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ShockCore Gaming CMRP Content
Content pack for ShockCore Gaming's Combine Military Roleplay.
Items (86)
SCG CMRP Server Content
Created by ParaShock
Combine Military Roleplay content for SCG. New, larger, and improved....
SCG CMRP Server Content Pt 2
Created by ParaShock
Part two CMRP Content.
SCG Server Events Content
Created by ParaShock
Content for events. Click and forget. This will be updated before events start....
Helix Content
Created by `impulse
This addon provides content that is required when playing gamemodes that are using the Helix framework.

If you're interested in developing with Helix, check it out on GitHub!
Fortification Props Model Pack
Created by Sal
You know what it is....
Created by .Ż. Dathus [BR]
Version: 2.8.28

PlayX is an advanced media player that can be used to play video/music from 13 media providers.

For now to this addon to work you need to use the x86-64 branch....
Advanced Duplicator
Created by WireTeam
A tool for duplicating contraptions that include many complex components including Wiremod devices, and most other SENTs.

Nebual made the amazingly creative icon for this.

Wiremod Landing Page:

Advanced Duplicator 2
Created by WireTeam
Ground up rewrite meant to make up for some of the shortcomings of the first iteration of AdvDupe. Still considered alpha!

Wiremod Landing Page:



HL2TS2 Reskins
Created by Sheeplie
*Update* If you need a version with faceposing, check out JC Denton's version of this addon*

This is a pack containing some- but not all of TnB's Half-Life 2 Tacoscript 2 models. I o...
Half-Life 2: Beta Conscripts [PM & NPCs] [Yukon's H.E.C.U. Reskinned]
Created by Mao Long
Original Textures


Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.
PAC Gear
Created by B4 RSK
Re-uploaded after being removed for the workshop
All models belong to their rightful owners
Will take down if the original author requests it....
3D Stream Radio
Created by Grocel
The 3D Stream Radio is an spawnable scripted entity that allows you to play streams from the internet and local files in 3D world sound. You spawn it with the toolgun, which allows you to change the its settings aswell.

Food and Household items
Created by CHILI
This pack contains well over 200 props, mainly food but also cleaning products and other types of groceries.

McDonald's Food
Kinder Surprise + Box
Chips bags
Cillit Bang
Wine bottles
Much, much, more...

Damage Sense
Created by zamboni
Ever wanted to know where the FUCK you're being shot from???
Now you too can have spidey senses and find the source of the hurt!

What does it do?
Will add gradient bars around the center of your screen to direct you toward the source o...
Placeable Particle Effects
Created by Rus Rakieta
======== What is this addon about? ========

Placeable Particle Effects is an addon that lets you place or attach (weld) various effects to spice up your work, like screenshots, artwork, animation, or whatever you are makeing.

======== How...
3D2D Textscreens
Created by James
Create 3D2D text anywhere in the world.


This addon is now open source!...
Extended Properties
Created by Rubat
This addon adds a lot of properties to Half-Life 2 and Garry's Mod entites such as turrets, rollermines, suit chargers, flashlights, dynamites, NPCs and anti-antlion thumpers. There are over 72 different actions for different entites and NPCs.

TFA Insurgency: Shared Parts
Created by TFA

  • 9 Sights
  • 1 Laser w/ 10 model variants
  • 1 Suppressor w/ 6 model variants
  • 4 Extended Magazin
StormFox - Environment mod
Created by Nak
Version 1.63

StormFox is a free environment mod that will freshen your GMod experience with weather, light and effects!

It is made to support as many people as possible. This means SF runs mostly o...
Effect Resizer
Created by NeatNit
A tool that resizes effects. It doesn't work on anything else.


Please let me know of any bugs or requests! You can comment below or start a discussion....
RT Camera
Created by nrlulz
Fixed up the old RT camera from GM12 which was for some reason removed in the update.

To create a display for it you can:
-spawn the phx monitor (it's in Q > Browse > Games > Garry's Mod > props_phx if you dont have phx spawnlists)
-use the on screen ...
Material Editor Tool
Created by zamboni
What is it?

A tool that allows you to copy materials directly from the map and apply them to props. It features many options to control the appearance of your material.

Why do I care?

Because unlike the default mate...
Created by H3xCat
I'd appreciate if you rate the script, thank you.

