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Rendering Multiple Maps in a single project file
By RUi
Want to know how to render your movie in a single project file ? This is actually possible to do, read on !
This guide teaches you on how to render your video in only one project file with some simple steps.
Hope this can help you in your future projects.

Warning: This guide involves fiddling the element viewer, therefore I take no responsibility on anything dodgy happened to your project files. I suggest making backups if you want to try this out.

If you're OK with that, read on.
Setting up
Just do the usual thing. Setting up includes placing models, cameras, animate, and so on.
Then blade your shot and load a different map that you are going to use, and set up from there.
Element Viewer
Take my project as an example.

Right click shot1 on clip editor, which is in the cp_dustbowl map and click Show in Element Viewer, and find mapname and click the (...) to specify a map you want the shot to be.
Do the same on shot2 but this time, choose black_void because that's the map I want to use.

Right click any shot to Show in Element Viewer, and click the Up button 3 times until you see 'session', look for mapname and empty the text inside the textbox

If you did everything right, when you scrub your playhead around, you may see red text that says WRONG MAP LOADED.
That's basically it, now you can proceed on rendering your video as per normal.

Note: I recommend rendering without audio and render the audio only afterwards, rendering altogether makes the sound lag. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Final Result
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Oshul Jul 25, 2015 @ 12:38am 
all in a days work XD thanks ill go try it :)
SFM Oct 21, 2013 @ 11:49am 
Is it supposed to show the correct maps in the rendering screen?