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Experimental 'Balanced' 4-4-0
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Experimental 'Balanced' 4-4-0

** Fictional Locomotive

I hereby present a design for a locomotive such that eliminates the horizontal and vertical oscillation of the reciprocating engine. Many attempts have been made in the past to eliminate the ‘Hammer Blow’ effect on the rails by incorporating the use of balance weights on the wheels of the locomotive. I believe that a four cylinder layout on a locomotive incorporating diametric drive will resolve the issue. The action of each piston in the cylinder will be counteracted by the force of the opposing piston on the same side of the locomotive, and the net oscillation will be zero. A further plus to this is the gain of more accelerative torque from the locomotive, as more weight will be present on the drivers by placement of further motion on the wheels. It is worthy to note that any power gained by including the four cylinder layout over a two cylinder layout will be severely hampered by the diameter of the cylinder. Two 7” cylinders will be equal to one 14” cylinder. It is worth noting however, that higher pressure steam can be used in smaller cylinder sizes, the downside to this however is that the balance engine will require both cylinders to be evenly sized and pressurised to assure a net zero oscillation along the axis.

Or, in other words...

This engine was designed by myself to eliminate the rocking motion of conventional puffers. This actually went though a design process that was very similar to locomotives of the 1870s in the UK. I even drew plans out on paper and everything (I have a problem).

This loco comes in two flavours, prototype and production.

In this period, a loco manufacturer would often make a prototype of the locomotive painted in Works Grey to best show off the engine to potential buyers, and when an order came in, would produce the engine.

I have also done this... And also tried to mimic how the engine was advertised. If fictional engines aren't your bag, then that's fine.

But it NEARLY DID exist... look at the last two images above. These are two similar designs that really did exist to the same idea.

Here's a lengthy document I wrote about my fictional engine, if you want to read it:

And here's a bit of info about 'balanced' locomotives:
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n.chiri Oct 11 @ 7:13am 
Late reply to @power man but that's just the TpF camera tool being broken. When you use the camera tool (from the debug mode) sometimes it cannot render certain mountains in the distance, leaving everything on top of them (trees, rocks, etc) looking like they float in the air. Hopefully TpF2 will be better in this aspect.
power man Oct 1 @ 8:54am 
can i warn you steve?, you have a bad case of flying trees in your screenshots, just some advice so your game isn't broken
ALMC Warden (on fathers PC) Sep 28 @ 6:11am 
In fact the railways of the (Kollaborative Federalist Republic) or KFR for short may use this sort of locomotive (With Payment going to the manufacturer of this locomotive (Please note the KFR is a bit of a backwards Country technology wise (we have computers but we still use steam in prefrence to Diesel (also With my Lore for the KFR it is Communist in the modern era but is quite self sufficent aside from oil which is why it uses steam in prefrence to diesel traction (we do have a few electric traction lines but not too many mostly only suburban lines the City to City lines are unelectrified as well as the interurban lines (also yes I am roleplaying with this comment)
ALMC Warden (on fathers PC) Sep 28 @ 6:01am 
@Wow okay I exeedingly like the document of the locomotive (Though I presume maintiance will be high (because of the two sets of valve gear along with the mechanical components between each gear and the regulator)
ALMC Warden (on fathers PC) Sep 28 @ 5:57am 
@SteveM4 I wouldn't say you have a problem (Infact dare I say its refreshing to see a fictional locomotive having such a history in the discription) also is it safe to assume that the stats are in the google document?
SteveM4  [author] Sep 28 @ 1:44am 
It should appear as in my screenshots. If not it's a graphics settling you have.
Dourbracken Sep 27 @ 8:53pm 
Love the locomotive, but the fluorescent white smoke is a little off-putting. Is this normal?
🌸AZZA_Chan🌸 Sep 27 @ 4:53am 
@Griviues there's many British rolling stock missing which i think need to be represented more. I just hope SR get the recognition they deserve.
Griviues Sep 27 @ 1:26am 
I like the concept, Steven. Actually never considered the problem of the rocking motion until now - so I've learned something new.

I appreciate that you take time on these and use some creativity to bolster the UK rolling stock. I'm not opposed to fictional locos when they 'make sense' and fit in with others, which this one does. I'll be using this (and all other UK engines of yours) in my new 1850 Liverpool playthrough.

I've been wondering, since you have made the BR 'Fell' Mechanical Diesel - would you consider making more? There really isn't many early UK diesels at all for Transport Fever and it'd make me enormously happy if you could consider making the British Rail Class 42 "Warship" or its look-alike North British Type 2 (British Railways Class 21) or any of the UK Diesels from late 1950s onwards.

I could provide you with sound recordings of a few of them from Train Simulator.
bilal1471999 Sep 27 @ 1:05am 
I love the black and white livery.