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ARK Additions: Acrocanthosaurus!
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ARK Additions: Acrocanthosaurus!

MOD ID 1855077013


Adds the High-Spined lizard Acrocanthosaurus, to your ARK!

Acrocanthosaurus is a frightening carnivorous theropod, to say the least. Very aggressive, Acro's have been noted to use more attack strength the smaller their target is in relation to them. (The less drag weight a creature has compared to Acro's weight, the more damage it will receive from Acro's attacks. If the drag weight is equal to or higher than Acro, the damage follows a flat rate, it will not do less.) When taking damage or under threat, Acrocanthosaurus will resort to a strafing/tanking tactic, in which it receives notably less damage. After some time being attacked in this state, an Acro will gain a rush of adrenaline, which will boost its health and stamina recovery, and boost its speed and damage significantly! This can make Acrocanthosaurus a major threat to survivors and creatures alike!

-Left-Click is a Bite. With Adrenaline active, this makes you bite faster. While strafing, this becomes a shoulder bash attack. This doesn't do very much damage, but good knockback, and damage to structures, damaging up to metal!

-Right-Click is the Stance Switch. This puts you in a strafing/shielded state that mitigates damage considerably. Taking Damage while in this state will cause Acro to get an Adrenaline buff which boosts speed and damage, as well as granting increased health and stamina recovery.

-C is a beeg stomp. This can damage stone and stone structures.

-Ctrl is Acros Roar.




To tame Acrocanthosaurus, you must use guns or weapons, do not use a tame to damage Acro. Doing damage to it will cause it to go into its shielded stance. You want to deal damage to Acro while its tanking your hits until you see it try to roar. While roaring, run up to the Acro's mouth, with narcotics or biotoxin in the last slot of your item bar, and press E when you can. If you fail to do so, Acro will gain Adrenaline and be a major threat. Succesfully tossing Narcs into its mouth will heal it and increase its torpor. Rinse and repeat until Acro is KO'd. Acro uses Rex preferred food currently when knocked out.




admincheat summon Acrocanthosaurus_Character_BP_C

cheat gmsummon "Acrocanthosaurus_Character_BP_C" 50

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/Acrocanthosaurus/Blueprints/PrimalItemArmor_AcroSaddle.PrimalItemArmor_AcroSaddle" 1 0 0 false


This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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Action Bastard Dec 13 @ 10:21pm 
frostycmc Dec 9 @ 6:56pm 
Wonderful addition, but I'd like to report a bug. It says the adrenaline rush mode only lasts 70 seconds on the wiki, but every time I try to tame one something happens (either a dino interfering or a crash) and it gets stuck in infinite rage mode and becomes untameable.
Sad Bean Dec 5 @ 2:15pm 
I didn't like the taming method initially but it grew on me, especially after I saw how to do it. I do wish there were other alternatives to it and it feels awful to have it roar its head into a tree and I just gotta deal with the ensuing adrenaline mode but as is I think its just something you get used to with practice
中國爸爸 Dec 4 @ 4:08pm 
Great. I hope you can make more dinosaurs. Thank you:steamhappy:
Kremit Dec 3 @ 7:08pm 
This looks like something that wildcard made. my god it looks and plays amazing
Chickendrumstick 2.0 Dec 1 @ 4:46am 
LankyKun Nov 30 @ 12:25am 
does the acro nat spawn on aber?
TheGhost Nov 28 @ 3:09pm 
people complain about this tame alot and its totally unessicery. i tamed it up useing a standard, 100% damage rifle and less then 1000 rounds. less then 25 bio toxin. none of this is super easy to get and by comparison the creature rivals a t rex in strenght and has real raiding ability ontop of it. if your killing it the issue is your doing to much damage, make weaker weapons and spray more bullets as it appears to be a cumilitive system. be pateint its not a taming method you can exicute in a hurry.
Opa_Zocker Nov 28 @ 7:46am 
the taming is really violent, again and again he dies or me, with the roar it is so ne sache, would be nice if there would be another catch version

das zähmen ist echt heftig, immer wieder stirbt er oder ich, den mit dem brüllen ist es so ne sache, währe schön wenn es eine andere fang version geben würd
HAL9000 Nov 27 @ 1:23pm 
Why don't modded narcotics (IE the ones from Primal Fear) not work for knocking him out?