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Blinx The Timesweeper - Blinx Playermodel
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Sep 15, 2019 @ 1:56am
Mar 19 @ 5:00pm
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Blinx The Timesweeper - Blinx Playermodel

Here's Blinx the cat from "Blinx The Time Sweeper"
pretty self-explainitory.

Blinx comes with:
-A Ragdoll.
-A Playermodel.
-A Viewmodel.
-Proportions to scale him down.

Left 4 Dead 2 Version (Ellis)

The map is Site-19 by Yeebo & Kammorne.

The Model was made by CrashinAbox (Aksu on Discord)[]

My discord plug.[]
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Sep 15, 2019 @ 9:53am
< >
h Jan 31 @ 3:37pm 
i wish those halo fans didn't ruin it
jackman757 Aug 5, 2020 @ 2:51pm 
oh nice
iMP Blinx Apr 22, 2020 @ 8:03pm 
Now to have Blinx hold a MA5B Assault Rifle...A Blinx and Halo crossover because uhh...b-b because shut up don't take this away from me
iMP Blinx Apr 22, 2020 @ 8:01pm 
Foof  [author] Apr 7, 2020 @ 4:43pm 
I finally got around to adding that npc, sorry for the delay. i am incredibly lazy.

Anyways you can find him in Humans + Resistance.
iMP Blinx Feb 2, 2020 @ 10:09pm 
I put the Blinx model on a NPC...I'm gonna have Nightmares for years, though seeing Blinx T-pose with Dominance is godly.
Foof  [author] Feb 2, 2020 @ 7:04pm 
i plan on having a citizen npc which also comes with a spawn icon, i've just been procrastinating recently, that plus i want to update it so that it uses a different model.
iMP Blinx Feb 2, 2020 @ 4:58pm 
I've got to ask will there be a Blinx NPC? Or a Timesweeper weapon addon?
Colonel $ly Banj♂ Oct 2, 2019 @ 2:43pm 
The best Time controlling Cat Ever. Should be given another chance!
Kizuato Sep 23, 2019 @ 5:59am 
God I miss that game so much, I remembered playing this when I was a wee little kid.