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Tower Unite

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The Ultimate Tower Unite Achievement Guide
By Leeson and 3 collaborators
Includes information regarding every single achievement in Tower Unite. If an achievement isn't quite working or your unsure on how to do one then this guide will have the information for it. If you have any questions or information we may have missed be sure to leave a comment for us.
Achievement Overview
498 Total Achievements
14 unobtainable

Achievements per gamemode
  • 18 Plaza
  • 74 Arcade - 1 unreleased
  • 16 Casino
  • 5 Nightclub - 5 unreleased
  • 12 Bowling
  • 6 Fishing
  • 8 Trivia
  • 7 Laser Tag
  • 5 Typing Derby
  • 3 Theater
  • 11 Minigames - 2 unreleased, 1 broken
  • 11 Halloween 1 unreleased
  • 26 Condo - 1 unreleased
  • 25 Accelerate
  • 72 Ball Race
  • 113 Minigolf - 3 unreleased
  • 24 Little Crusaders
  • 28 Virus
  • 31 Zombie Massacre
  • 0 Planet Panic
  • 3 Steam Workshop
Before You Start
Achievements in Tower Unite are unlocked server side. This means that they can only be unlocked when connected to the game backend. This is indicated in the top left of the client in the menu, and while in game if you open the menu you will also see the indicator. If you unlock achievements when disconnected from the backend they will unlock when you connect back to the backend if you haven't closed the game.

Some of the achievements for gamemodes listed here will be a ton easier to do with other people especially as sometimes it may be hard to get enough players. These type of gamemodes being Zombie Masacare, Virus and Little Crusaders. Also some of the plaza minigames depending on the plaza server and time.

Scripting for achievements is not allowed according to the developers in the Tower Unite Discord server. So take care when considering the use of this. Especially in cases of scripting the casino where you can get plaza banned and your Units balance wiped.

If you have any tips we haven't included for any achievement make sure to leave a comment to let us know and we will be sure to add it. If you see a mistake also be sure to let us know so we can correct it.

Also if the guide has helped you in any way or you like what you see be sure to rate, and favorite the guide :D
Unobtainable achievements [14] *
Broken: 1 achievement
Minigames: 1
Heavy Drinker
Drink down 100 drinks in Booze Bash.

Unreleased content: 13 achievements
Arcade: 1
Pixel Crusader: Phase One
Play and earn at least 15 tickets from each of the arcade games in phase one in one game.

Nightclub: 5
8-Ball Rookie
Win a game of 8-ball.
8-Ball Champion
Win 10 games of 8-ball.
Clean Game
Clear the table without scratching once.
Pool Hustler
Sink 3 valid balls in a row.
Trick Shot
Sink a valid ball from across the table.

Minigames: 2
Get first place in the RC Race.
Sunk the Battleships
Sink 100 RC boats in Battle Boats.

Halloween: 1
Open a Halloween catsack

Condo: 1
Kiss The Cook
Cook two items into a delicious meal.

Minigolf: 3
Dark Completed
Play through each hole of Dark.
Dark Regular
Play through each hole of Dark 10 times.
Dark Mastered
Get par or below for the course on Dark.
Plaza (1/2) [18]
Achievements: 18

Tower Addiction
Play on Plaza for 7 days in total.
Your character will appear as AFK in plaza if you do not press any key for 60 seconds. For this achievement to work, you must keep your character from going AFK in plaza for 168 hours.

Human Blur
Fall from the top of Project 12 and land on the fountain without a jetpack.
An elevator in Tower Lobby can take you to the top of the tower. Simply jump off the roof and land on the fountain in Central Plaza. You should unequip your jetpack first and get a running start to jump.

Long Walk Through Tower
Walk 100,000 steps in total through the plaza.
This achievement does take a considerable amount of time. Sprinting will make this achievement go by faster.

Skeleton RP
Roleplay as a skeleton.
Hold down "C" and select Appearance. Remove your workshop player model if you have one equipped, then select the Skeleton character skin.

Jumping Jack Rabbit
Jump 200,000 times in total in the plaza.
Find a place on the map where you can wedge your character's head right beneath an object. My favorite place to do this is in the Condo Lobby stairwell. The entrance is on the roof right next to the Project 12 bar. Unequip your jetpack first. Stand beneath one of the large staircases, and now you are able to spam jump extremely fast! If you wedge yourself properly, you should only need to spam the spacebar.

Best Pickup Line
Talk to any store attendant while drunk.
Go to the hotdog stand on the boardwalk next to the ferris wheel. Purchase an equippable beer from him for 150 units. Hold Q to open inventory, hover mouse on the top menu, and equip the beer. Get drunk and go back to talk to the hotdog stand.

Store Fixation
Talk to store attendants 250 times.
You can talk to the same store attendant 250 times. Just click the X at the top right each time to close the menu.

"Smart" Investor
Spend a total of 10,000 Units on beer.
Go to the Project 12 bar and buy 200 beer bottles.

Hole In Your Pocket
Spend a total of 50,000 Units.
This will be earned naturally if you play the game or go after the other achievements. You can earn units fast by playing solo Ball Race or solo Zombie Massacre though.

Talk to every single store attendant.
Talk to every vendor in the game.

