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Death Inventory Keeper
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Aug 17, 2019 @ 7:36am
Mar 30 @ 4:19am
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Death Inventory Keeper

Keep your items when you die: Automatically recover your items and folders when you respawn after death.

Survivor default items are not kept, they are left in the death bag (to avoid cluttering your inventory with duplicates of them).

Fully stackable, no load order requirements.

No setup necessary, add the mod and it works.

You can safely add/remove the mod at any time. However, there is a special case that can happen when removing, see Adding/removing the mod below for more information.

Admin accessible archive of deaths, restore items from any recent death. All items are saved to the archive (and restorable) regardless of item keeping settings.

Other features not enabled by default: PVP mode, XP loss upon death, XP loss recovery item, player reset (level/stat/engram) upon death, death injury, reduced health when respawning after death, hair loss upon death, thieves stealing items and setting up campsites, teleporting, grave recovery.

Known issues
In single player game, the items are not shown in the folders when you respawn. If you quit to main menu and go back to your single player game, the items are then shown in the folders.

Technical information:

Mod-ID = 1837445660
Type = Stackable Mod
License = Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License []


For details about the configuration options, see the configuration documentation.

Current configuration is written to the server log upon server start.

Default GameUserSettings.ini settings are in short:
Keep all items and item folders. No death penalties or any other fancy stuff.

Adding/removing the mod

It is always safe to add this mod.

When removing this mod, make sure nobody is dead with items they want to keep, ie. they have respawned if they have died. This is because the items that are kept for the currently-dead-and-not-respawned players are only accessible by this mod (they are saved in DeathInventoryKeeper.sav -file).

If the mod is removed while someone is dead with items they want to keep, then the items can be recovered with either re-adding this mod and then restoring from the archive, or the following old-skool procedure:
  • 1. Make sure the players whose items need recovering are dead.
  • 2. Re-add the mod.
  • 3. Now, when the players then respawn with the mod active, they get their kept items.

Reporting problems:
If you report any problem/issue, but there is not enough information for me to pinpoint the error, I will ask you for more information. If you fail to respond my queries your comments/threads/posts will be deleted.

Minimum information required for a bug report, anything less will result in your comment/thread be deleted without investigation:
  • Single player or dedicated server?
  • Map?
  • List of mods?
  • Your configuration settings?
  • Steps to reproduce?
  • What was the actual outcome?
  • What did you expect to happen?

Asking for help:
Describe your problem. Do not use vague statements like "I followed instructions but it dont work". Instead describe what you actually did and what is the actual problem, for example: "I followed instructions, but when I tried to do X, Y happened instead."

"Smart", "funny", or otherwise hostile comments/threads/etc will be deleted.


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< >
joyr  [author] 2 hours ago 
@Subsquentual: IIRC bosses have varying endings, I'm fairly sure ascension differs from other bosses. If it's a normal death, then most likely yes, if it's a "destroy player", then most likely no.

The only things I remember is that the answer is "no" for the gorilla sudden death drop, and the answer is "yes" if you loose for the gorilla due to time running out. Other than that, I don't remember any other details.
joyr  [author] 2 hours ago 
@BranTuna: See description how to report problems, and try again.
Subsquentual May 15 @ 12:41pm 
Question, does this keep inventory after beating a bossfight and ascending? I hate losing all my stuff when killing a boss >-<
Lord Shadow Apr 25 @ 9:04am 
Thank you for help, it works now. I know it is kind of stupid mistake but as I said, first mod, new to the game, didn't realise that stuff in brackets aren't just for orientation in file but are actually read by the program.
joyr  [author] Apr 24 @ 5:35am 
@Lord Shadow: The options for this mod, and most of the other mods, must be in their appropriate section. Please re-read the configuration documentation.
Lord Shadow Apr 24 @ 5:22am 
So I got the server log and it sees all options but lists teleport bed option as false, Here is the log
In GameUserSettings.ini is EnableTeleportBed=True right after PvPStructureDecay=True which is the last default option of [ServerSettings] part. I dont know if position of command in the ini file could be of any problem or if Nitrado servers by default have something that could prevent this command from taking effect.
joyr  [author] Apr 23 @ 10:43am 
@Lord Shadow: Sounds like you're doing everything correctly. And you said it has inventory, so the bed is correct. I would guess there is a typo in the configuration.

Verify the configuration by enabling server game log and check the log (all lines starting with "DeathInventoryKeeper") what options the mod actually sees, verify the teleport bed option from there. Let me know if it shows it is enabled, but it still doesn't give you the option.
Lord Shadow Apr 23 @ 9:24am 
Oh my bad for not noticing the detailed reporting section.
The problem with teleportbed is on my rented Nitrado server, Island map, your mod is the only one ever used and active, default configuration except for PerPlatformMaxStructuresMultiplier=3.0 and EnableTeleportBed=True. Started to play like month ago so it is very vanilla... When I open wheel of options, there is fast travel (drop items) but no teleport option and fast travel indeed drops items just like normal bed. I really like your mod and would wish this feature to work rather then look for another mod... trying to keep game quite vanilla as possible.
joyr  [author] Apr 23 @ 1:13am 
@Lord Shadow: Sorry, I don't have a crystal ball. See "reporting problems" from above for some ideas how to make questions that can be answered.
Lord Shadow Apr 22 @ 1:07pm 
I have used points to get teleprot bed engram, I built two of them, in base and in one of my outposts, they have inventory but no teleport function. Any idea where problem could be?