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[CP] DOOM (1.0)
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[CP] DOOM (1.0)

In 1 collection by Chicken Plucker
Project: Red Horse 1.0
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"Warning, the Slayer has entered the Colony."

Rip and tear your way into RimWorld with the return of DOOM 4 weaponry and the Slayer's brand new Praetor Suit.

Requirements to unlock the equipment
- 'Fabrication' research to unlock the UAC Fabrication Bench
- 'Powered Armor' research to unlock the Praetor Suit
- 'Charged Shot' research to unlock the energy-based weapons

Weapons feature their original DOOM 4 sound effects. (Weapon roster in previews)

Planned Expansion Packs:

- DOOM Demons


- DOOM UAC Furniture

- DOOM Factions


Hard Incompatibilities:

- Combat Extended. Patch will come out if Sumgai makes it


Want more DOOM? Try: The DOOM Kit - Classic 1.0


DOOM - Glory Kill Takedown


Chicken Plucker
D_unit01 - For the original DOOM classic mod that inspired these series
NestOfMoon - B18 patch
O-Negative - Chainsaw SFX patch
Jecrell - C#
Albion - C#
dninemfive - C# support
Sumgai and the CE Fast Track team
Viceroy - For providing some of the weapon sounds and helping inspire these mod series
id Software and Bethesda for DOOM assets
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Aug 24 @ 4:05am
PINNED: "Can I enable this mod mid-save?"
Chicken Plucker
< >
Chiper Sep 21 @ 7:34am 
Chicken Plucker  [author] Sep 20 @ 9:23am 
@♂️Dungeon Master♂ - It's planned after the US Military Kit, the armor shown in the previews are only beta versions and will not be used in the final version. It's one of those things that will take very long due to the amount of textures for each outfit. 4 UAC armor variants and helmets means 72 different textures on top of other things.

I am not only planning UAC Armor but also Bounty Hunter armors from online since DOOM factions will include Bounty Hunters that will be contracted with special units of the UAC (soldiers that aren't wearing full white gear basically since they're special)

@Chiper - Not yet, sumgai has been busy lately so he hasn't been able to patch a few of my mods

@Fog - Yes it is an upgraded version, I may do it after the factions are done, not sure when but I do want it to happen cause that new armor is swoode
♂️Dungeon Master♂ Sep 19 @ 5:26am 
is it possible to say, when UAC kit will be completed ?
Sgori Sep 15 @ 4:30am 
@Chiper "Hard Incompatibilities:

- Combat Extended. Patch will come out if Sumgai makes it"
Chiper Sep 13 @ 3:19am 
so i have a question CE compat?
Fog Sep 12 @ 4:39pm 
Only info I can find on the Eternal armor is that the left arm is different and has a cannon mounted to it. I do still think it's the Praetor armor though and other than the arm they look almost identical
Chicken Plucker  [author] Sep 12 @ 2:58pm 
@Fog - After checking that new stuff out again and your suggestion I definitely wanna more than ever, just waiting till release so every detail can be done accurate, like the name of the suit? I need to know that, earlier would be nice since as far as I'm aware it's not the Praetor Suit anymore, making it shouldn't be too hard if the resemblance is similar.

And yes UAC will offer miles more customization and personalization, especially with the new plans for the armor to be colorable. Just need the time, been very busy finding part-time work and doing college.
Fog Sep 12 @ 1:47am 
That makes a lot more sense! Definitely hope to see an Eternal version and some UAC armor and demons as mentioned above, could make a clean looking death squad with all those goodies.
Chicken Plucker  [author] Sep 12 @ 1:24am 
@Fog - Latest series of Doom is DOOM Eternal which has a different armour (perhaps an upgraded version) and this one is based on DOOM 4 which is accurate. Their design was a homagr to the original DOOM where the security helmet is grey and the body armour is green.

I did my research before making the mod, there may be a DOOM Eternal version later but it's not my priority at the moment, and I'm unsure about allowing a colourable version but I'll give it a maybe.
Fog Sep 12 @ 1:18am 
Some iterations true but in the latest entries of Doom they do, when I get to that level in tech tho I'll try painting it myself and see where I get