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RWBY: Combat Ready & JNPR Backed
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Sep 26, 2019 @ 6:46pm
Jan 27 @ 7:59pm
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RWBY: Combat Ready & JNPR Backed

Special thanks to MisterMetroid & Charrois: The table uploaded by them was used as a starting point.

Additional assets used in this package were sourced from other properties created by Rooster Teeth or made by myself.
RWBY: Combat Ready is a co-operative board game where up to 6 players work together to tell their own RWBY story! Face off against villains major and minor, and slay monstrous Grimm! Players can team up to make their own colourful team from series heroines: Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, and Penny; or mix it up and have one player take control of the villain!

Each character's actions are represented in their personalized deck, which can be further customized as the game continues. Characters also have their Semblance ability to change up play!

Players can play one-off battles with a variety of rules and objectives, or string a series of battles together into a longer-running campaign. This is your story, how are you going to tell it?
What's New?
• Additional Kickstarter material (Everything from the game is here now)
• New board design
• Player boards and quick reference cards for game mechanics
• Villain Stat boards, reference cards, and standees
• Decorations! So many decorations!

New ruleset: JNPR Rushes In!
This is a modification that I made for my own copy of the game. The intention is to keep players involved who would otherwise be out of the game. Hope you like it.

Halloween Update:
New Villain PennyWeiss. More info in the change notes.

Shopkeep Update:
New objective added. More info in the change notes.

Homebrewed Content Updated:
New player decks added. More info in the change notes.

Homebrewed Content Updated:
New Villain added and some other stuff.
More info in the change notes.

Miniature update:
Most characters now have alternate forms, more info in the change notes.

1 Year Update:
Introducing Tier 5 abilities, More info in the change notes.

October 2021: New Contributor
Homebrew Content Updated
More info in the change notes.

December 2022: JNPR Expansion has been added
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KidWithTheBow Feb 27 @ 12:39pm 
Is there a discord for this? Looking for both games and to see if people have made their own campaigns using the homebrew villains
Likkyzero Feb 8 @ 4:40am 
oh i love seeing homebrew stuff its just nice to know what is what is not, maybe you can add [homebrew] to the ones that are even if there is very little core to go off
scorpiusoka7  [author] Feb 7 @ 9:02pm 
This actually started with homebrew content from the get go and grew over the years.
It's all mixed in together at this point. The base game is in there with erratas built in and all the expansion content.
If you load up the board Charrois made that'll show you the base set. I think there is another one that just had the mid-boss content as well.

If you check out the change notes I tried to keep track of content as it was added so I hope that helps!
Likkyzero Feb 7 @ 1:24pm 
or is everything else homebrew?
Likkyzero Feb 7 @ 1:21pm 
is the homebrew seperate or just mixed in with the normal stuff cause i cant tell whats homebrew or not
scorpiusoka7  [author] Jan 13 @ 5:01pm
^ that is one that I am in.
United Weeb Nation Dec 24, 2022 @ 2:37pm 
out of curiosity, is there a discord for this so players can meet and play?
scorpiusoka7  [author] Dec 1, 2022 @ 10:05pm 
Thank you for catching that! Should be fixed now.
flashboy284 Dec 1, 2022 @ 12:42pm 
The new expansion looks super cool! I did notice though that when you use the alt key to zoom in on Ren's upgraded cards, they are sideways. Not a huge issue but just something I noticed.
scorpiusoka7  [author] Nov 30, 2022 @ 11:51pm 
Tis updated, check out the change notes or the little mage on the board to see what's new