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CodeOptimist's Assorted Alterations
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Sep 12 @ 3:32pm
Oct 8 @ 3:11pm
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CodeOptimist's Assorted Alterations

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quality of life / vanilla tweaks
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Vanilla quality of life improvements; patches of popular mods.

Please rate this mod if you enjoy it (or if you don't), the first few make a big difference!
Try my others: Assorted Alterations, Stockpile & Ingredient Filters, Resource Tracker (Ship Progress).

Assorted Alterations
Deny distant material supply jobs.
Dry those tears, builders will no longer traverse the entire map for a single component per heater.
Won't supply directly from a resource if hauling it to storage would bring it closer to the given blueprint.
(Recommended with Mehni's Pick Up And Haul as only haul jobs utilize inventory.)

Settlement restock indicator.
Restock countdown for each settlement on world map (appears after trade).

Default ingredient search radius.
One less thing to do every, single, time.
New bills will be created with this radius.

Pause on "beginning their assault".
When a staged attack actually commences, not just appears.

Shift+scroll cycle area restrictions.
Shift + scroll wheel on area restrictions will cycle them for all listed pawns (colonist or animal).
Also recommended: VouLT's Better Pawn Control for policies.

Butcher small creatures.
Conserve freezer space with a <= 75 meat yielding creature recipe.

Meat-counting butcher recipes.
Make just what you need; automate your longpig clothing line!
Different recipes to count various combinations of animal, human, and insect.

Separate cannibal and insect meals to avoid ingredient mixing.
Never again suffer through a single meal contaminating entire stacks.
Feed your favorite brute just what she likes!
Insects to breed and prisoners to feed!

Supports non-vanilla insectoid and humanlike.
Disallowed in starting food restrictions by default.

To preserve balance these extra meal types have:
* Disabled generation (e.g. resource pod drop, map prisoner cell spawn).
* Disabled buying (trade stock generation).
* Disabled scatter on map generation.

Patch Better Pawn Control for newborns.
Hatched and birthed animals will inherit the entire restriction policy of their parent.

Patch Quality Builder to preserve forbidden.
Patches a bug in Hatti's Quality Builder where the quality designation overwrites forbidden on game load.

A heartfelt thanks for addressing these problems initially:
* Rock5's Butchers Can Count Meat
* Tremeloe's Cook Cannibal Meal (IndividualStack)

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Tired of updating your descriptions in 4 places? Steam, About.xml, UpdateNews.xml (HugsLib), Settings.xml (tooltips). Try my mod description tool.[github.com] (Or not, because it's super Alpha.)

Boring details about me.
I often make things for myself, but stop short of sharing them with the world. When coding I have passion to fuel me, but when finished it's gone.

I always want to share my creations back with the communities whom I have benefited so much from in the way of their creations, but it pains me that it takes more than snapping my fingers.

Instead I endure the minor tediums I have always struggled motivationally with: the descriptions, explanations, settings, code repositories, websites, blog posts, uploads, screenshots, and community sharing.

Suddenly a mind-numbing office job, I think of how I could be working on that thrilling next project instead... if I only let this one sit, finished for me, but no one else. And for years I've done exactly that with dozens of projects: let them sit.

But here I'm not just coding, I'm publishing some RimWorld mods that I make for myself; because this is such a lovely community I'm hoping when I read, "We like your things too!" it'll be just enough encourangement to push through that tedium, and publish each and every one of those other projects I've spent years on. :)

So thank you.
- Christopher Galpin (CodeOptimist)[codeoptimism.com]
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Mistletoe The Bard Oct 14 @ 9:34pm 
@codeoptimist Thank you!
codeoptimist  [author] Oct 14 @ 9:13pm 
"When I open the detail on mod stove's simple/larvish/fine/package meal bill I cannot choose human meat nor insect meat from the list"

Oh you're right. It does do that. And that WOULD be a problem with mods. I'll fix that to be more mod friendly.
Mistletoe The Bard Oct 14 @ 7:14pm 
I just went and disable this mod, and human meat was back on the menu again with the mod's stove.
Mistletoe The Bard Oct 14 @ 6:17pm 
(CONTINUED) Compared to that problem, electric butcher table from vanilla furniture expansion(production) not having the custom recipes aren't really a big deal.

There are also a possibility that my modded stove never allowed human meat being cooked, since I never used that mod before without your mod, and it might as well not be your mod's problem, but rather the stove mod being designed originally this way. I haven't ran that stove mod alone and test about this(sorry on this part, didn't really play rimworld these days). However, I highly doubt that would be the case, since I don't see why would any mod author design their custom stove this way.
Mistletoe The Bard Oct 14 @ 6:12pm 
@Codeoptimist I am not a coder, so I am not very sure what you meant by that seems difficult to solve, and not terribly difficult to do at the same time. :p
As for now, the biggest issue here isn't the stove(s) from mod(s) not having the custom recipes from your mod.
The biggest issue is that the "Normal-everyone-can-eat-with-no-mood-penalty-simple-meal recipes" from your list, seems to overwrite the option of "Simple Meal recipes" on the Mod(s) stove(s). I am not certain if this is always the case, but that's what happened with that steam geyser cooking station mod I used.

What I meant by that is: When I open the detail on mod stove's simple/larvish/fine/package meal bill I cannot choose human meat nor insect meat from the list, which is a bit problematic when I have a bunch of human meat just on the ground and I have to eat them raw.
codeoptimist  [author] Oct 14 @ 10:02am 
@Mistletoe Yeah that seems difficult to solve unless I make this mod search for workbenches where the vanilla recipes are and ask the user if they'd like to apply the recipes from this mod to those workbenches as well.

Which would be kind of nice.

And not terribly difficult to do.

And I could re-use the same menu for selecting a group of buildings in Resource Goal Tracker.

I also have needed improvements for Custom Thing Filters. I think when I next go on a RimWorld coding spree I will tackle these things.
Mistletoe The Bard Oct 8 @ 5:44am 
The meal receipt doesn't seems to show up correctly on modded stove/butcher table. The electric butcher table from Vanilla Furniture Expanded (Production) gone back to vanilla bills. I also tried a mod call "Geyser Cooking Station" and i think it only create a simple meal bill without insect and human meat.
Mistletoe The Bard Sep 27 @ 10:13pm 
Love that new features!
@Haezog Me, either. Especially with an issue that huge. We were just out of options to try. Did deleting the scenario works for you as well?
codeoptimist  [author] Sep 27 @ 7:53pm 
@Ibmaian I really should. I'm thinking about writing a Python program that automatically synchronizes Steam description, About.xml, HugsLib update news, and setting descriptions... because it's kind of ridiculous; and having to convert between different formatting here vs. in the XML with bold, etc. I'll either cave and update this or cave and write said Python program. lol
lbmaian Sep 27 @ 7:18pm 
BTW, you should update the description to include the latest features you've added.