An easy-to-use tool which allows server staff to patch various exploits within maps. Multiple exploits exist in maps that allow players to get out of the map when they're not supposed to. This too...
COMPLETE TnB Megapack Part Six 1/2
Created by Wolffe
COMPLETE TnB Megapack Part Six 2/2
Created by Wolffe
COMPLETE TnB Megapack Part Two
Created by Wolffe
COMPLETE TnB Megapack Part One
Created by Wolffe
M9K Small Arms pack

This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these s
TFA Insurgency: Knives (and Melee Base)
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
If you're interested in my GMod ports/creations or j...
Created by Malboro
RemoveProps 1.0

Remove map props.

Perma Props:

If you have any question, add me on steam,
or ask your question on the workshop comments !

Don't forget to rate the to...
[TFA][FA:S2] Individual First Aid Kit
Created by tools guy-kun
A United States individual first aid kit to add to your ever expanding TFA INSURGENCY 2 pack.

Mod is in beta. I will attempt to fix as much as I can. Feedback is much appreciated.

Primary Attack to use a bandage that heals for ...
Created by Orgamorsh
Now supports up to three binds!

Quicknade is a mod that allows you to bind a key to use a weapon. This is intended for grenades but could be used with any swep. It is a bit of a hacky mess since I have AMAZING lua skills, so don't expect it to be pe...
Modular Canal Props
Created by Zak
A collection of canal props, which can be used to make your very own canal systems. Use it for posing, roleplay servers, building, scenery, whatever the heck you wanna do with them.

Each prop is named according to how it was designed, so just hover over...
Houses Prop Pack
Created by Lady Elizabeth
This is just a house prop pack I found on, and got into the workshop. I am not the original author, but I uploaded it here. These are great for DarkRP servers, if players can't build very well. Oh, and that tall yellow building that looks lik...
UU-Branded Prop Pack
Created by Flavour Switch
This is a small pack filled with reskins of the models from the "Bioshock Infinite Prop Pack", which now have the Universal Union's labels on them.

Made as a pack of server content for Lemon Punch HL2RP

(Note; All hexed. It won't overlap with the ...
Flamethrower SWEP
Created by Florian #
Original addon : I have re-published this addon because was removed by his author.

Sorry for my bad english, i'm french. :c

Made by Syntax_Error752™. ([url]htt...
GDCW Models & Materials
Created by Rainbow Dash
Models and Materials you will need for GDCW weapons. You will need CS:S to see shells, and bullets.

Weapon Base - Generic Default
Picture -
Revolver in Picture - http://img2.wikia.nocookie....
obsolete combine soldier
Created by †MikeCamaro†
Uploaded by 1bHC
This hacked model is just ragdolls.
They are using css rig,so it can attach hl2 human animation.I just reuploaded it to workshop. Enjoy ;)...
Half-Life 2 Building Kit
Created by GroovyGray

This, is the Half-Life 2 Building Kit!

This is my attempt at creating an in-game tileset using HL2 assets that can be used for building structures, bases and buildings that range in many different styles. These can be use...
[TFA] Realistic Muzzleflashes 2.0
Created by XxYanKy700xX
Your most intense dreams have come true. Minus fire and more smoke, thats are the true essence of the gun muzzle flash in the real life.

A "rEaLIsTIC" (Its not exactly like the real life) Muzzle Flash pack high in performance, created to replace the
Created by sky

This is an edit of the age old map rp_stalker, but an edit of the variation called rp_hyperboreal rather than the regular rp_stalker_v5 etc, it is a large addon...
Advanced Particle Controller
Created by NO LOAFING!
A tool that lets you spawn and control particle effects.

  • Particles are used for all sorts of different special effects, from explosions and fire to weather effects, electricity, bullet tracers, smoke, beams and more
Created by TankNut
I've always been a fan of the combine helicopter, unfortunately a lot of addons which allow you to fly them don't quite do them justice or have stopped working over the years. The included vehicles aim to mimic the original's behavior as closely as possibl...
Created by TankNut
Similarly to my other addon, these new 'vehicles' try to mimic the original NPC's behavior as closely as I could get them while also keeping the addon itself user friendly.

Gredwitch's Artillery SWEPs
Created by | HT.S | Gredwitch
You need Gredwich's base for this to work correctly!

