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Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition
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Dec 13 @ 5:43am
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Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition

Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition is a fork of the original Combat Extended mod, with integrated support for more third-party mods and a more frequent update cycle.

This is a Steam Workshop mirror, uploaded on behalf of Athena Sulis Minerva (who maintains the main GitHub repo)

  • Same core features as the original mod - shooting, melee, armor, inventory and medical overhauls
  • Fully compatible with existing CE savegames - delete CE completely, drop in CE:FT and go!
  • 112 supported third-party mods (compared with 78 for CE)
  • Recognizes existing third-party standalone patches intended for the original CE
  • Additional ammo and projectile definitions and textures
  • New Graphic_StackCountRanged class for precise control of item subgraphics based on stack count

Table of Compatible Mods[github.com]

  • We welcome patches for any and all third-party mods!
  • You can either submit a pull request or raise an issue on our GitHub repo to ask one of our regular contributors for help
  • Our contributors will do our best to help optimize your patches and resolve any cross-compatibility issues
  • If you are looking to add new ammo and projectiles, our resident artist will do any required textures in the official CE art style for free; again, just raise an issue and we can discuss your requirements from there

  • CE:FT will be constantly updated to keep up with any new features, bugfixes and tweaks from the upstream CE project
  • Each release will have the same version/tag number as the corresponding CE update, plus a FT-specific suffix (e.g. v1.0.1.5-FT-003 = base CE version v1.0.1.5 + FastTrack patch #3)

The CE:FT team would like the thank the following individuals for contributing compatibility patches to this repository:
  • Kik0hi
  • Freedom187/RaptorX
  • Owlchemist
  • skycrossercat
  • Theblessedwant
  • Togoasl

Combat Extended: FastTrack Edition is maintained by the CE FastTrack Team, and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

This is the same license as the original Combat Extended mod developed by the original CE Team.

  • Main repo[github.com]
  • Issue tracker[github.com] - post your questions and patch requests here, as Steam comments will not be actively monitored
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1 hour ago
PINNED: Please submit issues and patch requests on GitHub, not Steam Workshop
Dec 6 @ 4:10pm
PINNED: Common problems
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Now it says there has been a detour detected (a incompatibility) and it has been disabled. I can still buy and use all The Ghost weapons fine also all the items are working but I can only buy them so far, not build them myself, also some tables are not showing up, only under godmode
For some reasons I am not able to build any weapons from "The Ghosts" or grenade launchers, which makes it almost impossible to fight mechanoids or bigger raids. I did not find a compability patch for it so far, I guess it is that mod, since those are the only weapons I cant build.Any suggestions? Removing it will break my colony...as always
sumghai  [author] Dec 13 @ 5:57am 
Updated to v1.0.1.8-FT-012 - See the Change Notes for details
Pistrie Dec 13 @ 12:57am 
FINALLY! I love CE but it's such a nightmare to mod with
Dad Dec 12 @ 1:46pm 
I know the mod says that it has built-in patches for Alpha Animals, but that just isn't the case for 1.6 - Black-Hive ranged attacks are consistently doing 216 bruise damage to my colonists, meaning there is a CE patching issue...
00110110 00110110 00110110 Dec 11 @ 6:11pm 
i think there is a problem cause i cant craft any ammo except nato
skycrossercat Dec 7 @ 10:31pm 
@Bdole Maybe you should describe it more detailed on github cause the slow and extremely high shell traveling curve is the original CE feature. Also, CE reduce the time between shots fired to present the shell barrage in real life.
megabot Dec 7 @ 3:18am 
@sumghai ah,i see. thank you. i didn't know that it was this complicated(such as the searching, and with the "democratic" states exagarating)

Bdole Dec 6 @ 5:52pm 
New weird issue, mortar shells travel incredibly slowly. I got a half dozen shells in the air before the first one hit its target, which super doesn't feel right. I don't have any other mortar-specific mods running, is this a known issue?