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Companions and Followers
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Sep 25, 2019 @ 10:03am
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Companions and Followers

Adds 12 unique followers (adventurers?) to Skyrim, each with their own specializations and themes. Instead of sticking them in a corner, they travel randomly to multiple locations across Skyrim, attacking bandit camps and forts, resting at empty locations and friendly shacks and relaxing at Inns and Cities. Great filler characters even if you don't want followers.

=====Follower Loactions=====

Alana: Ivarstead Inn on Sundays.
Ashe : Riverwood Inn on Mondays.
Coda: Rorickstead Inn on Tuesdays.
Devesha: Dragon Bridge Inn on Wednesdays.
Elsif: Mothal Inn on Thursdays.
Haj-Meer: Falkreath Inn/Bar Fridays.
Keiko: Camp atop Abandoned Watchtower north of Falkreath, everyday.
Leona : Drunken Huntsman on Saturdays.
Mira:Temple of Mara on Sundays.
Mulgrom: MorKhazgur on Mondays.
Sheena: Riften Ratway, Ragged Flagon on Tuesdays.
Shyvana : Winterhold College, Hall of Countenance, first floor on Wednesdays.

=====Follower Specializations=====

Alana: Female Reduard, Fire Mage and Conjurer, Light Armor User.
Ashe : Female Imperial, Archer, Light Armor User.
Coda: Male Nord, Tank, Heavy Armor User.
Devesha: Female Imperial, Conjured Weapons Master, Light Armor User.
Elsif: Female DarkElf, Frost Mage and Conjurer, Light Armor User.
Haj-Meer: Male Argonian, Uses Fists, Damage Scales with Heavy Armor and Gauntlets.
Keiko: Male Kajiit, Two Handed Warrior, Heavy Armor User.
Leona : Female Nord, Two Handed Warrior, Heavy Armor User.
Mira: Female Breton, Paladin Archetype, Can cast weak healing spells on self and turn undead. Heavy Armor User.
Mulgrom: Adaptive. Versed in all forms of Weapons and Armor but not the best. Prefers Dual Wielding axes.
Sheena: Female Imperial, Dual Weapon User, Light Armor User.
Shyvana : Female Nord, Lightning Mage and Conjurer. Light Armor User.
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Hyena Friendol Apr 4 @ 8:45pm 
Keiko like the weird Japanese version of a COBRA ANIMAL SOLDIER!
Not cool dude not cool.
sparksie Mar 9 @ 3:27am 
I just met Alana at the start of this run, and she is absolutely DESTROYING enemies, one-shotting with a heavy lightning spell. It's pretty funny honestly :P

She also has this weird crackling sound coming from her after combat. Maybe an aura or something? But I've never heard it in the game before.

Is this normal? Do the followers normally scale to level, or should I wait until later in the game to bring one along?
RAKU Feb 26 @ 5:08am 
Wow very nice mod. Keiko the best!
Tiberus Augustus Jan 26 @ 10:31am 
can you marry them?
Shadow Jan 18 @ 4:05am 
Daedra1997 I was thinking the same too
daedra1997 Dec 28, 2019 @ 7:51am 
are they marriable ?
ColdStar Dec 11, 2019 @ 4:11pm 
2 much league of legends
ashe shyvana leona haha
but cool <3 +1 :D
saralin Nov 20, 2019 @ 2:34pm 
olemantrucker Nov 16, 2019 @ 3:12pm 
yes but it is nice to have a mod every once in a while that will work with original game that does not require 15+ other mods just to work
Koda  [author] Nov 16, 2019 @ 1:56am 
I should clarify, the Ancient Nord Armor Bethesda made doesn't have calves. Keiko wears the default set, this mod does not include any unique assets besides their faces.