Near the ferris wheel:
- By The Sea Shore (dolphin located on the beach closeby)
- Franky's Grill (hotdog costume on outside boardwalk)
- Gone Fishin' bait shop
- Celebrations
- Fresh food and smoothies

Near Tower Lobby:
- Project 12 Rooftop Bar
- The Toy Stop
- Songbirds
- Rob's Imports
- Seasons (bird on rooftop of Rob's Imports)
- Sweet Suite Furnishings
- Horizon Condos (inside Sweet Suite Furnishings)
- Central Circuit

Bowling Alley:
- 2 attendants behind counter inside
- Indoor vending machine

- 2 attendants behind counter inside
- Indoor vending machine

- The Stray

Lazy River:
- Oasis

Find all the markers around the map.
There are 30 red question mark symbols all around Plaza in key locations such as stores, attractions, and buildings. Find all of them, and read the info it tells you to learn more about Tower Unite plaza.
Plaza (2/2)
Find and take pictures of each photo shoot spot.
Purchase a camera at the Central Circuit store for 1,000 units. There are 10 blue camera symbols around the map. You need to pull out your camera and snap a picture at all of these locations.

1. On the roof of the Project 12 tower.
2. At the entrance of the water slide
3. On the platform behind the ferris wheel
4. Near the hotdog stand on the boardwalk
5. In front of the Theater entrance
6. In front of the Arcade entrance
7. In front of the Toy Shop entrance
8. In front of the Light House entrance
9. On the beach near the Light House
10. In the middle of Central Plaza

I Can See My House From Here
Use a view finder.
View finders are located on the roof of Project 12, the lighthouse, the water slide entrance, and behind the ferris wheel. Look through one of these to unlock this achievement.

Behind The Scenes
Find the hidden Dev HQ.
The hidden Dev HQ is located inside Tower Lobby. Fly above the ceiling rafters using a jetpack from the Rob's Imports store. Press "E" on the wall vent to enter.

Stuffed Discovery
Find all the hidden stuffed animals.
Press "E" on all ten stuffed animals.

1. Turtle on the tracks of the subway at the spawn location
2. Bear in the corner above the subway escalators
3. Bear on top of the casino roof
4. Fox above the ceiling rafters of the Tower Lobby
5. Snail on the roof of the Arcade
6. Penguin on the beach shack in front of the Oasis store
7. Dinosaur to the left of the Theater door entrance
8. Dinosaur inside the cave behind the Poseidon coaster
9. Hedgehog in the grass in front of the Upgrades store
10. Whale on the middle of the ferris wheel

Ride The Coaster
Ride the Poseidon coaster.
The Poseidon coaster is located on the boardwalk. Ride it once from start to finish.

Coaster Addict
Ride the Poseidon coaster 10 times.
Ride the Poseidon coaster 10 times total from start to finish. You are allowed to go AFK for this achievement.

It's a Party!
Play in Plaza with 4 or more friends at once for more than 15 minutes.
Me and a group of friends have actually figured out how the game checks for this achievements critera. We will be testing for the theater ones using similar methods next.
  • The person going for the achievement will need the 4 friends they are doing it with added on Steam.
  • The person going for the achievement will need to be the first person to join the server before the 4 friends.
  • The 15 minute timer for the achievement will then start for the person who joined the server first.
  • You all don’t need to be in a plaza group.
  • People can go afk but not the person getting the achievement. If the person going for the achievement gets marked afk then the 15 minute timer will pause for them.

It seems the game only counts friends for the “4 or more friends” requirement when they join the server after you. If you join a friends server they’ll not count towards your “4 or more friends” requirement but you will count for them.
Arcade (1/2) [74] *
Achievements: 74
1 currently unreleased

It's An Avalanche!
Get the bonus in Avalanche.
Snowed In
Knock down 50 blue catsacks total in Avalanche.

Leaving Early Access
Destroy over 250 bugs total in Bug Bytes.
This Is The Thanks I Get For Working Overtime
Personally destroy more than 30 bugs in a single game of Bug Bytes.

Captain Of The Sea
Land 5 jackpots in Dizzy.
Missed It By That Much
Land one spot away from the jackpot in Dizzy.
Perfect Storm
Land on the jackpot in Dizzy.

Hit every tile in a single game of Ice Cave.
Light 'Em Up
Hit 500 tiles total in Ice Cave.

Toss the ball into the bird basket 10 times total in Little Birde Feeders.
Knight of the Bird
Get over 3,000 points in a single game of Little Birde Feeders.
Sweet Snacks
Toss the ball into the bird basket 5 times in a single game of Little Birde Feeders.

The Lonely Gun
Shoot down over 150 targets in total in Lonely Gun.
Courts Adjourned
Clear the final round in less than 3 seconds in Lonely Gun.
Judge Jury Executioner
Complete all 4 rounds with less than 10 seconds on the clock in Lonely Gun.
Total Efficiency
Clear all the targets in a single game without wasting a bullet in Lonely Gun.

Get 5 bonus wheel spins in total in Meteoroid Mania.
It's The End Of The World As We Know It
Win over 300 points in a single game of Meteoroid Mania.

Big Brain Moment
Expand your mind and become a genius in Mind Tester.
Danger! High Voltage!
Shock your mind and body in Mind Tester.

Action Reaction
Collect all the apples in a single game of Newton's Apples.
Who Needs Gravity Anyway?
Collect 500 apples total in Newton's Apples.

The Messiah
Sink 25 balls in total in the center cup in The Offering.
Generous Scarifice
Score over 5,000 points in a single game of The Offering.
A Worthy Offering To The Gods
Sink 25 balls in a single game of The Offering.
Use this Steam guide to get consistent shots in the center cup.
Sink 25 balls in a single game of The Offering is actually for sinks in a lifetime.
Arcade (2/2)
Pixel Crusader: Phase One
Play and earn at least 15 tickets from each of the arcade games in phase one in one game.
Coming soon. Currently broken.

