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Residential Arcologies
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Aug 23, 2019 @ 12:51pm
Jul 5 @ 5:28am
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Residential Arcologies



Over time I intend to add more megabuildings. For now this mod adds lore friendly arcology buildings to the game. They are based on the towers shown in the loading screen depicting a Ecumenopolis and a bit of backstory added in the the Ancient Relics DLC which suggests that Relic Worlds had buildings called 'Residential Spires' of extremely large sizes.

Gameplay wise these are very expensive late-game residential buildings which should help with housing pops on massively overcrowded worlds. Though they each require an Ascension Perk to unlock and provide a very large amount of housing space, they can be built outside of a Ecumenopolis, Hive World or Machine World so long as the planet has an upgraded administration building. I added a few variations with separate sprites in an attempt to make sure they thematically fit in with the other buildings, based on the type of empire you are playing.

Upkeep (all variants):
30 Energy
2 Rare Crystals

Megacities of titanic proportions. The poor and destitute subsist in the cramped apartments of the subterranean levels while the rich and fortunate live comfortably in the luxurious penthouses of the glittering upper spires.
Housing: +45
Clerk Jobs: +15
Amenities: +20

Huge megacities densely packed with uniform habitats which are compact yet comfortable and of utilitarian design.
Housing: +50
Clerk Jobs: +15
Amenities: +16

Mega-facilities packed full of drone storage alcoves and maintenance bays interconnected by an efficient transit system.
Housing: +55
Maintenance Drone Jobs: +6
Amenities: +10

Gigantic mega-hives filled from top to bottom with drone nests interconnected by a labyrinthine network of basic but utilitarian infrastructure.
Housing: +60
Maintenance Drone Jobs: +6
Amenities: +10
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Jul 5 @ 5:39am
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edey5000 Jul 22 @ 6:23pm 
I love this mod, thank you
Tobiassaurus Jul 5 @ 6:30am 
Yeey he´s back :D
SAXON  [author] Jul 5 @ 5:33am 
@everyone: I just updated this mod. I made some very minor changes to make it up-to-date with the latest version of the game. The only real difference is that Habitats are now also allowed to build Residential Spires since Paradox has expanded Habitats and even allows us to upgrade them into huge sizes in the game.

As always this update may break your game for which I am very sorry. However simply un-installing and quickly re-installing this mod should fix the issue. If not then at least you will be able to use them again in any NEW games.
suarezgdoom3 Jun 19 @ 5:20pm 
TrueGuardian32 Jun 11 @ 8:46am 
Since you are working on this again I put a few ideas in the suggestions tab. I'll share more later.
SAXON  [author] Jun 11 @ 3:45am 
Hello everyone. This is just a message to let you know that I've returned to modding Stellaris. I have run into a serious snag with the updated launcher paradox introduced a few months ago. Mods are a pain to update ever since, and I have given up hope that they will address this.

I will coordinate with more experienced modders and ask them to share their magic with me so that I will hopefully get this mod back in the saddle soon! I ask for a little more patience.
Eistea312 Jun 11 @ 3:17am 
@The Real Saucy Egg McMuffin
Works fine for me, just deinstall this mod an install it again.

Have a look in your mod folder: SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\281990\1843305631

In this folder there have to be a .zip caled ""

if this is not the case or other problems arise I may be able to help, I could also change the balance a little

If there are more problems, I can have a look at your date and maybe help.
练为战 Jun 8 @ 9:04pm 
what an amazing mod,hope for an update.
Eksorium Jun 1 @ 8:04am 
really good buildings. Hope for an update.
Cúchulainn May 22 @ 11:57am 
Hope you come back to update this mod one day :)