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Forest Wyvern Remastered
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Aug 31, 2019 @ 2:37pm
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Forest Wyvern Remastered

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Rework of my tameable and permanent Forest Wyvern.

As the title says, adds a permanent, tameable, breedable version of the Forest Wyvern from Extinction. Balanced for vanilla and its size.

Spawns in Jungle, Redwoods, Fertile Chamber, Sunken Forest.

If you have Classic Fliers, it's compatible with CF's wyvern stone.

Diving flight.

Left click bite.

right click firebreath

c key grab. Grabs a little more than an argy can when it comes to the drag weight of critters.
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Feb 7, 2021 @ 1:01pm
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Renshae Jul 31 @ 2:24am 
This is supposed to be able to pick up anything an Argy can, but it can't pick up Doeds. It was able to pick up a Dimorph, so the grab is working, but I haven't otherwise tested what it can pick up.
brandonmoran1999 Jun 29 @ 1:38pm 
Wont turn when landed
Xnoel May 4 @ 1:35am 
Adding to the previous comment, I've been using this mod for years on Ragnarok and it not only works but is a lot of fun. These forest wyverns spawn where indicated, are appropriately powerful, fully breedable, and while yes, they can't walk backwards, divebombing on a small wyvern is awesome and a very fast way to get around the map.
Braniya Apr 22 @ 3:44am 
For anyone wondering, this mod still works, and adds the creature to the correct spawn containers. It is not broken, the creature spawns correctly and tames correctly. I've been using it this whole time without issue aside from it not being entirely compatible with Kraken's Valaryan Reins. The Wyvern spawns rather rarely in Jungles, Redwoods, Fertile Chamber, and Sunken Forest ON ALL MAPS. I personally have them disabled on every map except Extinction and Fjordur. I've been playing with this mod for a long time. As the author is seemingly absent, if anyone needs help finding or taming these things, just be patient and explore. You WILL find them, albeit only in specific parts of those spawn containers and rather rarely. They flee on approach. Have fun.
HappyHaunt Feb 6 @ 5:34pm 
People are funny this is a really old mod and while it is fun, you can't expect mod authors to stay around forever. Plus I have seen this mod work but I wouldn't expect it to work on any newer or updated maps. As for backward movement, lets see I don't know that too many flying creatures in real life go backwards there's a few but those are generally smaller. Please be realistic when it comes to mods this abandonment is not a new thing nor is it confined to this one author. To be honest there a very few authors who say anything when they move on so saying anything really doesn't do anything but show that you feel entitled to anything that you want and to heck with other people and their lives. I can't wait for the generation of ppl who basically have entitlement issues to have their world implode on them so that they finally wake up and realize that they are not owed anything.
Moon_Dragon Jan 28 @ 10:55am 
For anyone wondering this mod is broken and abandoned by the author. It does not work on most maps including Fjordur. Would be nice if the author would let the community know.
Rogue Jan 18 @ 5:40pm 
Have you really ignored all your commenters for three years? wtf dude?
Rogue Jan 18 @ 5:28pm 
Haven't seen a single wyvern in the sunken forest. Where are they suppose to spawn?
Rogue Jan 18 @ 6:40am 
Are they suppose to spawn naturally?
Mastoid Dec 30, 2022 @ 5:20am 
does is spawn on valguero??