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Atmos - Day / Night and Weather Modification
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Oct 13, 2013 @ 12:41am
Nov 13, 2019 @ 11:28am
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Atmos - Day / Night and Weather Modification


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Garrysmod Day / Night and Weather modification.

This is a complete rewrite of my previous addon Atmosphere for garrysmod 13. It has been coded to try and support as many maps as possible, use the new env_skypaint sky shader functionality and be easier to work with for administrators and players. This is a very early version that is missing some planned features and contains some minor issues.

For the best outcome, the map you try to use with atmos will have a light_environment, env_skypaint, and env_sun, although alternatives are implemented if the first two are not found.

Settings area is under Spawn Menu -> Utilities -> Atmos -> Settings

For the best experience it is recommended that you leave the settings at their default values.

The best way to change the current time is to simply use the DNC Length slider under settings, move it far to the left and watch the time change and move it back far to the right when you reach your desired time. Alternatively, simply use atmos_dnc_settime 0-24 (0 is midnight).

If you enjoy this addon, please give it a thumbs up as it really helps new people find it in the workshop.

Server Commands

atmos_reset - resets all server settings to their default values
atmos_enabled 1/0 - enable or disable atmos entirely
atmos_paused 1/0 - pause time progression
atmos_realtime 1/0 - enable or disable atmos using the servers local time zone
atmos_weather 1/0 - enable or disable weather
atmos_log 1/0 - toggle logging atmos events to console
atmos_dnc_length_day 1-3600 - determines at what rate time progress during daytime
atmos_dnc_length_night 1-3600 - determines at what rate time progress during nighttime
atmos_weather_length 1-3600 - how many seconds weather will last
atmos_weather_chance 1-100 - the % chance weather will occur
atmos_weather_delay 60-3600 - the delay in seconds atmos will do a dice roll to trigger weather based on the weather chance
atmos_weather_lighting 1/0 - toggle the ability for weather to affect lighting
atmos_dnc_gettime - gets the current time
atmos_dnc_settime 0-24 - sets the current time
atmos_startstorm - starts a storm
atmos_stopstorm - stops any running storm

Client Commands

atmos_cl_reset - resets all client settings to their default values
atmos_cl_hudeffects 1/0
atmos_cl_weather 1/0
atmos_cl_rainsplash 1/0
atmos_cl_rainclouds 1/0
atmos_cl_rainperparticle 16-64
atmos_cl_rainradius 16-32
atmos_cl_maxrainheight 16-1024



Known Issues

Problem: Stars Dont appear or skybox looks like its cut in half.
Fix: Update your DirectX and be sure that your video card supports atleast DirectX 9 and Shader Model 2.

Problem: Almost all ground textures are black
Fix: The server needs to increase its DNC Length value, having it too low will cause lightmaps to not render correctly.

Problem: Time does not progress or the skybox doesn't update.
Fix: Make sure atmos isn't paused or that realtime isn't enabled, and if it is not, this means there is a conflicting addon on the server. You will have to find out which addon is breaking Atmos and remove it or ask the author to make it compatible.

Problem: Snow doesn't look like it does in the video
Fix: Enter these console commands to reset their values to the defaults, or run atmos_cl_reset

atmos_cl_snowdietime 6
atmos_cl_snowradius 1200
atmos_cl_snowperparticle 20
atmos_cl_maxsnowheight 300

Problem: The server I'm playing on doesn't have working sounds or materials
Fix: The server owner needs to update their version of Atmos to atleast 1.1 or use the workshop version. You can find the version of Atmos on the server by using the console command atmos_info , complain to the server owners for not using the workshop version of Atmos.

Problem: The settings aren't saving!
Fix: This is an issue with garrysmod's CVAR system (console variables). The best way to avoid it happening entirely is to put your desired atmos settings at the bottom of server.cfg

Future of Atmos

Atmos 2 is currently being developed, and I have been working on it for over a year. It's a complete rewrite of Atmos, made to be much more performance friendly especially for servers. It will have quite a few new features, one of the most important ones being it supports modding out of the box, without any need to edit the addon.

I plan to release more detailed information when it is closer to release, so stay tuned to this page.

How can I support Atmos?

You can support the development of Atmos by donating to the following bitcoin address. Thanks!


Terms of Use

By subscribing or using this addon you agree to these Workshop App-Specific Terms
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MegaRex-04 Jul 9 @ 11:16pm 
whats the recommanded sun angles for it to be accurate?
when it becomes night, it doesn't get darker unless I walk over the seperate pieces of the floor is it another addon or does this need fixing?
l e a n Jun 30 @ 3:59am 
The best gmod addon ever Jun 23 @ 1:26am 
after removing this from subscription I still have weather, what should I do so that there is no weather
Lemonfood Jun 17 @ 2:32pm 
Imajarofmayo Jun 17 @ 2:27am 
Can you pick either day or night like need for speed heat?
John Carquest Jun 16 @ 3:33pm 
Where is the settings to fix the dnc values?
gost Nava Jun 12 @ 7:41am 
Can you make that lamps and lights increase brightness when its getting dark?
Cuz when you set light, and night comes, lamp is getting reeaally weak.
perryless May 25 @ 10:22am 
i cant see the sky box
perryless May 25 @ 10:21am 
it mess up the sky box