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Red Mage (A Final Fantasy inspired class!) (v.47)
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Red Mage (A Final Fantasy inspired class!) (v.47)

The MOD is a tribute to Red Mage class found in various Final Fantasy games.
Also known as Red Warmage, the class has a great array of magical spells, from offensive to supportive.
The Red Mage has additional melee or physical capabilities that differentiate it further from the standard mage which focuses more heavily on casting.

For Torchlight 2, the Red Mage has 4 Skill Trees, making the class very versatile:

1- Battle Skills and White Magick focuses in physical combat skills and supportive White Magic, like the Cure skill. Passives enhance your Physical Combat. For Physical battle, the Red Mage fits well with a Sword and a Shield.

-Rapid Swing > Damages enemies by swinging fast your weapon.
-Cure > Restores HP
-Telekinesis > Long range attack that possibly teleport foes.
-Esuna > Protects the party against some negative statuses
-Shock > Releases air blades from your weapon
-Bravery > Buff that bypass the defenses of your foes.
-Ultima > Deals heavy neutral magical damage.
-Swiftness* > Increases your flee rate.
-Battle Lore* > Increases physical damage and attack speed when using melee weapons.
-Bubble* > Increases max HP.

2- Green Magick and Time Magick focuses in supportive skills either to harm your enemies or strengthen yourself and your party. The Passives of this skill tree are turned to enhance your magickal powers.

-Silence > Causes silence status, preventing enemies using some skills.
-Slow > Reduces movement, cast and attack speed of enemies.
-Protect > Creates a barrier to reduce physical damage taken.
-Shell > Creates a barrier to reduce elemental damage taken.
-Haste > Increases movement, cast and attack speed.
-Gravity > Deals Damage over Time, reduces flee rate and possibly immobilize foes.
-Reflect > Forms a barrier to reflect missiles.
-Chanelling Spellbound* > Reduces skills mana cost and improves elemental status duration
-Magick Lore* > Increases elemental damage output.
-Mighty Guard* > Forms a permanent barrier to reduce damage taken and reflect damage back

3- Black Magick focuses in destructive elemental spells. Passives are Auto-triggerable skills. Staves, Maces and Wands are the finest choice to execute Black Magick.

-Fire > Hurl a fire orb on enemies.
-Blizzard > Damages enemies around with a freezing wind.
-Thunder > Causes a thunderstorm on a selected area.
-Bio > Creates a poisonous rain to damage and poison foes.
-Aero > Release tornadoes to damage foes.
-Scathe > Throw highly damaging orb of neutral magical damage at your foes.
-Ardour > Forms an intense blaze on a selected area.
-Toxify* > Deals additional poison damage on poisoned foes.
-Drain* > Absorbs HP from killed foes.
-Osmose* > Absorbs Mana from killed foes.

4- Quickenings are special skills that can only be used if you are on Trance State. Quickenings are One Levels Skills, so you will spent only one skill point in each Quickening. There are 7 Quickenings available for the Red Mage:

-Jump > Execute a powerful jump attack on enemies, stunning them.
-Thrust Kick > Execute a powerful kick, knocking back foes.
-Refresh > Restores Mana for the party.
-Berserk > Doubles physical damage output for a bit, but causes silence status in exchange.
-Matra Magic > Releases a barrage of neutral magic missiles
-Summon > Call an ancient creature known as Esper to battle at your side.
-Aurabolt > Releases a beam of pure light to damage foes.

Charge Bar:
Mist Charge is the Special charge bar for the Red Mage. When the bar is full, the Red Mage enters in Trance State for 12 seconds.
Trance State increases elemental damage and critical chance plus halving the mana cost of your skills. While Trance State is activated you can use any Quickenings purchased in the Quickenings Skill Tree.

Exclusive Spell Scrolls:
Red Mage MOD adds exclusive Spell Scrolls based on Final Fantasy spells and skills. See them below.

*Scroll of Dia, Diara, Diaga and Diaja > Dia skills only hits undead monsters. They cause a good damage, blind and reduce their defenses.
*Scroll of Teleport > A Teleport skill that quickly realocates your player and grants a little bonus to flee rate for a short time.
*Scroll of Poison > A weaker version of Bio available as Spell.
*Scroll of Death > Death instant kill an enemy, but won't work on Bosses.
*Scroll of Blaze and Blazega > Launches a cold fireball that deals Ice and Fire damage.
*Scroll of Regen and Regenga > A white magic that gradually recovers your Health.
*Scroll of Gravity Bomb > Launches a gravitational bomb that tears off 25% of enemies Max HP.
*Scroll of Quake > Punches the ground with your fist dealing Physical damage in a wide area.


The Red Mage class is almost complete. If you find any bugs please contact-me.
A well important note is to load Red Mage MOD above any other MOD to avoid trouble with quest rewards.

ToDo list:
- Fix a missing "cut effect particle" on Rapid Swing
- Improve Silence, Thunder, Drain, Osmose, Summon Skills.
- A Charge Bar (I'm using Embermage visual.)
- Character portrait (Using Embermage with some colorswap)
-Specific equipment (You can use some mods to let you equip other classes restrict equipment. I confess that this makes the experience with Red Mage even better)

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Leon Oct 27, 2019 @ 2:31pm 
Your English is good, my dude. I hope you can find a fix- bugs always get on my nerves too.
~Schiavelli~  [author] Oct 26, 2019 @ 8:45am 
Hey Grumple Stiltskin
You can use swords that give elemental (for ex. +100 Ice damage) and enhance focus. Or insert elemental shards on free slots
~Schiavelli~  [author] Oct 26, 2019 @ 8:38am 
Hi Orwell
A few months ago i've updated some skills with poor effects like Silence, and improved others.
But i,m having trouble to upload the update to steam. Cant find an answer in the community.
Maybe i'll try it again soon. Sorry (for the bad english)
Leon Oct 6, 2019 @ 3:00pm 
Will this mod be finished any time soon?
Grumple Stiltskin Mar 17, 2019 @ 7:32pm 
So this is certainly a fun class. But would it possible for you to post a build that allows the red mage to do ample spell damage while still using a sword and shield? I confess that I don't understand Torchlight's mechanics enough to properly pull it off myself. I'm liable to split strength and focus equally and hope for the best.
~Schiavelli~  [author] Nov 20, 2018 @ 6:26am 
To avoid bugs, load Red Mage MOD above all ohter mods. :)
~Schiavelli~  [author] Nov 20, 2018 @ 6:25am 
@bdelauso Yes. Red Mage has supportive skills for Multiplayer game.

@Le Satanos el Bananos Thank you!

@Foundationer Red Mage is well balanced. Like the red mage in FF series he can be a decent melee fighter or long range spellcaster. Plus, supportive skills to aid your mage...
Foundationer Oct 7, 2018 @ 4:53pm 
How is the power level compared to vanilla spellcasters?
Snek the heck Oct 1, 2018 @ 3:42pm 
dude this is cool as fuck, great job!
bdelauso Sep 28, 2018 @ 6:39am 
Does this Class work in Multiplayer Games ?