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Stockpile & Ingredient Filters
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Stockpile & Ingredient Filters

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quality of life / vanilla tweaks
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Filter things by base or current stat (more later).

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Custom Thing Filters
Stockpile filters.
Your most potent medicine; your most deadly arsenal!
Clear inflammables from the fire path!
Send ugly sculptures to the trade beacon.

Ingredient filters.
Fast deterioration? Use those first.
Smelt weapons too cheap to sell!

Product count filters.
Sculpture not pretty enough? Make another!

Base stats are precomputed per ThingDef on load.

Fix vanilla filtered product stack counts.
Fixes a vanilla bug(?) where stack counts are ignored as soon as a product count filter (e.g. hitpoints, quality) is applied in the "Do until X" section of a bill. Enabling requires restart.

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Boring details about me.
I often make things for myself, but stop short of sharing them with the world. When coding I have passion to fuel me, but when finished it's gone.

I always want to share my creations back with the communities whom I have benefited so much from in the way of their creations, but it pains me that it takes more than snapping my fingers.

Instead I endure the minor tediums I have always struggled motivationally with: the descriptions, explanations, settings, code repositories, websites, blog posts, uploads, screenshots, and community sharing.

Suddenly a mind-numbing office job, I think of how I could be working on that thrilling next project instead... if I only let this one sit, finished for me, but no one else. And for years I've done exactly that with dozens of projects: let them sit.

But here I'm not just coding, I'm publishing some RimWorld mods that I make for myself; because this is such a lovely community I'm hoping when I read, "We like your things too!" it'll be just enough encourangement to push through that tedium, and publish each and every one of those other projects I've spent years on. :)

So thank you.
- Christopher Galpin (CodeOptimist)[codeoptimism.com]
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Rampart Oct 11 @ 11:41am 
Stupid thing won't let me edit the post. Maybe do the "max upper limit" field in the Mod settings, but also maybe set the max value of things like mass to be like 5% larger than the most massive thing specified in the defs? Market value would be harder since it's dependent on things like ingredient value but setting the max upper end to be best quality * best material * most expensive item could get close. That said I've seen some stupidly expensive items in a modded game so might make it worse.
Also, if you don't want to mess with mod settings, have stats with large ranges listed more than once, so there's an entry for mass max 100, mass max 1000, mass max 10000, etc.
I really wish I had the spare time to contribute to your Git, I wouldn't mind coding something for fun for a change.
Rampart Oct 11 @ 11:32am 
@codeoptimist KSP and Oxygen not Included both added a nice feature pretty late in their development to allow users to switch between slider input and numeric input. Maybe Tynan could be convinced for a small feature improvement :D

In the meantime, maybe a field in the Mod Settings to enter an upper limit for some stats? That's the only way I could see to do it with the current UI.
codeoptimist  [author] Oct 11 @ 11:16am 
@Rampart You're correct. It annoys me too. I have some thoughts for an alternative design, or maybe just holding down e.g. shift or ctrl for finer adjustments. I will work on something. :)
Rampart Oct 11 @ 8:52am 
This is a great mod, the only issue I have is that a few categories (mass and market value for example), the sliders have such a high upper end for the range that you can't get the slider to produce the value you want because the resolution just isn't good enough. Either that or there's an option to enter in a numerical value and I completely missed it.
codeoptimist  [author] Sep 30 @ 12:46am 
@Quantum many hs theory, I do not know. But since these filters are added in the same manner as the vanilla "hit points" and "quality" filters, I give it a... yes? maybe? ;)
Mistletoe The Bard Sep 27 @ 10:17pm 
@DarksageX using beauty as a determine value actually sounds good, when you are training an artist/constructor and just wanna dumb all their early years creation away.
李岑 Sep 27 @ 4:18am 
It would be nice to have a "quantity" storage function.
xDarkSagex Sep 25 @ 1:19pm 
Good scenario or what i plan to use it for, once i get set up I wanna make an armory but only want my high dmg melee weapons or armor to be stored, gladius with >9dmg, or I use hospitality which lets me zone an area they can shop in and i might stock statues with under 200 beauty that i wont use and want to sell
Quantum many hs theory Sep 25 @ 12:37am 
Is it compatible with massive storage and container mods?
codeoptimist  [author] Sep 24 @ 9:20pm 
☺ description/photos pretty terrible atm, will eventually put really useful scenarios (possibly from others, lol)