These are the SWEPs that were originaly in the Gre...
Gredwitch's Artillery | QoL Additions
Created by InvalidVertex
ATTENTION: Due to Gredwitch rewriting their artillery sweps, the convars "gred_cl_qol_autoreload" and "gred_sv_qol_stripempty" have been removed as their functions are now no longer needed

Just some "quality of life" changes I made for Gredwitch'...
Gredwitch's Base
Created by | HT.S | Gredwitch
-> Github :

Q: What is this addon?
A: This addon is an important require...
Gredwitch's Emplacement Pack
Created by | HT.S | Gredwitch
You need Gredwich's base for this to work correctly!

This pack includes :
  • an MG 42
Black Mesa SNPCs
Created by DrVrej
Welcome to my Black Mesa SNPCs!
*NOTICE* VJ Base is required for this addon to work! Link
Update Changelogs are located in the Change Notes.

Black Ops II Seal [Ragdoll/NPC/PM]
Created by Kuge
This is my 14th release of Addon, and I hope you will support it

All models except the face are from Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The title of this Addon is BO2 Seal (2025). There are two models in it, including a mask and no mask, and a...
Blacklight Retribution NPCs and Playermodels Minipack
Created by Professor Heavy
Credits: Zombie Studios, Vad36, natko and Professor Heavy.

Dynamic Rebels Content 1
Created by tools guy-kun
Content for Dynamic Rebel NPCs here....
Dynamic Rebels Content 2
Created by tools guy-kun
Content for Dynamic Rebel NPCs here....
Dynamic Rebels Content 3
Created by tools guy-kun
Content for Dynamic Rebel NPCs here....
Dynamic Rebels Content 4
Created by tools guy-kun
Content for Dynamic Rebel NPCs here....
Easy Animation Tool
Created by Rubat
A tool that allows easy animation playback for all entities that have animations. This will not work on Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Portal 2, CS:GO models, it's a problem with Garry's Mod, not this mod.

Please note that not all models have animations. This too...
Easy Bodygroup Tool
Created by Rubat
An improved bodygroup tool, also supporting skins! And it works on effects too!

Right/Left click on an entity to select it.
Reload to select yourself

If the entity is highlighted with halo effect, then open context menu and ma...
Easy Bonemerge Tool
Created by Rubat
An improved bonemerge tool. Features:
* Support for effects
* Proper undo system
* Ability to remove already merged props
* Ghost preview
* Duplicator support
* Ability to bonemerge props to yourself
* Is not limited to props at all. You can use ANY...
Emplacement Gun
Created by Zaubermuffin
Who could forget the famous emplacement gun from Half-Life 2? Because the mapped ones seem to have broken in GMod, I decided to realize them as a SENT.

  • Working emplacement gun almost like in Half-Life 2
  • Searchlight to m
Buoyancy Tool
Created by Endymion
Buoyancy Tool for gmod13...
[NPC|PLY] Conscripts
Created by Reverend V92
You Want Some of Me?!

Edited National Guard models to look like Conscripts.

  • Bodygroups & skingroups
  • HazMat suit model
  • Improved female meshes to prevent clipping

[LFS] - Planes
Created by Luna
Lua based flight system. Included vehicles are located in your "Entities"-tab under [LFS]

Every plane has a simple inbuild AI-system which can be enabled using the Edit-Properties menu (as admin) or by using the AI-Enabler Tool located under Tools=>
[LFS] A-10 Thunderbolt II
Created by | HT.S | Gredwitch

Requires LFS
Requires t
[LFS] AH-6 Littlebird
Created by Merydian
Needs an remake
Just a little choppa on LFS base

Weaponry is 7.62 Minigun with 2400 rpm and 14 Hydra rockets.

Known problems:
Minigun barrel not spinning
Bullet travel is a bit not perfectly aligned to cross...
[LFS] Boeing AH-64D Apache
Created by | HT.S | Gredwitch

Requires LFS
Requires Gredwi
Half-Life Renaissance SNPCs
Created by Cpt. Hazama
Welcome to the official re-release of Silverlan's addons. The almighty Silverlan himself had given me permission years ago to recode and maintain his addons. I've kept my word and they're now here, fully fixed up and all conflictions are fixed![
Created by kk
This tool will allow you to create an NPC out of any model.

  • Not all models will blend smoothly with every NPC. Try different NPCs if you get wacky effects. Or leave it if you like that sort of thing.
  • This tool will obey th
Tactical Leaning
Created by TFA
The original returns, better than ever!

