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Dismount Where You Look
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Aug 21, 2019 @ 12:47pm
Oct 22, 2021 @ 3:23pm
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Dismount Where You Look

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The Dismount mod allows the player to exit the vehicle at the point closest to where they are looking and in the same compartment.

Client side.

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Alternatively, you can use Ride Where You Look (or both) with which you can look at the seat near your desired exit, switch to it, and then exit.
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Sep 25, 2021 @ 8:38am
Issue Reports
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Ampersand  [author] Oct 14 @ 11:32am 
Yup. That way there's no need to setPos after waiting for the separation.
Overlord Zorn Oct 14 @ 11:28am 
oh wait, you suggesting to just swap seats to where you want to dismount instead, right?
Overlord Zorn Oct 14 @ 11:27am 
can you dismount with ride where you look?
Ampersand  [author] Oct 14 @ 11:10am 
As I see it, Ride Where You Look is strictly better since you it's more realistic and less janky to move to the seat nearest to the exit you want before exiting.
Overlord Zorn Oct 14 @ 11:00am 
Any plans on merging Dismount/Mounting where you look into one mod or are there reasons against that?
Ayso (She/Her) Jun 29 @ 8:43am 
Could you add in the description it is client sided (just cus people dont tend to check comments) :3
Fercho Jan 30 @ 12:17pm 
ok, thanks
Ampersand  [author] Jan 30 @ 12:15pm 
If I'm the only creator, yes. Hatchet should be requested in the project's discord.
Fercho Jan 30 @ 12:08pm 
@Ampersand, I Can use other mod´s by you for repack?? Like Hatchet H-60 pack and others?
Fercho Jan 30 @ 10:25am