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Unturned 3.0 'Summertime' MapJam
The official Unturned 3.0 Summer MapJam collection. These are all the submissions for the Summer MapJam of 2019 with the theme of 'Summertime'. Try them out if you'd like! I'm sure their creators would be happy to get some new players and fresh feedback.
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[Summer MapJam 2019] Whiterock Bay
Created by Gamez2much
Submission for the 2019 Summer Map Jam - Vanilla vibes on a small scale. Hope you all enjoy! Let me know in the comments below if you find any bugs or issues. This being the first version has plenty of room for improvement. So help me improve the map wit...
La Perla [Summer MapJam 2019]
Created by Renaxon
Welcome to La Perla! Tropical paradise!

Located south of America, this small island chain is home to numerous cities.

Arena map made for the second Mapjam contest. This one being themed around summer!

Italy Arena [Summer MapJam 2019] Phase 2
Created by Timo987
This is second edition of my previous map Italy Arena i made for Summer MapJam 2019. I added 3 new weapons and add more custom objects and lobby. I hope u will like it! :D. You MUST have installed ATHENS ARENA ASSETS. MAP FOR 16 PLAYERS!
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Christmas In July
Created by Spebby
Deep in a village far away, Santa's elves frolic and play. A celebration of Summer breaks an ancient spell. This once jolly village is now but a frozen hell! Ho ho ho, on vacation Santa goes, what the elves will do next, nobody knows.

This map was origi...