Modern Beethoven
Pass over 5000 notes total in Planetary Piano.
Play Me A Tune, Piano Man
Pass 300 notes in a single game of Planetary Piano.

F Is For Friends
Pluck a pal in Pluck-a-Pal.
Pluck 15 pals in Pluck-a-Pal.
VIP (Very Important Pal)
Pluck a rare pal in Pluck-a-Pal.
[TODO] Image of rare pal

Deity Of Rings
Score enough for the bonus in Ring God.
Ring God
Toss over 150 rings total in Ring God.
Lord Of The Rings
Ring over 50 bottles total in Ring God.

Drop Me In The Water
Repeat 30 times in a single game of Salmon Says.
Take Me To The River
Repeat 15 times in a single game of Salmon Says.
There is a time limit of 20 seconds to answer for each repeat. Keep that in mind while going for the 30 repeats.

Pocket a ball in one of the top corners in Skeeball.
Midway Mania
Score 30,000 points in a single game of Skeeball.

Ascending To The Top
Reach level 5 in Stack 'Em.
Stacking Them Up
Reach level 2 in Stack 'Em.

Going Pro
Play a perfect game (no misses) with at least 40 points in Super Hoopers.
Hoop There It Is!
Score 100 hoops total in Super Hoopers.
Reach 50 points in a single game of Super Hoopers.

We Got Cows
Get 100 points in Tornado.

Mole Exterminator
Whack 50 moles total in Whack-a-Mole.
Cat Protector
Never hit a cat with at least 50 points in a single game of Whack-a-mole.
You've Been Terminated
Whack a total of 30 moles in a single game of Whack-a-mole.

I Can't Believe It's Not Rigged!
Toss a coin through the bonus slot.
Three Fifty
Toss 350 coins total in Wheely Rigged.

Just Keep Swimming
Drop over 50 balls total in Whirl-a-Fish.
Nice Catch!
Win the jackpot in Whirl-a-Fish.
Two Fish Blue Fish
Get bonus balls in Whirl-a-Fish.
Casino [16]
Achievements: 16

Sore Finger
Place 1,000 bets in slot machines.
You will make significant progress towards this achievement by going for the "Wheel of Nothing" and "Slay the Dragon" casino achievements. Keep betting the max amount of credits on either the Wheel of Money or Grand Quest slot machines.

Big Bucks
Put over 10,000 units in poker.
This one is for betting a total of 10,000 units on Texas Hold'em tables. You can do this very quickly by going to the high stakes table hidden behind some doors on the upstairs balcony.

Counting Cards
Win 100 games of poker.
Win 100 games at any Texas Hold'em table. The fastest method is to play with just one other friend and both players fold every hand of cards. Keep a eye on your cards while going for this. Make sure you choose check if you think you may end up with a flush or a straight. You can be going for both of these achievements at the same time.

Flushed Away
Win 3 poker games with a flush.
Standing Tall
Win 5 poker games with a straight.
Play Texas Hold'em for these two achievements.
To win with a flush, you need to have at least 5 cards in your hand with the same suit (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs).
To win with a straight, you need to have at least 5 cards in your hand that are in numerical order.

Royal Winnings
Get a royal flush in poker or video poker.
Play Video Poker for this achievement because you can greatly increase your odds of getting a royal flush by choosing which cards to hold. To earn a royal flush you need to get an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 which all have the same suit. You will need incredible luck to be able to pull this off.
First draw = 1 in 649,740 chance
Holding 0 cards = 1 in 383,436 chance
Holding 1 card = 1 in 178,380 chance
Holding 2 cards = 1 in 16,215 chance
Holding 3 cards = 1 in 1,081 chance
Holding 4 cards = 1 in 47 chance

Wheel of Spins
Get 10 spins on Wheel of Money.
You have a chance of landing on Spins as you play the slot machine. Make sure you are betting with 5 credits, because you will not be able to spin the big wheel if you bet the with anything lower.

Wheel of Nothing
Get 20 nothings on Wheel of Money.
Bet on the slot machine with 5 credits. You will be able to spin the big wheel if the slots land on a Spin, but the big wheel needs to land on Nothing a total of 20 times.

Casino Addict
Spend 10,000 units on slots or video machines.
Keep playing on the slot/video machines, and bet on the highest amount.

Double 5X
Get 5X or higher on Double or Nothing.
Bet with 1 credit. Keep spamming the red button until you reach a 5x combo then cash out. May lady luck be with you.

Video Blackjack Pro
Get 21 on Video Blackjack 10 times.
Keep pressing Hit until you get a 21, and then press Stand to win. Repeat 10 times.

Natural Blackjack
Get a natural blackjack on Video Blackjack.
A natural blackjack is for getting a 21 from your starting cards.

Five Card Hold
Hold all five cards but still make a win on Video Poker.
Keep holding all five of your cards in Video Poker until you win.

Slay the Dragon
Defeat the dragon on Grand Quest.
Just keep betting with 1 credit on Grand Quest, and hope that you get lucky each time the slots land on Action. The random choices need to bring the dragon's HP down from 100 to 0 before he can kill you.