  • Firstperson and thirdperson compatibility
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer compatibility, with accurate hitboxes
  • Works with TFA, CW2, Half-Life 2 Defaults, and more
  • Auto-lean
[VJ] Animals SNPCs
VJ BASE request for these SNPC's to work!

Adds: 18 new SNPCs:
Cave Bear
King Cobra
Male Lion
Female Lion
Saber-Toothed Cat

Created by TFA
cBobbing stands for "compensated bobbing," and is an alternate method of doing viewbob. Rather than offsetting the view angles, cBobbing offsets the view position, and compensates the angle to make sure your view always stays pointed at the crosshair.

Dynamic Rebel NPCs
Created by tools guy-kun
Be sure to download all the required items for the mod to work!

Want to use a version of this mod that is powered by NextBot AI and has a ton of more features? Pick up the NextBot 3.0 Version [url=
Extended Emitter
Created by Sirgibsalot
This adds a large selection of effects to Gmod's default Emitter STool. such as new muzzle flashes, bullet impacts, tracers, water, and fire effects. Currently, there are over 40 effects in total, a mix of stock Garry's Mod/Half-Life 2 effects and custom L...
Nebulous GBombs 4
Created by Toasty
Re-uploaded GBombs 4 so that it works for World War 3 RolePlay over at Nebulous.

Includes all the usuall things from previous Gbombs 4 + a new feature for mortars allowing you to use it more efficiently.

I actually got permission from the creator of...
[simfphys] armed vehicles
Created by Luna
Adds a weapon implementation system to simfphys vehicles. Included vehicles can be found in your simfphys tab under "Armed Vehicles"


[simfphys] HL2 Pre-war vehicles Reworked
Created by SloppyTrainyard

HL2 pre-war vehicles, re-done with better quality such as more proper engine sounds, driving setup, steering wheel range and other small fixes

this is not a replacement for simfphys's pack, thi...
[simfphys] LUA Vehicles - Base
Created by Luna
simfphys is a vehicle entity script that is primarily aimed for four-wheeled-ground-vehicles. These vehicles can be edited ingame, thats cool i guess, but don't put all sliders on max and expect good handling lmao.

Do not save or duplicat...
[simfphys] Miscellaneous vehicles pack
Created by SloppyTrainyard

I take no credits for the models, their authors are listed in the --Credits-- section

--Vehicle List--
  • Zil 130 (Comes with Bed as a separate prop)
  • IZH 2125 Komby
Created by DarkLord20172002
HMMWV или Humvee ([hʌmˈviː], сокращение от англ. High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle — «высокоподвижное многоцелевое колёсное транспортное средство», читается «Хамви́») — американский армейский вседорожник, стоящий на вооружении в основном у ВС США,...
Overhauled Radial Menu
Created by SirRanjid
Version: 2019-10-22
Overhauled Radial Menu for quick tool and commands access. Originally made by FlyveHest, then Cmasta.
Made huge changes to it and wanted to release it because i think not only I could profit from it.

Thanks to Skinhead Larry you...
Insurgency Blood Impact Particle FX
Created by Froze

Blood impact effect similar to the one in Insurgency.
[Half Life: Alyx] Xen Pack (Props)
Created by jqueary
112 Xen stuff from Half-Life: Alyx
Use the effect/prop resizer to scale the props ( also advanced bone tool for posing, sorry no ragdolls ) , also Animated Prop Tool to spawn static props that are animated
list of poseable/animateble props:
MysterAC Particle Enhancer V2 [BETA]
Created by MysterAC
After many tries and hiatus is finally here.
A Modification that nobody asked for it, and that everyone wants to have

My name is MysterAC, and if you already seen my youtube channel you know what i do.
and if you have not seen it yet, you c...
Weapon Holsters with editor
Created by Othereum
This add-on is currently out of support.
If you have a problem or want to add a feature, modify it yourself and feel free to upload it. Don't worry about copyright.

Enhanced Weapon Holsters

Unsubscribe other laggy, buggy wea...
ChromA Damage Indicator
Created by TFA
If you enjoy this mod, be sure to like it and follow my workshop!

Thanks to Unreal Enhancements, you can now use chromatic abberation as your hit indicator instead of the annoying red screen. Requires Unreal Enhancements to work, but none of...
Unreal Enhancements
Created by TFA
If enjoy this mod, be sure to like it and follow my workshop!

The two new post effects are available in the post processing tab.

  • Real-Time Bokeh DoF, supporting viewmodels, players, NPCs, props, and more. Opti
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