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Conspirator Armor
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Aug 23, 2019 @ 9:42am
Oct 30 @ 10:30pm
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Conspirator Armor

New custom armor :

Conspirator Armor is an armor set that is comparable to Exceptional Aquilonian medium armor with bonus agility on each piece.

Duplicate sets are available to craft. One with +2 cold protection on each piece and the other
+2 heat protection on each piece.

Total of 14 pieces of armor

Pieces for each set:
Conspirator Cuirass
Conspirator Bra
Conspirator Panties
Conspirator Leggings
Conspirator Leggings and Skirt
Conspirator Boots
Conspirator Bracers

New feat: Conspirator Armor can be learned at level 50
Craftable on the armorer bench

My other mods:
Aquilonia Server Mod :
Aquilonian Females :
Sexy Silent Legion Armor :
Aquilonian Passion Body :

Everything I do is for free but keep in mind it does take a great deal of effort and personal time. If you like what I do ,wish to encourage me to continue or just show your appreciation please consider sending a donation.

Thank you for your support

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Oct 22 @ 9:41am
Servers Running This Mod
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rocknroll07 Nov 23 @ 3:48am 
you need to remove light/medium/ heavy chest, legging, etc padding and replace it with only the single light/heavy/medium padding after the last update so the items can be crafted at the armorer benches.
浪女 Nov 1 @ 1:12am 
Hello, I hope you can add dyeing function and decomposition function of decomposition table to this equipment.
Fey Warrior Oct 28 @ 8:20pm 
The mod author posted one of her other mods Conspirator Armor For Passion Body :
Alice [author] 7 hours ago
@♛•(EXBL)(Jey)•♛ I will update it when I have a chance. There is literally a hurricane about to pass over where I live. Will probably lose power.. Don't know when I will have a chance to update this.... I just rushed to update the server mod as first priority
Monsoon Oct 28 @ 3:35pm 
can you please update for the 2.1 release? Thanks!
Mourncaller Sep 26 @ 1:19pm 
If this mod has a discord for it, could I please get the link for that?
Dragon of Light & Shadow Sep 16 @ 4:41pm 
Tyvm for the update
TOWGURU Sep 16 @ 10:18am 
@Alice Thank you so much for this excellent mod! I appreciate the time and effort you put into these.

@Fey Warrior - Thank you for the candid and timely response!
Alice  [author] Sep 16 @ 9:27am 
@TOWGURU mod has been updated
@Sin Mod has been updated , it should work.
Fey Warrior Sep 15 @ 11:41pm 

I've not had a chance to test this mod as I used her Server Mod which has this armor built-in.

I believe she does plan to update it, if you've found it's not working?

She, like many other modders had limited time and spent that on the most popular mods first:
- Aquilonian Passion Body
- Aquilonian Females
- Aquilonia Server Mod
- Conspirator Armor For Passion Body
- Sexy Silent Legion Armor
- Passion Body Shaved Patch

She said she'll work through them all as her personal time permits. It looks like this is the last one (from Updated date) she has outstanding.
TOWGURU Sep 15 @ 10:46pm 
Does anyone know if the Mos author is planning on updating this for the new DLC? Thank you.