Money Master
Win a jackpot on any of the slot machines.
You will unlock this achievement at the same time as the Slay the Dragon achievement above. You can also get it by winning a jackpot on Wheel of Money or Triple Diamonds.
Nightclub [5] *
This guide section is coming soon.
Bowling [12]
Achievements: 12

No Time To Spare
Get 100 strikes in total.
Knock down all the pins in a single throw 100 times total. See the final Flawless Victory bowling guide for a strategy on how to achieve more strikes.

Damage Control
Get 20 spares in total.
No Pin Left Behind
Get a spare.
Knock down all the pins in 2 throws.

Keeping The Gutters Clean
No gutterballs in a game.
Throw your ball down the center with no spin for an entire match.

Weapon Of Choice
Upgrade your bowling ball and bowl with it.
There are two store attendants in the bowling alley. Talk to the Bowling Pro Shop first to purchase a new bowling ball, then talk to the other attendant to customize your ball. Throw the ball down the alley once to unlock the achievement.

Win a game of Bowling while playing with 3 others players.
Get 1st place in a game of bowling with the max amount of players.

Bowling Pro
Win 15 matches of Bowling in total.
You need at least 2 players total, and you also need to get 1st place 15 times.

Turkey Dinner
Get three strikes in a row (XXX).
The Cleaner
Get a clean game (each frame is a spare or strike).
Flawless Victory
Get a perfect game (score 300).
Tournament Bowler
Get a score greater than 200.
Amatuer Hour
Get a score greater than 100.
These will all be earned when going for the Flawless Victory achievement. This achievement is very difficult, but here is the strategy I used:
Don't move your ball to the left/right and don't add spin. Make sure you move your cursor forward very slowly when throwing the ball. This will allow you to aim with almost pinpoint accuracy. Throw the ball in between the center pin and 2nd pin on the right. Good luck!
Fishing [6]
Achievements: 6

Making a Splash
Catch a fish.
Cast Away
Catch 20 fish.
Gone Fishin'
Catch over 100 fish.
Purchase a fishing rod and bait at the Gone Fishin' bait shop located next to the ferris wheel. Meatballs are the cheapest bait to use to attract regular fish. Equip your fishing rod, select the bait, then cast your rod at the fishing docks nearby.

A Rare Find
Catch one of the rare fish.
Worm bait is the cheapest one that will work for this achievement. It could take several attempts or more to find a rare fish.

Make a Wish
Fish up junk.
This achievement will not unlock if you catch common junk. You need to catch a rare fish with something interesting inside them in order to find rare junk, so the Curly Grub bait is what you should choose.

Forbidden Catch
Fish up something strange.
You need to use either Curly Grub or Magnet bait to have a chance at fishing up something strange.
Trivia [8]
Achievements: 8

Trivia Master
Win a game of Trivia.
Trivia Millionaire
Win 100 Trivia games.
You need at least 2 players total for these achievements. You can start a game by yourself, but the win won't count.

Smarty Pants
Get 30 questions correct in total.
Trivia Genius
Get 50 questions correct in total.
You will most likely get these achievements while trying to get the 100 wins as you have to answer 1 question correctly.

Trivia Show Off
Play with a full game and win 1st place.
You need 6 players total for a full game, and you need to get 1st place.

Friend Maker
Play 10 rounds with 2 or more players in total.
Fairly straight forward; just play trivia will at least 2 players. You will make a lot of progress with this as well when getting the other achievements if you play with friends.

Drop and Roll!
Be on combo fire 5 times in total.
You need to get 2 answers correct in a row to be on fire. You will know when you are on fire because the podium will change color.

Trivia Brainiac
Get every question right in a round of Trivia.
This is probably the hardest out of all the trivia achievements. If you keep playing it will be easier for you as you will remember the answers. You can also try to use Google if you are able to search very fast!
Laser Tag [7] *
Achievements: 7

Eliminate 50 players in total.
Players in laser tag start with 3 lives. You need to tag an enemy that only has 1 life left to earn progress. Only 2 players are required to start a laser tag game.

Grim Reaper
Tag 100 players in total.
You can earn 9 tags per match if you boost this with a friend. Meet up at a recharge station, and earn 3 tags per round.

Get 1st place 20 times in total.
Laser Tag Master
Get 1st place 50 times in total.
You need to have the most points on your team at the end of the match. It does not matter if you are on the winning or losing team, so if you boost this with only one friend then both you will get progress for this at the same time.

Tag a player from a distance greater than 10m.
10 meters is a very short distance in this gamemode. If you're playing with a friend, you can have him stand at a far distance.

Do not get eliminated for an entire game.
You start out with 3 lives each round. Don't run out of lives across the 3 rounds of a single match.

Win a round while being the last surviving member of your team.
Typing Derby [5]
Achievements: 5 total

Get 70 WPM or more.
Type an average of 70 words per minute. It will unlock at the end of the game if you complete this challenge.

Derby Winner
Get 1st place while playing with 3 other players.
You need to win with 4 players total.

Master Typist
Type 1,000 words correctly.
Your progress for this will count across all Typing Derby games.

Spell Checker
Get a 20x combo or more.
Don't misspell anything for 20 words in a row.

