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Official Prop Hunt - ph_restaurant - Wolvin's Restaurant 2020
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Oct 14, 2013 @ 10:28pm
Mar 6 @ 12:27pm
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Official Prop Hunt - ph_restaurant - Wolvin's Restaurant 2020

In 1 collection by Wolvindra-Vinzuerio
Wolvin's Prop Hunt: Enhanced Addons
76 items
**Update patch 2020 IMPORTANT Notice**

I. Information & Update
  • Approximately Compressed download size for this map: ~100 MB.
  • QUICK CHANGES: Changed & Reverted some map names to make it publicly available to all server & players. See Details about this here.
  • Map is now renamed to ph_restaurant_2020 and restaurant 2014 version will renamed back to ph_restaurant & Added back ph_restaurant_2017_v2 (2019 update). See on "QUICK CHANGE" link above for more info.
  • Fixed map environments effects
  • Rescaled some Lightmaps
  • Changed few map layouts and added Fountain back, ...from nostalgic stuff.
  • Added Legacy (old) Maps. This will help some Server owner as an easy way to host Old version of the map with Workshop instead FastDL.
  • Minor fixes for Old version of 2013 Restaurant: Added item to prevent 'ERROR' appear on the main roof.
  • Legacy Maps: ph_restaurant (2014), ph_restaurant_2013, ph_restaurant_2017_v2 (2019 update) and ph_restaurant_2017old (Original pre-2019 update).
  • To avoid confusion, if you'd like to use Night version (ph_restaurant_2019) of Restaurant 2019:

II. Announcement
Restaurant will have a multi-gamemode support! More info:

III. Description
An "Extended" update of the Restaurant 2017 #3. 2020 version.
This extended version will provide more playable area with some extra layout and other changes.
This was actually made for a local group, but then I decided it to make it available for everyone.


Q: Can I use this map design outside of garry's mod?
A: Sorry, No.

Q: Help! I got "Map differs from server" or "Map is missing" Error when joining to any server!
  • Contact the Server Administrator immediately. Ask them to update the map because this is a critical update with changes.
  • Delete any maps downloads residues under "garrysmod/download/maps" folder and/or re-subscribe the addons as possible.
  • !! Server Owners: Please avoid renaming the the maps as of this will be structured and map names are renamed permanently for future updates!!

Q: (Server Owners) The New workshop system sometimes halts or wont download the workshop due to slow network or steam workshop error related. What should I do?
A: Currently there is no way with that yet, however the idea was by Subscribing on Steam Client first and then have them to upload to your server. Do not forget to include the LUA file helper.

Q: I got bug/glitch on the map. e.g: I'm usually get stuck on positon: "XXX YYY ZZZ"
A: Make sure you have disguise with correct props, avoid disguising too close with other props. Use Mouse Click (in Prop Hunt: Enhanced) instead of pressing E.
Usually, server will provides "!unstuck" to unstuck yourself.

Q: Is there any SFM Version of this map?
A: Yes, however it wont be maintained anymore:

Q: I got Missing Textures/Models and others. How do I can fix this?
A: Restart your game. If it still persists.

Q: Is there any additional notes/contents/etc info?
  • This map does not use or require any External game contents.
  • Use Prop Hunt: Enhanced Gamemode for better gameplay mechanics.
  • There might be a chance of update for the 2020 update. This will occur once the Multi-Gamemode map has been released.

I'm currently opening a map commission with limited slot available. The map will be available for gamemodes:
Prop Hunt, TTT, Murder, H&S, or Multi-Gamemodes. Price may vary. Assets can be used from my Assets stock, or from Game Assets/Garry's Mod assets or your Own Assets (please to make sure that must be ready & fully compiled). If you are interested, feel free to contact through Steam message: or use Contact:

The reason I open commission was due to emergency cause, this one bit different but I'll inform once you've contacted. However if you don't want to commission, you can also do a donation @ or .

Thank you!
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Rootbeerdrinker1 《SFM》
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Wolvindra-Vinzuerio  [author] Mar 7 @ 7:43am 
Hello everyone.

As to mention something that this map package includes several versions which you can choose which one you'd like to play (and they are now renamed):
- ph_restaurant (2014 version)
- ph_restaurant_2013 (older version)
- ph_restaurant_2017old (the original 2017 update)
- ph_restaurant_2017_v2 (2019 update)
- and Recent restaurant 2020 update is renamed to ph_restaurant_2020

For server owners, Please do note that I do not recommend to copy or host this map on your Webhosting (FastDL) as it would cause severe map differs error. This map addon will automatically inform any joining players to download through workshop instead.
watch your back Jan 23 @ 8:32am 
George Costanza Nov 11, 2019 @ 10:08pm 
Damn. I was expecting a lot of "fuck you furry" comments but I guess not
JE SUIS HOM Nov 3, 2019 @ 10:09am 
Wolvindra-Vinzuerio  [author] Jul 11, 2019 @ 10:22pm 
That's fine lol.
Slayermelon Jul 11, 2019 @ 11:12am 
I just realized this is a problem with my addons, not the map, sorry!
Wolvindra-Vinzuerio  [author] Jul 11, 2019 @ 4:37am 
Did you just turned on Bloom/HDR effects?
Slayermelon Jul 10, 2019 @ 7:35pm 
fucking immediately blinded by the lights. it's like they're shining a beam DIRECTLY into my eyes
BigSqaunk Mar 28, 2019 @ 12:59pm 
2 + 2 = 4
Wolvindra-Vinzuerio  [author] Jan 19, 2019 @ 6:03am 
It was sort on models pack I found (but idk if it's till there). It is retextured anyway.

@Camo the Hedgehog