Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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George, Wes, and June lose a friend however gain a new one... welcome to the next level.

- PhantomSavage - Announcer & ????
- Prestige Is Key - George
- Cameron Miller - Richard
- DaveyKVA - Wes
- AlyMew- June

- DeMille - Milkshake
- Evanescence ft. Lindsey Stirling - Hi-Lo

- PROxFTW - Scripted Easter Egg, Fixed Multiplier Milkshake Errors
- ZeRoY - Fixed Many Major Scripts, Method to Porting Player & Zombie Models
- BluntStuffy - Scripted My Time Warp Power Up
- NateSmithZombies - New Zombie Speed, Teleporter, Open Fire Power Up, Bonus Cash Power Up, Ambient Sounds, Perk Change & Buyable Ending
- MagicSista24 - Designed HUD & Perk Icons
- Jr Rizzo - Character Renders
- Harry Bo21 - Napalm Zombie, Traps, Ray Gun Mark 2, Olympia, & AN-94
- Pro Revenge - M16
- Skye - Blunderbuss & Venom-X
- Lethal Peelz - New Electric Cherry Model
- Madgaz - Ceiling Tiles
- Cornrow Wallace - Mapping Help
- Frost Iceforge - New Zombie Eyes
- Ardivee - Method to Porting Character Quotes
- ZombieKid164 - Buyable Elevator
- DTZxPorter - Wraith, Kronos, & Character Quote Setup
- Collie - Conversion Rig
- Azsry - Conversion Rig & Kronos
- shinged - Custom Perk Set Up
- ZoekMeMaar - Free PAP Power Up
- The Indestructable Mike Pence - Shi No Numa Phone Easter Egg
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V7 Nov 27 @ 8:47am 
Well, seems out I had to hit those with a weapon x.x''
V7 Nov 27 @ 8:13am 
Are toy soldiers related to main EE? They don't disappear if I shoot or knife them. Do I need a specific weapon to do that?
MJPWGaming  [author] Nov 26 @ 4:46pm 
Yes there is an easter egg
V7 Nov 26 @ 2:43pm 
Hi, me and my friend really enjoyed this map, but I have one question: is there really an easter egg? Seems I didn't find anything about it :(
Hexagram Nov 3 @ 11:17am 
Really fun map. Maybe it's too easy, but I like it the way it is. No strange ee, no hard searching. Just some little quest and a lot of killing.
KryptCeeper969 Sep 21 @ 11:39pm 
pretty fun map, but it is way too easy. the map is too wide open and you can literally train zombies forever.
if you run trains up where jug is the napalm zombies will get stuck on the stairs under jug.
The traps also need a cooldown. you can just spam the forever.
I think there needs to be another way for the zombies to get into the jug room. right now they only have 1 way to get up.
I bought the mulitplier perk but have no clue what it did.
there is also a bug that shows blood splatter decals when you shoot over a body laying on the floor.
hotdog eaten Sep 18 @ 10:52pm 
Maps Decent, seems smaller and lesser than the prequel. :(
Exluto Sep 15 @ 1:54pm 
Just played this map to round 51, really fun map really good job to everyone who worked on it. From a general zombies perspective its an easy map but a very fun map, love being able to buy ammo for a wonder weapon, the acid rain gas trap was really cool, traps reactivate pretty much instantly, custom sounds and icons were all really good, voice acting is really good character lines are funny. I did not do the easter egg or even attempt it, wish I did, mainly just wanted to do a high round on the map probably will replay soon. Again great job on the map, had a lot of fun playing this one was going to buy the ending when I could but couldnt stop playing haha.
KBecht22 Sep 15 @ 9:15am 
Big Marsh Sep 13 @ 4:55pm 
Yo man I love this map, I'm just starting out with custom mapping and I just wanted to know how you implemented your own custom dialogue into the map