Gone In 60 Seconds
Compete a race in less than 60 seconds.
Some races have shorter word counts than others. Try to get a short race, but you will still need to be able to type around 70-80WPM to get close to this achievement.
Theater [3]
Achievements: 3

Get Together
Watch Theater with 2 or more friends for more than 30 minutes.
Movie Night
Watch Theater with 4 or more friends for more than 10 minutes.
Our Feature Presentation
Watch Theater for more than 2 hours.
Go inside a Theater showing room and look at the screen. The left-hand side of your HUD will show a message: "[Q] Open Media Queue". The achievement progress should count as long as your HUD displays this message and you don't get marked as AFK. Remember that your character will be marked as AFK if there is no input from any keys for 60 seconds.
Minigames [11]
Achievements: 11
2 currently unreleased
1 currently broken

Minigame events happen at the same time across all Plaza servers. A timer at the bottom-left HUD shows when the next event is going to happen, and a notification will appear when each event is starting. For almost all of these achievements you'll want to attempt them on the larger plaza servers so you have more chances for making progress on the pvp events.

Ultimate Devourer
Eat 100 fruit in Fruit Frenzy.
Heavy Drinker
Drink down 100 drinks in Booze Bash.
Playing in 1st person POV helps! Jump and collect the fruit/booze.
(Booze Bash has been temporarily removed from the game)

Quick Draw
Destroy 100 targets in Target Practice.
Float Denier
Pop 100 balloons in Balloon Shoot.
Shoot as many targets as you can with your gun!

Red Baron
Down 100 planes in Plane Wars.
You only need to hit planes with bullets 100 times. Every time you bring down a plane from full HP should give you 3-5 progress. Choose a populated Plaza server to make this easier!

Smashing Pumpkins
Smash 100 pumpkins in Pumpkin Smash.
I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts
Blast 100 ghosts in Ghost Shoot.
These minigames are seasonal and happen during halloween.

Cold Killer
Knock out 100 players in Snowball Battle.
This minigame is seasonal for winter.

Get first place in the RC Race.
Sunk the Battleships
Sink 100 RC boats in Battle Boats.
These minigames have not been released yet.

Slaughter 100 players in Chainsaw Deathmatch.
Each time you hit a player with the chainsaw will give you progress. This should be easy to get in 1-2 matches. Choose a populated Plaza server to make this easier!
Halloween [11] *
This guide section is coming soon.
Condo (1/2) [26]
Achievements: 26
1 currently unreleased

TV Addiction
Watch TV for 10 hours in a condo in total.
This achievement requires you to be looking at a TV screen for a total of 10 hours. The left-hand side of your HUD will show a message: "[Q] Open Media Queue" when you point your camera at the TV screen, and this is how you know it's counting. It's important to note that your character will appear as AFK if you don't press any key for 60 seconds. For the achievement to track your time you must keep your character from going AFK.

Party Animal
Have 4 or more players in your condo for an hour total.
When you have 4 other players in your condo the timer will start incrementing in the collection book. It's important to note that if any of these players appear as AFK due to not moving for 60 seconds then the timer will not increment.

Drunken Sailor
Be drunk for 10 minutes straight in one go while in a condo.
You will need to purchase at least 2 kegs from the Project 12 bar in Plaza first. Go back to your condo and place them down, then keep spacing out your drinks over the course of ten minutes.

Curious Cat
Open 50 mysterious catsacks.
You can purchase catsacks from the store at the Lighthouse in Plaza. Go back to your condo, place them on the ground, and open a total of 50.

Silver Cat
Open a silver catsack.
A silver catsack costs 10,000 units at the Lighthouse. Purchase one and open it in your condo.

Gold Cat
Open a golden catsack.
The easiest way to obtain a golden catsack is to participate in the Treasure from Sea plaza event. Purchase a metal detector from the Lighthouse to participate. Once the event starts, search the beaches with the metal detector in your hand. Press “E” on the buried chests once you’ve found one. Open the golden catsack in your condo after you’ve found one.

Edit the properties of a single item.
Host one of your condos, and then hold "Q" and right-click any wall or item to edit the properties of it.

Picture Perfect
Place a canvas with a custom image.
Buy a canvas from the DIY Plaza store or Tower Express store then edit the properties of the item to link to a URL image.

Home Sweet Home
Spend 2 hours in your condo.
You will be marked as AFK if there is no input from any keys for 60 seconds. Keep your character going from AFK for 2 hours.

Home Visitor
Visit 20 other condos.
Condo Explorer
Visit 50 other condos.
These achievements do not currently count properly because it usually takes a long time to load into a multiplayer condo. The best way to unlock these is to have a friend host a completely empty condo on the Smooth Dirt map. You should have both complete by the time you’ve visited 100 times. Installing the game on an SSD may help.

Play the Piano with 3 other players nearby.
Play the Drumset with 3 other players nearby.
You will need to either have your own piano/drumset at your condo or join someone who has a it in their condo. Play the instrument while 3 other people are close by.

Place down 200 items in total.
Press “Q” to open your inventory. Drag 200 items into your condo. You can replace the same items down by dragging them back into your inventory.

Kiss The Cook
Cook two items into a delicious meal.
This achievement is currently unobtainable. This feature has not been released yet.
Condo (2/2)
Moving On Up
Purchase some real estate.
Go to the Horizon Condos store in Plaza to purchase a condo. This store is located in the back of Sweet Suite Furnishings. You will need to purchase House for the "Housewarming" achievement and Underwater for the "Under Pressure" achievement.

Space Race
Discover new territory in Resort.
Find the room with the mug. From the spawn location in the subway, head up the staircase into the main building. The first room on your left will take you into the theater. The other side of the theater has a staircase which takes you to the room with the mug. Pressing "E" on the mug will teleport you to a special place. You can die with the "K" key to bring yourself back to the resort.

