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The Dragon Order, And Order Of Mil
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Oct 19, 2013 @ 3:58am
Nov 3, 2013 @ 3:53am
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The Dragon Order, And Order Of Mil

Not working on the mod anymore.

This mods need no DLC

Adds to the game:

All Races for the Dragon Order is vampires. And most of the new Npc, is greater than the rest of skyrims races.

Adds new NPC, an new faction The Dragon Order.
Scout wandere Skyrim.
HQ at Dragonreach.
5 New Unique followers.
5 Soldier. Npc. Heavy 2H, Heavy Shield, Duel Fighter, Ranger and scout.
5 Commanders. There match the soldiers, just higher lvl and items.

The dragon Order King at his throne at dragonreach. He have well known equiment from skyrim, but i have make some change for his armor and weapons, so its better and weights more.

A Merchant, Sarus The Tracker, and she sells pretty much all spells, Some daedric weapons, Dragonbone, and Dragonscale armor, all kind of soul gems, and some daedric heaths. You can sell her items, But by some reason she wont give money back

1 new Unique Npc, Miller The Unique, he wandere around skyrim so he can be pretty hard to find, and if you choice to fight he is very hardcore, so be a high Lvl and get som followers to help you. He have well known equiment from skyrim, but i have make some change for his armor and weapons, so its better and weights more. I have give he some voice arc myself, not so as good as i wanted to and the dialogue not as well, but it was to try it out.

All The new Npc, can shout. The Npc with more Shouts is in this order, 5.Followers, 4.Commanders, 3.Sarus The Tracker, 2.Dragon King Darwul The Half Giant, and 1. Miller The Unique is the strongest and with most shouts.

Update 1.1, adds :

Sarus The Tracker now sell items, and can buy as well.
Miller The Unique no longer walk around skyrim but spends his time i whiterun with his something, Mile The one, she is a merchant and not as strong as Miller.
An small army of The Dragon Order Have been added. The army is at the labyrinthian, and there is a merchant as well.
New Faction: Members: Miller The Unique, Mile The One, Miller's Cats (there is some of the cats in in riverwood). (this may be the enermy or rival order to The Dragon Order).

Update 1.2 adds :
The Dragon Army is greater and stronger, but still in the labyrinthian.
New Npc, The Dragon General. (With the army)
In each Capital hold their is a small unit of Dragon soliders, and one commander.
New Patrols through skyrim.
The Npc i have added already, have been upgraded so they level up with you and some have even higher level than before updates.
Mille The One, she sells some unique Weapons and armor (Or some of the rare items through the game, but as a normal weapom or armor)

Update 1.3 adds:
The Dragon King turn dark when you attack him, Miller The Unique glows.
New Faction (Rival faction to The dragon order) updated: Order Of Mil: Leader/King, Miller The Unique.
Order Of mil add new soldiers: Mil Heavy Archer, Mil Heavy Duelist, Mil Heavy, Mil Loyal Guard and Mil elite Guard.
There is a demo(small army) of this soldiers at high hrotgar courtyard.

Not Made, but have in mind to add to the game:

A Castle to the Dragon Order, so they have a real HQ.
Some Outpost for the order.
Trainers for the dragon order.
A Great Arena to prove their skills.
Some Quests.
Some more and better voice arcting.
An Npc Who sells, followers: Ancient Tiger, Soldiers of the Dragon Order, Giants, Followers of miller.
Maybe some Unique (custom) Armor and Weapons.
Ai Packages there work better.
Unique Followers after killed Alduin (maybe, and they may be found in sovengaard)
A Hq or some outpost for, The Order of Mill. The rival order of the dragon order.

Short history about the mod. ( not completly lore friendly)

The Dragon Order.

