Portal 2

Portal 2

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An in progress series of maps in the destroyed/ reconstructing theme, continuing from the Dilapidation series you must try to find a way to escape Aperture laboratories, but with GLaDOS awake and rebuilding the facility, that might not be so easy.

Puzzles will be of mostly Medium/Hard difficulty, no ninja moves required, just thinking with portals.

!!!Working on Portal Stories so no maps here for a while :( !!!
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Reconstruction: Part 1
Created by LoneWolf2056
Medium Difficulty
Continuing where the Dilapidation series ended, after having awoke GLaDOS, escape may not be so easy as she begins rebuilding the facility.

Thanks to Lpfreaky9...
Reconstruction: Part 2
Created by LoneWolf2056
Medium Difficulty
As GLaDOS powers up the facility you continue testing, looking for an escape.

Thanks to Josepezdj for custom signage and Lpfreaky90, tmast98, Mevious and VampireSausage for testing....
Reconstruction: Part 3
Created by LoneWolf2056
Medium Difficulty
The facility is slowly being repaired but there is no time to wait, testing never stops.

Thanks to Mevious, VampireSausage, Lpfreaky90 and Foion for playtesting

Solution by Lpfreak[http//%26quot%3Bhttp]...