Find the maintenance vents in Resort.
Fly with your jetpack inside the center of the main Resort building. Near the top there is a ledge with a regular door you can walk through. This door takes you straight to the maintenance vents.

The Edge
Go to the edge in Smooth Dirt.
You can purchase and use a teleporter or use the inflatable boat to reach the edge of the map. Smooth Dirt is enormous, so walking normally would take hours. Both of these items can be bought from the Tower Express store (press Esc to see). To travel fast in an inflatable boat, place it down in your condo and jump in. Start sprinting and the boat will increase in speed very quickly. You can reach the edge of the map in 2-4 minutes this way.

Knock on the neighbor's door at nighttime in House.
A full day cycles on this map in about 15 minutes. The neighbor's house is across the street, so just press "E" on the front door to knock. You can also change the condo time setting to night to speed it up. This should work in a multiplayer condo, but if it does not unlock then you will need to purchase the House condo and host it yourself.

Going Down
Ride the elevator in Highrise.
The Highrise elevator is right at the starting spawn location. This achievement can be done in a multiplayer condo or by purchasing it to host yourself.

Under Pressure
Use the airlock in Underwater.
This achievement is bugged because it does not work in another person's condo. You must buy the Underwater condo for 400,000 units. Solo Zombie Massacre or solo Ball Race are easy fast ways to earn units. Simply go to the bottom floor using the elevator, and use the airlock to go into the deep ocean.

Discover the odd tree in Underwater.
In the Underwater condo there is a small Christmas tree at the bottom of the ocean. You can find it easily because it's in between Satellite Condo 3 and 4 near the edge of the underwater map. This can be done in a condo hosted by somebody else or your own condo.

Mysterious Hatch
Discover a strange hatch in Underwater.
In the Underwater condo there is a hatch to an underwater bunker at the bottom of the ocean. It is located at the edge of the underwater map in between Satellite Condo 2 and 3. This can be done in a condo hosted by somebody else or your own condo.

Lights Out
Turn off all the lights in Art Studio.
Find all the light switches around the map and turn them off. You can join a multiplayer condo or buy it to host yourself.
Accelerate [25] *
This guide section is coming soon.
Ball Race (1/2) [72]
Achievements: 72

General: 6 achievements
Complete a map without popping the ball.
Complete a full map without losing a life.
Master of Ball Race
Complete 50 levels in total.
Will be unlocked for just playing the gamemode.

Melon Muncher
Eat a total of 1,000 melons.
Will be unlocked while grinding 500 melons per map achievements.

Exceed a maximum velocity of 25 m/s.
You will get this by playing Ball Race. The last level of Event Horizon has an easy area to do this on.

Around the World
Play through each Ball Race map once.
Just play each map once.

Show Off
Get 1st place while playing with 4 other players.
Reach the finish on a single level and get 1st place while playing with 5 players total.

Golden Melons: 11 achievements
Event Horizon Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Event Horizon.
Level 2, 7, 11

GLXY Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in GLXY.
Level 2, 4, 5

Khromidro Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Khromidro.
Level 1, 4, 5

Memories Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Memories.
Level 4, 7, 8

Midori Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Midori.
Level 4, 5, 11

Nimbus Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Nimbus.
Level 2, 6, 9

Oasis Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Oasis.
Level 5, 7, 8

Paradise Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Paradise.
Level 3, 9, 13

Prism Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Prism.
Level 6, 8, 14

Summit Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Summit.
Level 4, 8, 10

Woodlands Hidden Treasure
Discovered the 3 golden melons in Woodlands.
Level 2, 8, 10

For a more detailed guide for hidden golden melons check out the independent guide for these made by murtle, and whoag here:
Ball Race (2/2)
King of [Map]: 11 achievements
Complete each map without dying. Prism is easier with a friend as they can press all the buttons for you.

[Map] Collector: 11 achievements
Collect 500 melons in each map. This is easiest to do solo, but only the small watermelon slices will make the achievement counter go up.

Visited [Map] / [Map] Master / [Map] Conquered: 33 achievements
Complete each map a total of 30 times. Can go AFK to make it go faster.
Minigolf (1/2) [113]
Achievements: 113
3 currently broken

General: 9 achievements
Hole in One!
Get a hole in one.
You will get this when getting the hole in ones on the specific maps.

Long Drive
Hit the ball a total of 100,000 m.
You will get this overtime while playing the gamemode for the other achievements.

Be airborne for 30 seconds total.
You will naturally get this while playing the game.

Long Putt
Sink a putt from 1,000 m away.
You will naturally get this while playing the game.

Welcome to the Masters
Get 25 hole in ones.
You will get this when getting the hole in ones on the specific maps.

Screaming Eagles
Get an Eagle 25 times.
You get an eagle when scoring 2 under par.

Ancient Mariner
Get an Albatross 10 times.
You get a albatross by scoring 2 on a par 5 hole, 3 on a par 6 hole, and so on.
A decent place to grind this achievement out is on Hole #17 Kingdom by getting it in the hole in 2 shots. Use the Kingdom HIO video guide in section Minigolf (2/2) to see how that level works.
In the latest map Island it's really easy to get an albatross on some holes naturally.

Green Greens
Get a Birdie 50 times.
You get a birdie when you score one under par.

I See Fields of Green
Play through each Minigolf map once.
You will get this when getting the hole in ones on the specific maps.

