Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

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Deus Ex: Conspiracy (PS2) vs. Deus Ex: GotY (PC)
By pixel
100 screenshots compared side by side!
[Warning: Image heavy]
The purpose of this arcticle is not to show which version is superior, but rather to show level design differences between PS2 and PC versions of Deus Ex. Credits for PS2 screenshots goes to fantsu from Offtopic Productions forums, please visit original thread for author commentaries

What is Deus Ex: The Conspiracy?
"A PlayStation 2 port of the game, renamed Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (although kept as Deus Ex in Europe) was released on March 25, 2002. Along with pre-rendered introductory and ending cinematics that replaced the original versions, it features a simplified interface with optional auto aim and motion captured character models. There are many minor changes in level design, some for the purpose of balancing gameplay, but most to accommodate loading transition areas, due to the memory limitations of the PlayStation 2."
— Wikipedia.
Technical data
PS2 screenshots:
  • 640*480 PAL version (i cropped black bars from 640*512 source images)
  • Obviously running on PCSX2, not sure which version (something from 2010)
  • Quite noticable jpeg artifacts.
  • I know nothing else about these screenshots.
PC screenshots:
  • Set to render at 640*480.
  • NO graphical mods, only enhanced dx10 renderer (AA enabled)
  • Brightness is set to 0.6 (from default 0.5)
  • All GUI elements aside from crosshair are hidden.
  • Default FOV.
  • I tried to re-create screenshots as close to the original as possible. 100% unique PS2 level bits were skipped.

PS2 screenshots are on your LEFT, PC screenshots are on your RIGHT.
New York, first visit
Near UNATCO HQ compound.

Statue of Liberty 1rst floor, near Ghunter's holding cell.

Secret vending machine entrance to Castle Clinton.

Castle Clinton main entrance.

Castle Clinton basement area.

New-York city, Osgod & sons building.

Ton Hotel fire staircase view on the alley.

Hell's Kitchen Park.

Osgod & son's Roof


Outside of generator building.

Roof of the generator building.

One of the floors.

Brooklyn metro station.

Route to second floor.

Rooks territory.



Vendomat corner.

Ticket booths.

Crashed train.
Undeground bridge.

Entrance to ambrosia room.

Ambrosia barrel near helipad entrance.

Helipad on Lebedev's airfield.

747 hangar.

Second exit.
Hong-kong landing bay.

More landing bay.

Hong-kong Wan-chai street.

Lucky Money entrance.

Robot near Luminous Path base.

Other view.

View on the Temple.

Boat. The bridge is on the other side of the canal on PC version.

Other view.

View from Maggie's apartment window.

Maggie's bathroom.

Dining room.

Secret Buddha entrance.

Lucky money second floor.

Versalife level one.

Level two.

Glass walkway.

Universal Constructor
Cafeteria in Paris.

Main street.

Security booth.

Chateau main entrance.

Chateau toilet.



Paris cathedral main entrance.


Computer room.

Cozy Paris metro lobby.

Metro patrool bot.

Metro fight.
Ocean Lab
Gas station attic.

Sub base drop off.

Main entry.


Side windows.

Underwater part.

Underwater entry gate.



Ocean lab view from outside.


Flooded sector.
New York, second visit
Vault with goodies in NSF base basement.

Unatco HQ, maintenance area.

Medical sector.

Greasel pit.



Destroyed Osgood & sons building.

Smuggler secret celeing walkway.

Stanton Dowd.
Shipyard drop off.


Top of the crane.


Ship control room.

Ship hangar.
Missle silo area view #1.

Missle silo area view #2.

Rocket inside the silo.

Silo takeoff.

Area-51 dropoff.

View on the vault.

View on destroyed hangar from control tower.

Main elevator.

Elevator shaft.

Secondary entry from the hangar.

Reactor core.

Helios chamber.

Helios merging device.

Credits roll.

Thanks for watching!
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Zagami May 5, 2017 @ 7:59pm 
to quote JC Denton.

Koji Mar 19, 2017 @ 8:44am 
Been wanting to see the exact differences in these two versions. Not so much the graphic, texture and lighting differences, but to see if any of the architecture of the maps were any different. And it looks as though the ps2 version has some revisions of the exact map layouts. Good thing I downloaded a pdf of the only prima guide out there (ps2), hopefully the differences aren't enough to confuse me while going through the whole game (PC Version). Thanks for the comparisons though. And for those of you wanting to see this game with better graphics... check out the Deus Ex HDTP project. It looks nice.
HireJockey Jan 8, 2017 @ 6:21am 
I started off with The Conspiracy on PS2 back in 2011...
Can't say for sure, but the PC version feels more like the original although both games are the same and fun to play.
supernintendont Sep 17, 2016 @ 11:34pm 
@Hey-Pi-Ron Look up Deus Ex: Revision on Steam store.
Hey-Pi-Ron Sep 14, 2016 @ 2:55pm 
Why nobody still don't port PS2 levels and models to PC version? This is would be lovely modification.
Cxero Jul 27, 2016 @ 11:17am 
@Tinnyn This may be extremely late but there is no individual limb damage in the PS2 port. This is the only change to the game that I feel was truly unneccesary, wheras the map change often made the level look better or were neccesary to make the game run on a PS2.

@Hiro Protagonist While many of the models and levels look better on the PS2 version, the textures are extremely low resolution compared to the PC version at max graphics. Especially noticable is the lack of detail textures. However, the intro and endings are all rendered in very nice CGI cutscenes so there's a plus.
jb2097 Mar 4, 2016 @ 1:57pm 
I at first thought - ha! How insecure pc owners are....running a comparison of the pc version against the lowly ps2 port. Looking at it though it does appear to have had some improvements made to the character models - JC's face is much smoother and less blocky in the ps2 version.

From what I remember of reviews at the time though, it had a stuttery framerate and much more loading. The pc version wasn't much of a looker, but that was most likely a compromise for the scale of the maps, and maybe to have it running on lower end pc's.

Whatever you played it on it's a classic game, and I've just bought if after donkeys years since I played it - curious to see how it looks with the Revision mod.
Tecnologgamer Feb 12, 2016 @ 11:11am 
However, nice work
Tecnologgamer Feb 12, 2016 @ 11:11am 
I agree with the guy below, is to a guide, but is a good comparison. It's be nice Steam be a forum system more apropriated for that things. But they don't have suggestion box.
5persondude Nov 29, 2015 @ 4:03pm 
Great guide! Well, its obviously not a guide, but still, great comparison! I was always curious as to the differences between the PS2 and PC versions were (not for the sake of being a PC Master Race snob), because I just adore stuff like this (I.e. Beta content, comparisons, etc.)