly impossible to refuel unless standing on vehicle looking at fuelcap)
- getting in seats (really hard to get hit box for driver and front passenger)
Great little vehicle though. Thank you!
spazmatt527 Oct 13 @ 9:57am 
I like the long gear changes. It does a great good job of simulating shifting gears with no synchros on an old vehicle.
SixxGunZ  [author] Oct 13 @ 9:26am 
The vehicle was made to somewhat mimic its real world counterpart. Not 100% like the original however, yet this still is not a power house vehicle. Yes, you will need to downshift and yes, you will still be able to climb hills. I am sorry that it does not suit your needs, however this was also not made for any single person in mind. The Kubelwagen stays as is @Shaun
Shaun Oct 13 @ 8:49am 
Great vehicle. One small complaint I have is it takes too long for this var to change gears, compared to other vehicles so you loose RPM, especially up a hill. Could this be changed to be quicker?
SeeksNothing Oct 12 @ 10:31am 
@SixxGunZ - works great, thanks for the tips. Great little vehicle!
SeeksNothing Oct 9 @ 4:30pm 
@SixxGunZ - thanks. This is awesome feedback, and I'll be testing on our server again, because this vehicle is awesome. Really appreciate your indepth feedback and pictures to help us narrow down the issue.