[Map] Completed / [Map] Regular: 20 achievements
Complete each map once for the [Map] Completed achievements and then a total of 10 times for [Map] Regular.

[Map] Mastered: 10 achievements
Use the Hole In One guides as much as possible in the second section of Minigolf. This should net you a score under par on each map with enough pratice. Good luck!
Minigolf (2/2)
Look at these guides to help you earn all Hole In One achievements!
Massive thanks to Gizzy GG on YouTube for the amazing guides.

TIP: Change your FPS cap to 60 using the in-game settings menu in order to hit more consistent shots.

Alpine HIO: 6 achievements

Altitude HIO: 4 achievements

Emission HIO: 4 achievements

Forest HIO: 4 achievements
(some lining up strats won't work because of new shaders)

Garden HIO: 11 achievements

Kingdom HIO: 11 achievements

Sweet Tooth HIO: 11 achievements

Treasure Cove HIO: 6 achievements

Waterhole HIO: 5 achievements

Island HIO: 5 achievements
Little Crusaders [24] *
Achievements: 24

How ranking up to Count works:
When playing Little Crusaders every time you turn off the dragon and net yourself a kill you will rank up. Your rank is visable in the corner where your stamina bar is. If you die you'll lose your rank and start as Esquire again needing to get the kills again to build your rank back.

The rank order is as follows:
Rank 1: Esquire 0 kills (Or just died) color: pink ghost: basic ghost not holding anything
Rank 2: Knight 1 kill (From death) color: green ghost: Holding a wooden mug of root beer
Rank 3: Baron 2 kills (From death) color: blue ghost: Holding a wooden mug and chicken leg
Rank 4: Count 3 kills (From death) color: white ghost: Holding a sparkling goblet
Thanks to the detailed LC guide by Searith for the informatiom

General: 12 achievements
Cape Crusader
Be promoted to the rank of Count.
Read the section above this achievement on how to rankup to Count.

Button Masher
Turn off the Dragon 50 times.
Click the dragon's button without getting eaten 50 times.

Drunken Afterlife
Be a fancy ghost 10 times after being a Knight.
Become a fancy ghost instead of a normal ghost upon death. You need to die as a crusader with rank Count for this. Read the start of this section for more info on ranking up as a crusader.

Aerial Takedown
While in the air, turn off the Dragon.
Just before you turn off the dragon's button, jump in the air then click.

Taunting Death
Taunt 10 times near the Dragon.
Taunt infront of the dragon 10 times by pressing R.

Knight Dynasty
Win 10 times with 3 or more Knights alive.
When playing on the Knights team try win the round with yourself and 2 other knights alive. Repeat 9 times.

You are Dead
Get eaten by the Dragon 20 times.
Get eaten by the dragon 20 times. Rip

Chomp 'til You Drop
Eat 50 Knights as Dragon.
While playing as the dragon eat the knights with your chomp ability.

Enter the Knights!
Be in the winning Knight team more than 50 times.
This will be gained through just playing the game and casually gaining progress towards it.

Pancake Mix
Stomp 15 Knights into pancakes as Dragon.
Jump on top of the knights instead of eating them to make progress towards this one.

Kill the Dragon 3 times with Birb.
The birb can spawn on any map during a round. Once it spawns, go run to pick it up first and try to hit the dragon's button when throwing it. Repeat 2 more times.

Ultimate Cape Crusader
Be promoted to the rank of Count 20 times.
Reach the rank of count a total of 20 times. Read the start of this section on how to rank up to a Count in LC.

Count of [Map]: 5 achievements
On each map become the count. Read the start of this section on how to rank up to a Count in LC.

Eat all the knights in a single round: 5 achievements
On each map as the dragon eat all the knights in a single round.
Virus [28]
Achievements: 28

General: 13 achievements
Team Player
Be part of a survivor team of more than 4 players and win.
Stay alive with 4 players total to the end of a single round.

Strong Motiviation
Survive 50 rounds in Virus.
This will get unlocked while progressing towards 25 round survives on each map.

Use adrenaline 30 times.
Each round make sure to use your adrenaline with "C" to make progress.

Pump adreanline in your veins while being the last survivor.
Try keep your adrenaline and not use it till your the last survivor. Use it quickly as soon as you're last alive incase you get infected.

Infect 30 survivors in Virus.
This will get unlocked while progressing towards 50 infections on each map.

Explosive Pyrotechnics
Explode 30 infected with TNT.
Whenever your a survivor place TNT at doorway positions where you are camping and hope a infected runs into it and dies.

Last Alive
Survive as the last survivor 10 times.
Be the last survivor alive in a round and stay alive till the end without getting infected. Repeat 9 more times.

Shell Aware
Kill 2 infected with Double Barrel without reloading.
Try shoot an infected after your teammate as already dealt damage to it as it's not always going to be an instant kill with 1 bullet from the double barrel. Repeat again and hope you get another kill with your last shot.

Bragging Rights
Get 1st place 50 times.
You must finish the round with the most amount of points. You can earn points by killing infected or infecting humans.

Lost Hope
Start as infected 20 times.
This will unlock through natural play. No real way to speed it up because first infected is random.

Time to Split
Play 100 rounds of Virus.
You will naturally get this when going for surviving each map 25 times.

Dynamite Combo
Kill 2 infected with a single TNT.
Place some well timed TNT, or have it in a good spot and hope 2 infected run over it. If two infected are swarming you at the same time, you can throw it at them quickly to achieve this.