Back in the ancient time of the dragons, when the dragon rule all om tamriel. There was blood brother of Alduin who seeked the power as the world eater himself or as a sole ruler of Tamriel and the dragons. He had made a secret order of humanoid races of tamriel. He teached his servants in the way of the voice, he recruited leaders and veterans to his army. With his army he lead in secret ''black ops'' to destroy the other dragons he saw as a opponent. He led his army collect the bones and they figure out to build dragon armor. Through time they became more and more powerfull. But Alduin discoverd this betrayel and challenge his blood brother. The brother knew he was not challenge for Alduin so he accepted his fate and surrended. Because of this the order get upset and wanted to have revenge, the fell betrayed by their dragon leader. So the order started uponly seekout war with the dragons and collected more and more trophies and vollunters to the order. Then when the fight had goon on for serevel years the leaders of the order wanted revenge for the betrayel by their formor master. So one of the leaders and the greastest of the order challenge the blood brother in a single fight.. After a long and struggle some fight he had slaid the blood brother, he took the blood brother's head. Claimed control of the order, and named it: The Dragon Order. Because of the order was made by a dragon and ended by one. With the head of the blood brother the leader appointed himself to king. The dragon King. With the bones of the blood brother he made a unique set of armor for himself and a dragon crown, which gave him mystical dark powers. From that day on he was known as: Dragon King Darwul The Half Giant. He appointed the strongest and most loyal of he army to general, Commander and captain. But shortly after The Dragon Order start to evolve fast, Alduin could not let this happen. He feared the threat ot The Dragon Order. So by unknown methods he got The Dragon Order banished for Tamriel.. The Dragon Order had vanished from Tamriel. All of their existence gone, the only thing left back. Was the construction of the dragon armor. And the second Dragon Crown ( which soon after the high kings were lost).

But suddenly a day, The Dragon Order was back in great and powerfull numbers. They started to patrol Skyrim, made a deal with the Jarl so they could have a HQ at Whiterun for awhile. And the army started to grown at the Labyrianth. Many would think The Dragon Order would have died because of all those years, but shortly Tamriel realize the order had survived because after their banish the had been offer a deal by Molag Bal who offer them to became vampires to survive. There was a secret about the deal no one known about beside Darwul, but it was not small deal. Darwul have to do some cruelsome to let him keep his power. But even when the people of Tamriel know this, The Dragon Order protect the people against dragons so the don't care or they dont say so.

Short about persons:

Dragon King Darwul The Half Giant:
His is the leader of the Dragon Order and the half brothers of Miller the Unique. He have a sister who he made Commander and two small giant brothers he made personal bodyguards. Darwul was son of a Male Nord and Female Giant. He grew up with his brothers but already at young age he had powerfull and speciel abilities. He liked to use. Through time he got a lot of reknown and became a part of the order. Which he became leader of.
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Tropical Jun 5, 2016 @ 12:24pm 
so lost rn
DJ Artyom May 13, 2015 @ 2:47pm 
the mod isn't working it won't active the dialogue
MTech Sep 27, 2014 @ 10:12am 
easy to buy dragonarmor instead of making it ;)
MTech Sep 26, 2014 @ 5:42am 
so you are new to modding?.. seeing thing mod i think you are a hardcore modder :P
downonthefarm2002 Sep 11, 2014 @ 2:45pm 
This mod is pretty sweet but where do I find SarusThe Tracker?
Olyashi  [author] Jul 20, 2014 @ 12:20pm 
It was something like that have i mind (and some other things), but i take the feedback.. Thanks :)
WordsAsWeapons Jul 17, 2014 @ 4:57pm 
Pretty cool, with lots of potential. I would recommend making the backstory something more like "The reason The Dragon Order and their Dragon Army were able to survive is only because of The Dragon Crown, crafted of Alduin's blood-brother's skull. By wearing the crown, The Dragon King was connected to Alduin, and The Dragon Army was connected by wearing dragonbone armor. This forced them into the time-tear when the ancient heros used the Elder Scroll to force Alduin and his dragons forward in time, bringing them to the present." You dont have to use it word for word, or even the idea at all, but it would sort of connect it to alduin more, and, in a way, tie it in with the lore. everyone loves (sorta) lore friendly mods.
Olyashi  [author] Jun 10, 2014 @ 1:52pm 
I have to admit i have stopped work on this mod for the moment.. I may not start again so people is welcome to try it out :) I will update the backstory little by little if people is interested.
The Last Dragon Jun 7, 2014 @ 8:32am 
when will the last update be done
michiel.lanssens Apr 26, 2014 @ 8:34am 
please keep working on this mod