Long Shot
Kill an infected from a long distance.
Try getting some distance on a map and hope that an infected runs across from the other end towards you. Then hope you can finish the player with a long range weapon to get the kill. Use your radar to determine where the infected are located.

Survived [Map]: 5 achievements
As a survivor survive each map 25 times.

Infect 50 survivors in total on [Map]: 5 achievements
On each map as a infected you need to infect 50 survivors.

The Mysterious [Animal]: 5 achievements
On each map there is 5 hidden items to find. Getting all 5 hidden items on a map will unlock its corresponding achievement.
Heres a full guide with screenshots on where each item is in each map:
Zombie Massacre [31]
Achievements: 31

Each class has 2 achievements tied to them. One related to it's perk ability. One related to it's combo ability. Each class listed has these 2 achievements ordered by perk ability, then combo ability.

Doctor: 2 achievements
Ribs Grow Back You Know
Heal 10,000 health points with the Healing Kit as the Doctor.
The Doctor Is In
Kill 500 zombies with the Doctor's Transplant.

Electrician: 2 achievements
Sentry's Going Up
Kill 500 zombies with the Home-made Turret as Electrician.
Kill 500 zombies with the Tesla Zap as the Electrician.

Journalist: 2 achievements
Explosive Frequency
Explode the heads of 750 enemies with the Radio Tower as the Journalist.
I've Covered Wars, You Know
Take pictures of 800 zombies with Journalist's Camera Flash.

Mercenary: 2 achievements
Real Genius
Kill 500 zombies with the A.L.P.S. as Mercenary.
Dodge This
Kill 500 zombies with the Mercenary's Focus.

Survivor: 2 achievements
Kill 750 zombies with the Blade Trap as Survivor.
Captain America
Kill 500 zombies with the Survivor's Ramming Shield.

Scientist: 2 achievements
The Suck Zone
Kill 750 zombies with the Black Hole as Scientist.
Weird Science!
Kill 500 zombies with the Scientist's Explosive Flask.

Kills: 5 achievements
I Can't Believe It's a Massacre!
Kill 10,000 zombies.
Super Smash Brother
Kill 500 zombies with melee weapons.
Extreme Prejudice
Kill 150 vampires.
Cruella De Ville
Kill 101 zombie dogs.
Retro Rocker
Bash in the heads of 50 zombies with Retro Guitar.
Pick any difficulty map you wish and just keep killing zombies. These should naturally unlock while going for Survive 500 days as well as the other kill achievements for each class.

General: 6
28 Days Later
Survive a total of 28 days.
Dawn of the Dead
Survive 500 Days.
These two achievements are going to take the longest in ZM as your going to have to finish 500 days worth in the gamemode. If you join mid game of a session finishing that day will count though this can be tedious and I recommened just grinding it out solo so you can escape as soon as possible each day.

Pick up 42 weapons in total.
When you kill zombies they can drop weapons pick them up to make progress towards this achievement.

Save 64 of your team members.
When a teammate is down run over them to revive them. This can be boosted with a friend across rounds. Just make sure you both buy the extra lives perk to get more revives in per round.

Combo Number 5
Get your combo power 50 times.
Combo power is gained by getting a combo of kills and each combo power is unique to each class. You should unlock this when going for combo kills with each class for each combo kill achievement.

Defeat The Queen.
At the end of a map you'll be presented with a boss fight against the Queen spider. Defeat it for this achievement.

Survived [Map] / Mastered [Map]: 8 achievements
Complete each of the three maps 10 times each. You can join multiplayer games near the last wave and it will still count!
Planet Panic [0]
No achievements for this gamemode currently.
Steam Workshop [3]
My Inner Self
Wear a workshop player model.
Wear any workshop player model.

Making a Vote
Rate a workshop item.
Community Appreciation
Rate 20 workshop items.
Rate up any 20 workshop items from within game.
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sinboundhaibane Jul 14 @ 10:05pm 
All underwater achievements work on workshop content fyi :) you don't have to own the condo either
MidnightKittens Apr 13 @ 9:32pm 
So, for the offering. How the hell do you get 25 all in? I can get them consistently in the middle, but there are always some that bounce off of the one in the middle and then hit the UFO. Even if I time it right, I run out of time.
Cuddly Jan 26 @ 5:07am 
I made an updated offering guide if anyone needs it
Frost_the_dragon90 Nov 22, 2021 @ 2:38pm 
The workshop rating achievements seem to not work, have rated tons ingame and nothing has happened
abryct_ Sep 30, 2021 @ 4:28pm 
Good guide. The theater achievements now work, if you wanna change that.
AskaLangly Sep 26, 2021 @ 5:02am 
Dragon is the rare pluck. Just got it.
XxalvinxX Aug 17, 2021 @ 2:42am 

Sadly dosent work neihter for king of ___ they patched that out if i knew i would utilized that bug for king of midori and king of prism bechause stages are very brutat at times x.x
RagdollWraith Aug 3, 2021 @ 7:12am 
so either i'm real unlucky, or the unpoppable achievement no longer works when joining the last level of a multiplayer match. :(
Erebus Jul 16, 2021 @ 12:14pm 
That's understandable. Thanks for the quick reply my friend. But so far it's a great guide and very helpful.
Breedofspeed2  [author] Jul 14, 2021 @ 8:08pm 
The guide will be up to date when the game gets out of Early Access or possibly even before then. They make so many changes to the already existing minigames left and right. It is exhausting to try to maintain guides for 500 achievements when things constantly change.